Tuesday 111018

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Five rounds for time of:
Run 200 meters
20 Pull ups
Run 200 meters
20 Push ups
Run 200 meters
20 Sit ups
Run 200 meters
20 Air Squats

What will your push ups look like during round 4? Your pull ups? Keep your movement solid.

Thirty minute cut-off for this workout.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Regular ol couch stretch, followed by band assisted hip extension in lunge position, and lastly, the same thing but with a pointed toe and as straight a leg as you can get, all for two minutes each side (or 12 minutes total).

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17 Responses to "Tuesday 111018"

  1. Hilg Says:
  2. Finished 4 Rounds in 30:30 at 10/15/20/20. Felt like I kept moving the whole time and had the right rep scheme. Pull-ups have digressed for me. I'm to the point of hanging on the bar and kipping one at a time for 5 reps, jumping down and starting over. Obviously a technique issue I have to work out. May be trying to protect a shoulder.

    Today was a good day to say "hey" to your fellow classmates as you passed each other on the run. Great job 6am!

  3. Nick Says:
  4. This workout looks awesome
  5. lynn Says:
  6. DNF got three rounds plus pull ups and 200 meters. My 11 year old thinks this looks 'fun' therefore it's game time at the track tomorrow for he and I. Maybe I can redeem myself as there is nowhere to do pull ups.
  7. Jeremy Says:
  8. 4 rounds @15 reps
  9. Addi Says:
  10. 3 rounds + pushups + 1/2 run rx'd (a critical 10 seconds ahead of Pete)

    Definitely not a workout of strengths for me, and when Joe said Stacie didn't finish, I knew I wouldn't either, but stuck with rx to see how far I could get and how hard I could push myself. 20 reps is still relatively high-rep for me on pushups and pullups, so I just focused on trying to start each round with 10 continuous butterfly (got it!) and knocking out the pushups in as big of chunks as possible (good on the first two rounds, then crashed and burned).

    Great job, noon! A big class makes this one more fun - never alone on the runs.
  11. tina Says:
  12. DNF 4 rounds

    heavily scaled: 100m run, 5 negs, scaled PU (elevated bar) 15 reps. Kept a good pace except for PUs which I had to break up due to failure; humbling but i c improvment since i started crossfit so i have to smile a little.

    great group nooners! i love your faces. great coaching too, thx joe/amanda/ricky!this was tough for me but I feel i got a lot out of it trying to get in all 5 rounds.
  13. paul Says:
  14. There's a DNF I can be proud of. I kept a good pace throughout, which of course made this SUCK, but I have a sense of accomplishment now. Got through 3 rds, pullups, pushups, and situps. Had 30s left so I did some squats rather than start a run I couldn't finish.

    Nice work, Nooners! Jake, way to get 'er done.
  15. paul Says:
  16. oh yeah, went rx'ed.
  17. Eric C Says:
  18. Wow! Tuff!

    3 3/4 rounds Rx'd. Was trying to get thru 4 full rounds and into the 5th, but no way. It's the running that hurts the most on this one.
  19. ZachR Says:
  20. 4 rounds @ 15 reps in 29:36

    Tried to focus on constantly moving for 30 minutes. Only time I wasn't really moving was in between sets of pullups and pushups which I tried to keep to a minimum.

    Good work noon class.
  21. Danny Says:
  22. 3rds + pullups + pushups

    Had to switch from running to rowing after the first round because of some IT band problems. This was a tough one.
  23. jakeH Says:
  24. DNF. At 30 min mark i was running the 200 before situps in 5th round. I think I finished around 33:57, but not sure because clock stopped.

    Had mixed feelings about today. Longer WOD and mix of different movements was good, but my hands were beat up from the kettlebell complex on monday. That damn wind didn't help either.
  25. Kelli Says:
  26. 29:43. I definitely scaled this one just right. 100 m run / 10 jumping pullups / 10 pushups / 15 situps / 15 air squats. Kept moving the whole time which I was definitely happy about.
  27. MeganMcNamara Says:
  28. This looks like a tough one!! Looking forward to trying it on Thursday!
  29. JennG Says:
  30. 3 rounds plus 9 push ups. Scaled A LOT.

    Rds 1 & 2, did 150 m run, Rds 3 & 4, did 100 meter run.
    20 jumping pull-ups, 20 elevated push-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 air squats.

    Jumping pull-ups are really too easy but don't have kipping yet...close, I think, but alas, a work in progress.

    Starting to recognize that fine line between recognizing limitations and pushing towards the next level. Feel like my workouts are becoming more productive.
  31. Steve Says:
  32. 4 rounds, 200 m runs but only 15 reps.
  33. Shelley Says:
  34. Anyone making this one up Thursday at 6 a.m.? I'll be doing this one and would love it if there were others to join me. I don't like working out by myself very much.

    Did 8 min AMRAP of:

    5 hang power cleans at 95#
    5 strict pullups

    3 rounds plus 5 hang power cleans and 2 strict pullups. I got interrupted for about 30 secs in the middle of it. I then did a 20 minute core workout that one of the locals invited me to do, and it was tough.

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