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Back Squat - Shooter's Choice

After the general and specific warm-up, you get 20 minutes to work any rep scheme you'd like for the back squat. You can hit 21-15-9 (2.5min/1.5min rest), 3x5 (sets across), 1RM, or any other rep scheme you want to play with. Maybe even high bar as opposed to low bar. Use your time wisely as once the 20 minutes is up, we move on.

Rest 5 minutes, then:

One minute on followed by one minute off for 12 minutes of:
50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Double Unders

The up-downs are like burpees but without the jump and arms may remain extended (thighs must touch the ground).

How far can you get?

Post all results to comments/Logwod.

Med ball and hats - Jon Day and Dave Diehl. Always a pleasure men, always a pleasure.

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11 Responses to "Wednesday 111026"

  1. JenD Says:
  2. My husband and my brother-in-law. I couldn't be more proud.
  3. paul Says:
  4. Fun day. Much more fun than Monday!

    high bar back squat, 5RM: 264. would've tried more, but ran out of time.

    271 reps (11 of 20 up-downs). those up-downs took forever!
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. High bar back squat: 21-15-9: 157#. This felt good, and I never work on high bar so today was a good chance to do that. Enjoyed working out with Gina and Reba too.

    185 reps (5 of 30 DU's); DU's sucked today. Best part of the minute on/minute off (besides the minute off)was the fact you could go hard the whole time knowing rest was coming.
  7. Sherv Says:
  8. 5 sets of 3, low bar, worked up to 308 for my last set.

    224 reps (14 of 30 up-downs). Didn't have to rest during the work periods. But can't figure out how to do those silly up-downs faster. Guess I need to start sprawling...

    6am is packed lately. Great to see everyone coming out!

  9. Eric C Says:
  10. 264# LB Back squat 1RM. Thought I eeked out 284, but wasn't low enough... allegedly... what does Amanda know anyway....

    262 reps on the metcon. Only missed 2 DU's so not sure I could have gone much faster... unless I would have started the up-downs at suicide pace (and never let up).

    Good working with the 5 amers!
  11. Jeremy Says:
  12. 308# lower back squat 1RM. Felt pretty good never tried to maxout on squats so just happy I broke 300. Double Unders were horrible I need some serious practice. 100 reps total.
  13. Hilg Says:
  14. 220# on 21-15-9 Back Squat. Wow....killer. Might have made some noise Greg Mo would have been proud of.....hope you're reading this Greg! ;-)

    142 reps on the met con......Greg Mo would not be so proud as I have not overcome my DU weakness (actually a jump rope weakness.....i hope nobody was watching the warm-up......UGGGLY).


  15. Danny Says:
  16. 198# 21-15-9
    172 reps

    It was good to be back at CFO after a 7 day hiatus! Squats felt pretty good but double unders remain my arch nemesis.
  17. jakeH Says:
  18. Allison and I worked out at Crossfit Sioux Falls today. Did Tabata Wall Balls (20/14), Ball Slams (30, 20), and Renegade Rows (35/25).

    I got 10 @ each station and Allison 7/6/6. I think i sold myself short on the rows probably could have got 12 pretty easy. Either way it was super fun.

    Met Casey the lead trainer and the owner Liza. Both were awesome and were very welcoming. I would recommend stopping by there if anyone makes it up to Sioux Falls.
  19. Troy Says:
  20. 3x5 low bar back squat at 220 lbs.
    I haven't done low bar in a while and my hamstrings are crying right now

    212 on the WOD
  21. Jeremy Says:
  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

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