Wednesday 111012

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Front Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Post individual weights as well as all weights added together to comments/Logwod.

What do you think of this current programming cycle? Other than what your attendance (as read on MindBody) has already said.

Like it? Dislike it? Why?

Just because you like it or don't like, was it (is it) something your game needed? Or are you in the group that doesn't think it's worth coming if you aren't drowning in a puddle of your own sweat? Which is okay, if you are.

Answer all or cherry pick but do post thoughts to comments.

A fantastic pic of Kat from this past weekend's competition in Houston. We miss you Katherine.

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30 Responses to "Wednesday 111012"

  1. Natalie Says:
  2. I think doing something out of your comfort zone is a good place to be. I've caught some sort of bug, hope to be back with my 6am crew by Friday.
  3. Addi Says:
  4. I love it - I need the work on those bigger sets. Strength endurance is not my best thing. It's not what I'd call "fun," but it's what I need.
  5. Addi Says:
  6. Also, BADASS picture, Kat! Loved seeing you this weekend!! Hit me up when you come up for the holidays. Or else. :)
  7. BC Says:
  8. Whether it's a sweaty-puddle workout, a strength workout, a hybrid of the 2 or something else, I like it all. As long as I can leave the gym everyday feeling like I accomplished something, I'm happy. Overall, a nice balance of strength and metcon work will never steer you wrong.

    As long as we're hovering around the subject, I feel like at times a description of why the programming is going in a certain direction would be helpful to everyone - what's the method behind the madness, what are we trying to accomplish, etc. We know you don't just program by pulling something out of your back pocket, so perhaps a little more insight into why we're doing something might enlighten people, and in turn keep class attendance up.
  9. Tara Lynette Says:
  10. I guess I am really confused why people cancel or don’t come to class because there is a workout they don’t like or don’t feel makes them sweat enough. I know we all have busy lives and things come up but when the only excuse for not coming in to workout is because it is strength day instead of a metcon (or vice versa) it perplexes me. I am not good at many crossfit workouts but I show up because I want to be a stronger and healthier person. Isn’t that why we all show up? That’s my take.
  11. BC Says:
  12. Forgot to mention that work travel, parent teacher conferences and other really fun stuff will be keeping me out of the gym tomorrow, but I'll make it up. Also, sweet-ass pic Kat. And don't worry about Addi, she is all bark and absolutely no bite. She's been threatening me for years and yet I remain unscathed.
  13. lynn Says:
  14. This comment has been removed by the author.
  15. lynn Says:
  16. I like this workout. Deadlift is my favorite so yesterday was a lot of fun. I learned I should go heavier on the multiple reps. Missed today because of work but hope to make it up on thursday. Still working now so i've moved 5am to 430. Plus heavier weights are better for me when I'm more awake....
  17. JennG Says:
  18. These last couple of days have been very educational for me in terms of my ability to make choices and being ok with those choices regardless of the outcome. I appreciate the opportunity to slow things down and get better and, theoretically, stronger.

    I do, however, agree with BC. As someone whose "gym age" is very elementary, I find it helpful to understand the rationale behind why we do what we do. Then it's not just blindly going through the motions, but making the most of the time in class and on rest days. Maybe that's just the over-thinker in me.

    Now... When do you think that we'll get these for the gym? When we do, make sure to order enough so that everyone in class will have one. I, for sure, do not want to wait in line. (to steal from Whole9, I, too, felt a little dirty after watching this)
  19. Abby Banks Says:
  20. This is my first post on here! But I really wanted to share my opinion :) I have absolutely loved this week. This WOD is especially cool because we get to test both our strength and endurance for really foundational movements that are going to help us with every other workout. As kind of a newbie, I'm not always sure what I can and can't do so these WODs are an excellent opportunity to find out.

    The coaching! A big thanks to Ricky on the deadlift day. You guys have been incredibly helpful with teaching/correcting technique and I am so thankful for your help! I am one who would have someone, if I could, watch every rep and tell me how to do it better. High maintenance, I know ;) You guys are great about this, but this week has been extra awesome. So that's my novel of an opinion. And I'm not bias-I like all the types of workouts....maybe not always during...but definitely before or after ;)

    Oh and I would also be interested in knowing the reason behind each workout. Or maybe the general theme of the week/month.
  21. Steve Says:
  22. I loved Tuesday's WOD as much as I hated Monday's... but I still made it in for both. The only thing that would make Wednesday better would be to substitute bench press for front squats.
  23. Addi Says:
  24. Circular strength technology will make your muscles cry!!
  25. GregP Says:
  26. I really liked these. I would never have thought to combine 1RM or almost 1RM with that kind of volume spaced between.

    I am not near strong enough and I like strength and short-heavy metcon days. That is what works best for me and what I need.

    Metcons that run 15 minutes or longer still takes a lot out of me and it takes a couple of days to recover. if they are early in the week the rest of the weeks WOD suffer no matter what they are.

