Saturday 111001

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7 rounds for time of:
10 Wall Balls, 20#/14#
10 Box Jumps, 20 inch box

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Okay, give me your thoughts on the softball throw. Good test of fitness or probably shouldn't have been there? There is no right or wrong answer so let us know what's on your mind.

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12 Responses to "Saturday 111001"

  1. J Andresen Says:
  2. Why not...maybe it wasn't the best test of fitness, but at least it reminds you to prepare for anything.
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. Great pic of Stacie.....but the softball throw doesn't belong in the Games and proves nothing.
  5. Hilg Says:
  6. Good test of Athleticism (not great). I dont think it does spit to indicate fitness and had no place at the elite level of this competiion.

    Stacie looks very athletic, though, and we all know how fit she is!
  7. bluejayRN Says:
  8. Sweet pic of Stacie! I'm on the fence on the softball throw. As new as I am to CrossFit I think its inclusion in the games is legit as one must be ready for anything.

    Today's workout reflected the last two days of drinks, poor eating, and lack of sleep as well as yesterday's KB swings. Felt lime crap. 7:30.
  9. paul Says:
  10. The softball throw is definitely a functional movement, but it's also pretty technique-oriented. That brings an element of luck into the games. If you just happened to know how to throw, you have a huge advantage in that event. The snatch is very technical as well, but everyone knows you have to train the snatch to have any chance of winning the CF games. Still, it's just one event, so if you were head-and-shoulders above everyone else in all the other events, the throw probably wouldn't hurt you that much.

    I played around today, testing out my elbow. Ended up doing
    3 rds
    5 hang squat snatches (88)
    10 DB bench press (50# DBs)

    untimed, about 5 min. Good fun, but the bench did get hard by the end.
  11. JennG Says:
  12. 8:15 this morning. This was kinda sneaky.. Went Rx'd except for step ups after the 2nd round, when legs got a little wobbly.

    As for the softball throw...I guess I don't get it. If Crossfit is the sport of fitness, I don't understand what exactly this measures. There are a lot of very unfit people who can throw a softball and a lot of very fit people who can' evidenced at the games.
    If we are trying to find the fittest people on the planet, a softball throw seems a little irrelevant & just a little insulting to the men and women who spent months preparing for the games.
  13. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  14. What's Up Everyone...

    New Training Cycle...
    Tall Snatch - 155X1 (Max)
    Snatch - 90-93% of my 2RM (204#)
    185, 185, 190...
    Deadlift.. No more 5/3/1 - 3X5 (80-83%1RM) - All Dropped - 286-306#

    Played Off Tabata Something Else.. 8RDS EA (Going For Max Reps)
    #1 - 12' Rope Climb (Jump Up Permitted) - 18 Total Climbs
    #2 - Hand Release Push Ups
    - 81 Total Reps (Hate Push Ups)
    #3 - GH Sit Ups
    - 54 Total Reps
    #4 - 12" Box Alternating Pistols
    - 70 Total (35 Ea Leg)

    223 Total Reps
  15. JonD Says:
  16. Just an update.

    Friday 21:00, I hate Swings! Did 50 in a row.

    Today. 20min of 406# prowler push outside. About 25 yards. 8 tire flips and 5 rope climbs

    3 rounds plus PPush tire flips and 1 rope climb

    Softball throw, why not if your an athlete you should be able to throw right?
  17. Joe W Says:
  18. Basic human movements of survival thanks to our DNA; sit stand, sprint, walk, jump, climb, lift off ground, carry over head or on shoulders, drag, strike,and THROW. I think it was perfectly implemented in that it wasn't weighted in the scoring to the point where it could eliminate anyone, yet you had to atleast do it. My only complaint is the object, a big yellow softball(which looks a fancy pants) with no weight to it.
  19. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  20. Sunday Workout..
    Worked Muscle Up Transition
    DB Press 1-1-1-1-1-1
    - 70's
    DB Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
    - 80's... Couldnt clean the 85's

    Muscle Ups (No Misses)
    Heavy DB Swings (Must start 90# +)
    Not For Time But Muscle Up Quality & Max Weight On Swings, But Must Hold TWO DB's For The Swings
    - Hit 110# (45's 10-7 50's 6-4, 55's 3-1)
  21. Husker4Life Says:
  22. Soft ball throw is too sport specific. Advantage goes to baseball and soft ball players. If you're going to use sport specific things, why not kick a soccer ball or do a pole vault? Nah... Too sport specific. The most specific I'd go sport-wise would be like a long jump or something.
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