Saturday 111105

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Baseline Saturday

Back Squat - 2RM

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats

Sprint 800 meters for time

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

If you missed it, here is the Jimmy Kimmel video of all the people that sent in footage of telling their kids they ate their Halloween candy. Haha.

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11 Responses to "Saturday 111105"

  1. paul Says:
  2. BC, either quit posting in the cyrillic alphabet, or GO BACK TO RUSSIA!
  3. BC Says:
  4. Sag mir nicht, was Paul Audi zu tun!
  5. Jen Allison Says:
  6. The two brothers at the end are HILARIOUS. "You're a sneaky mom!"
  7. paul Says:
  8. Oh. Great. German. Much better.

    Fun morning! Nice work, 8:50 crew! Strong squatting, Joe!

    Squat: 323x2 (PR)
    10-min Cindy: 9 rds, 5 pullups, 4 pushups
    800: 2:57

    Pretty happy with all this. My calves are a train wreck now, though. Yesterday really beat them up. They were already sore during back squats, but the 800 really finished them off.
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. This morning was fun!

    Squat: 250x2. This is the first time I've done a 2RM for back squat, and it felt good. (goal was 250 so I'm happy with that)

    10 min Cindy: 8 rounds, 5 pullups, 8 pushups (goal was 8, and pushups were the difference as these have gotten a lot better for me)

    800: 2:52. This is a PR for me. (goal was sub 3:00) I loved running with a big group and having others to chase. Thanks Troy for having started your watch when you crossed the finish line (he and I finished close together) I apologize again Jon for having yelled.

    Today was good, especially after my PP (pitiful performance) yesterday.
  11. JonD Says:
  12. No need to apologize i got distracted and no excuss for not getting out there. My bad to all you in the second group and my apologies.

    It was a crazy day but glad people worked together and had fun. I look forward to seeing all your results in 2012.
  13. Abby Banks Says:
  14. "Oh good for you. Now you're probably gonna get a belly ache." Love it!

    Second time ever doing low bar back squat and was happy with 164. Got through 8 rounds + 2 pullups. Used a tan band which won't be needed in 2012! Woo! Was super slow with my 800, as usual, with a whoppin' 3:57. Need lots of improvement on those runs! They get me every time.

    Great work today everyone! Thanks for the help Jon! Lovin all this nutrition talk, Ricky! Great stuff!
  15. Addi Says:
  16. I was looking forward to doing the baseline this Thursday until I realized how bad 227 wall balls feel.

    In case you didn't hear me say it on facebook, Heart of America is a top-notch event. Omaaha should defino
  17. Addi Says:
  18. Oops. Definitely bring a few teams next year. Great programming and fun competitive atmosphere. They have scaled and rxd divisions - a good first comp, but plenty of competition for the firebreathers too. I for sure will try to get back.
  19. hannah eileen Says:
  20. I had a blast on Saturday, although I did not get near the squat I was hoping for. I finished with 154# x2. Felt great and then I could NOT move 159. My confidence took a huge blow on that one. Finished 5 rds+1 pushup. My goal for that was not to break up any pullups and I did that, so that's great. Also, I hate running. At least I have no where to go but up since my pre test scores were pretty lame.
  21. JLeggs Says:
  22. Thanks for the boost, Paul! That was a PR for me!
    Back Squat 2RM - 308 (PR)
    10 min. "Cindy" - 8 rds. + 4 pullups
    800m run - 3:06

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