    I do not understand why people cancel because the WOD is not what they like. If you only do what you like, what happens when you need that skill or strength in real life and you don't have it because you canceled?

    I never canceled a class before I took a couple of months off this spring. Since then I have a couple of times after I saw the WOD only because it was something I did not think I could do because I was not recovered enough from whatever we had done previously that week. (and they were all long metcons)

    I am hoping we do this again Friday with another lift.

    I agree with BC. When I see what the WODs are I wonder what the goal is. Not what each one is, but what are you doing to us this week? :)
  27. BigD Says:
  28. I personally love the latest round of WODS. It makes me sad that I'm stuck up on base most of the week for the next month or so due to work and the wife's schedule, but I'll make up what I can when I can.
    Any workout where at the end I feel like I was just in a fight and got my ass kicked is a good one, of course I'm a little twisted that way...
  29. Shelley Says:
  30. Did a little WOD in the hotel gym last night:

    21-15-9 Thrusters/Burpees

    I used 35# DB's for thrusters. I went unbroken on 21 and 9 but broke up the set of 15. This took me a little over 7 minutes, and I was tired afterwards.

    As for classes/programming, I have never cancelled a class because of the workout that was posted unless I felt like my body needed more recovery. This has happened very rarely. Sometimes work or another commitment will cause a conflict, but I try to get in 5 days a week if possible even if it means coming to a different class time.

    I like the programming because it constantly changes. I have my favorites as I'm sure everyone else does. Gymnastics/body weight based WODS are not on my list of favorites, but I get through them.

    Burpees are certainly not on my list of favorites, but I do them on my own sometimes when I know I want to be pushed metabolically/cardio wise and they're a good exercise to mix with something else when I'm not able to make it in.
  31. paul Says:
  32. I have to admit, I felt some fear when I first saw this one, and a little disappointment that it wasn't a more traditional metcon, because I do love to work up a sweat (sort of). I have a real love-hate relationship with days the 20 and 30 rep sets!

    But today felt incredible, and I did better than I thought I could. Might've even sold myself short on a few sets.


    Pretty sure 284 is a new 1RM for FS. 154 and 132 were pretty brutal, but felt worse after than during. I tried move quickly and just get through it, but when I was done I was really puffing. I feel amazing now, though.

    Great work by the 6am class! Thanks for the encouragement, Eric and Mark. And nice working with you, John!
  33. Tovar Says:
  34. I'm diggin the programming also. It allows you to go heavy for one rep, but at the same time use a lighter weight at a high volume rep scheme. The big difference to me and what I like the most is not having the high reps programmed into a met-con and not having to go against a clock while doing them. This really allows me the time to emphasize my form at a slow pace with a lighter weight. This also seems to give the coaches a great opportunity to see what needs to be corrected. Thanks Rick and Jon for the help the last couple of days.

    Monday Deadlift:

    Tuesday Push Press:

    Probably won't make it in tonight, I'm supposed to help out with a wrestling practice.

    Also, if you haven't checked it out yet, Stacie had a nice feature on the games site last night.
  35. Jeremy Says:
  36. 208, 176, 218, 132, 242, 110 =1086 workout felt good today given the fact that my hamstrings were crazy sore. My last set at 242 could have been heavier. As far as the 20 and 30 rep weight I was spot on. As for the workout format I like it however given that this was my 6th class so far I don't have much to compare it to.
  37. Pram Says:
  38. Really awesome picture! :) No kidding its so awesome! what kind of doll is it she is running with? weight???

    By the way check out my crossfit blog!
    WIll be posting WOds, pictures and other crossfit related stuff! :)
  39. jakeH Says:
  40. Did this @ 24 hour fitness this morning.

    245, 200, 265, 160, 270, 135 = 1275.

    As for my thoughts, I do enjoy the mixture of heavy 1 rep and high rep movements. But back to back days can very very taxing on my body. I feel that after a max effort day I need to recover before attempting another max effort to produce the greatest outcome.

    My personal preference is the high reps stuff over strength. I love high reps WODS as much as Pat M loves DUs. I understand that I must utilize strength training to get stronger, which will allow me to push through the high rep WODs faster.

    I am glad to see this style of programming. People should know what they can hit for a heavy single, as well as high rep stuff.
  41. bluejayRN Says:
  42. Good stuff in the comments section today!

    I will have to make this one up as I have strep right now, but tomorrow is a new day and the antibiotics should be kicking in:)

    I agree with Jake that I need a bit of a recovery between the heavy stuff. A good metcon with some double unders separating a rep scheme like this would be good...or maybe I just need to stop working 12 hour shifts to let my body recover (ha ha!)

    While I see the benefit in knowing what and why Ricky is programming the way he is I don't know that I necessarily need it. We all come to CrossFit for similar reasons, to get faster, stronger, and better at life, right? In my mind that is exactly why Ricky programs the way he does, to make us faster, stronger, and better at life. It is pretty obvious that certain lifts will improve other movements. One thing I have enjoyed lately is learning the progressions to certain movements such as handstand push-ups, muscle-ups, pull-ups, rope climbs, etc.

