Tuesday 111025

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Split Snatch

Every two minutes, including to begin the workout, perform one split snatch for 20 minutes.

You may go up in weight each time or you can stay at the same weight for no more than two consecutive sets but you are disallowed from reducing the weight for the duration of the workout. This includes whether you miss or make the weight.

Start light and work your way up.

Post all weights used to comments/Logwod. (denote whether missed or not)

The split snatch

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16 Responses to "Tuesday 111025"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. 154#. Did small jumps today working on form. Did 147 twice and 154 twice at the end as the first attempt on both my split wasn't much of a split. Good stuff!
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. 119# which is a 5# PR

    Did the following: 77,77,87,87,92,99,104,109,114,119.

    I had to press out on 114# so I wasn't sure if I should go up or not, but I'm glad I did. 119# tested my ability to recover my balance, but I was able to save it. Thanks Jess for feedback and pushing me to go up a bit more than I probably would have.

    Great job 6 a.m.!! I love the big classes!!
  5. Sherv Says:
  6. 159#. Missed rep #9, first attempt at 159#. Made it on rep #10. Fun workout. Its nice to work on the more technical lifts once in a while. Great job 6am!
  7. BC Says:
  8. 50 kg.
  9. Eric C Says:
  10. 164#. Missed the first try at it. Knee 'kissed' the ground the second attempt. The judge (Corey) said it counted. So there.

    Nice working with you Corey!

    Good to see rookie Tim Maher in his 3rd class (1st 6am class). Tim is on old school volleyball player that refuses to let his 'advancing years' slow down his time on the volleyball court. Ha! Keep it up Timmy! Love ya!
  11. troyrand Says:
  12. 115# on rep 9, tried 120# but failed

    First time doing a split snatch
  13. Addi Says:
  14. Really, BC?
  15. Jeremy Says:
  16. 136#
  17. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  18. Main Site from yesterday after a little clean technique work...
    3 HSPUS
    6 DL (225#)
    12 Pull Ups
    24 DUs
    *10 Rds*
    12:30... All movements I'm good at right now and a deadlift weight and weights that are low so was able to just keep about :50-1:10 rounds...
  19. Nick Says:
  20. NIce work, Van Neek. Damn
  21. Nick Says:
  22. Beek
  23. BC Says:
  24. Yes Adrienne, really. Deal with it.
  25. paul Says:
  26. Tweaked my back yesterday and didn't think split snatches would be good for me. So I did slightly lower impact stuff at home.

    5 rds
    10 FS (134)
    12 pushups


    my elbow's feeling better, but my pushups are still kinda weak.
  27. Addi Says:
  28. 126#, or 57.3 kilos.
    These felt great - it's the most I've snatched in a long time. Starting to feel like I'm getting my mojo back.
  29. JennG Says:
  30. 87#
    Was feeling really good & then lost it. Thought I would be able to get 99#, but no dice. Next time.
  31. ZachR Says:
  32. 186#

    Split Snatch felt really good today even with my sore knee. Started at 88# and went up 10-12# each set.

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