Saturday 111022

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Ultimate Medicine Ball

The location has changed. We will not be able to use UNO so we will be moving the festivities across the street to Memorial Park.

The games will run from 9am-12pm (try and be there by 8:30 for warming up). Parking is up to you. Probably in the park. Friends and family are welcome to come participate.

Ultimate Medicine Ball in 10 Simple Rules - Just replace medicine ball wherever you see the word disc.The only difference from these rules and our rules is that every time a team is scored on, they must complete 10 burpees before the game can continue.

If you have any cones we can borrow, please bring them. We could use them.

Remember, there are no classes being run at the gym this morning.


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  1. svioli Says:
  2. Great way to start the weekend - thanks Ricky!

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