    As far as attendance goes, I have never canceled because a workout came up that I didn't want to do. What is the benefit in that? I can get better at everything and the only way to do that is work on it. I have canceled or rescheduled due to scheduling work, school, and clinical hours, or sick kids, but I do my best to make up what I miss.

    Tomorrow is usually my pull-up day, but it will be front squat day now with maybe a few pull-ups at the end if I have time.
  43. Danny Says:
  44. 242-198-252-142-262(fail)-110

    Decided to hit the pool this afternoon and did:

    8x100m - 1:45 rest between

    I have liked this programming so far, it lets you find your limits on both ends of the spectrum in one workout. I agree with Jake that it is pretty taxing on the body, but it lets me know how much punishment my body can handle over time.
  45. Addi Says:
  46. 153-114-163-92-173(fail)-77

    That 173 felt so good coming up out of the bottom, but just couldn't get through the sticking point. Pretty close to my 1RM, so now worries. I was happy with how close I got on it.

    The thing I like best about this rep scheme is that even though I think I might have gone a little light on the 10 and 20, I still feel like I benefited a lot from the workout. It's not about guessing the perfect weight or PRing - it's about taking the time to focus on what your body AND your mind do when you're fatigued under load. I found (with Ricky's help. haha.) several bad habits in my push press yesterday that I didn't know I had, but now can focus on. Today, I really took my time to focus on form. I know this is only going to help me in the long run, even if I maybe sold myself a little short on weights.

    I had fun with the 4:30 crowd - always nice to go to a class time I don't usually get to. And nice lifting with you, Regina! Way to push yourself on that 30!
  47. Kat Says:
  48. Thanks for the shout out! i loved seeing everyone this weekend! you all did a fantastic job and i can not wait until i get back to omaha for the holidays!

    These workouts look like a lot of fun, i will definately try them out!
  49. Shelley Says:
  50. 184-154-208-125-223(PR)-110

    These felt good, and I enjoyed working out with Stacie. Sound of Madness helped motivate me too. This was the last song I listened to on the way to the gym.

    Great pic of Kat who was an awesome partner this past weekend at the UFC Expo!
  51. JennG Says:
  52. 126, 87, 131, 63, 146 (15#PR), 43

    Didn't want to overshoot on the sets of 20 & 30 because those kicked my hiney the last two days & was glad I picked the weights I did. Like everyone before, I liked being about to think about form rather than worry about weight.

    LOVED working with Tara tonight. Her perspective/outlook is good for the soul!
  53. Tricky Ricky Says:
  54. Thanks for all the feed back on the questions answered guys. There's a lot that goes into my mind when programming. I don't even write a lot of it in advance because things change. I have a photographic memory when it comes to what we've done, what we need to do, and where we need to be.

    All of you. I have to put all of your needs into a bowl and create programming that meets all of it. Of course it is quite impossible to get it done in 8 weeks but give me a few years and with the right attitude coming from you (the trainee), I can make you a bad-ass. What is the right attitude? Well, for that matter, what is a bad-ass? A bad-ass is what you perceive to be a bad-ass. There is no wrong bad-ass but there is a wrong attitude. You can't get what you want being timid, scared, influenced, or even something as simple as thinking you need to look a certain way for a population to accept you.

    Bring the right attitude, an inner motivation to push your limits whenever possible, listen to your body and recover both with rest and activity, push others knowing you were once there (this is important), and follow the programming. You will need to do some things on your own too but 90% of it you can get from the programming and the coaching of Jon, Amanda, Joe, and myself.

    Classes were small this week but it could have been a number of reasons as some of you have previously stated. I guess we'll see on Friday.

    You guys inspire me to be the best I can be. Don't ever lose that. Achieve the impossible.....
  55. Tara Lynette Says:
  56. Jen you are most welcome!
  57. tina Says:
  58. been caught in a whirlwind of life changes: new job, new car, moving across country..renegotiate divorce decree..lots of stress! This is NOT typical life for me and missing crossfit is not a choice it's just one of the many casualties that are getting hacked due to lack of normalcy. Hours of sleep is another similar casualty - totally unsustainable and unhealthy. Normally, I never check the workouts to see what they are, I just go! It's all good and I try my best. So much to learn and improve upon, no such thing as a bad WOD...btw, when i miss class I do DUs, pushups or run when i can. Do nothing is NOT an option.
  59. Stacie Says:
  60. Great working with you Shelley!! You are soooo jealous strong... keep it up!

    184 - 154 - 208 - 125 - 223 - 120

    Loved this, would like to see it more often.

    You coaches know I would have been in there (and on time) both Monday & Tuesday had I not had to go to coach my beloved girls and do some work for SimplyWell.

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