Monday 111003

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Five rounds for time of:
6 Handstand Push ups
12 Chest-to-Bar Pull ups
24 Weighted Walking Lunges, 35#/25# dumbbells

Scale hspu by use of a box or elevated feet push ups. Full range hspu only. No abmats.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Test with a snatch pull with pvc then commence on both mobilitywods. After finishing, retest. Any new range?

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11 Responses to "Monday 111003"

  1. Steve Says:
  2. Congrats to all the Crossfitters who ran the Market to Market Relay or the Race for the Cure. Great weekend to be outside.
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. 18:53 doing HSPU's from a box. I can't do HSPU's facing the wall yet. CTB and weighted lunges were Rx'd.

    I didn't break up 1st 2 rounds of box hspu's; after that I broke up 3/2/1 in round 3 and 4/2 in rounds 4 and 5.

    Each round of CTB started out with 2 or 3 in a row and in later rounds, I was doing a lot of singles. I missed 4 times on my very last rep in last round before getting it. That was frustrating. Thanks Gina for cheering me on in that last round of CTB. My endurance on those went to s***.

    Weighted lunges were the best part of this workout.

    As far as the shoulder mobility test and retest, I was amazed how much of a difference there was for me in both shoulders. I probably have some of the worst mobility in my shoulders, and this only proved it.
  5. Jen Allison Says:
  6. 16:11

    I did HSPU from the box, not sure if I was vertical enough, but they felt hard. I mixed up C2B with kipping pull ups. I usually got about the first 5 C2B and then the remaining kipping. I need to practice these big time. Walking lunges with 25# were all unbroken - I felt like these were the only things I could do quickly.
  7. Nick Says:
  8. Tweaked this workout and did it at globo gym.

    5 rounds of:

    7x push press at 135#
    10x C2B pull ups
    12x Back Squat at 135#

    Did this untimed, but kept a good pace.
  9. paul Says:
  10. I like this. Got tough doing those lunges all in a row, though!

    scaled HSPU to 6 pushups and 6 35# presses, working very hard on keeping midline stability during both movements. Otherwise rx'ed. 16:57.

    Huge 4:30 class--nice work, people!
  11. jakeH Says:
  12. 11:08 rx'd

    C2B were tough today. My grip is recovering from the 150 Kb swings on friday. The lunges were challenging as well.

    Kind of small noon class, but mighty in spirit.
  13. JennG Says:
  14. Still nursing a little shoulder issue so Joe adjusted the WOD for me...

    5 rounds
    24 weighted walking lunges - 25#DBs
    24 deadlifts - 25#DBs
    200 meter run

    Oy vey. Got through 13th deadlift in 5th round. Hoping to be able to walk a little tomorrow.
  15. Kelli Says:
  16. DNF'er...scaled to box hspu and 7 walk up rope climbs from floor to standing. Grip totally disappeared after the first round with hands cramping like crazy. Lunges would have been easy if I didn't have to hold the dumbbells (cramping hands).
  17. Kelli Says:
  18. oh and thanks Ricky for reminding peeps of the "support" burpee rule. while i personally don't want people paying attention to me when i'm the last to finish...not everyone feels that way. always got to remember crossfit omaha = community too!
  19. Addi Says:
  20. 17:43

    HSPU were kipping. And painfully slow. C2B and lunges were better than I expected, especially after I started putting the DB on my shoulders to give my grip a break.
  21. ZachR Says:
  22. Scaled to

    4 strict HSPU
    8 C2B Pull-ups
    16 Weighted Walking lunges


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