Thursday 110908

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Rest Day

Try one of these:

A great video touching on head position both for barbell and gymnastic movements. Take heed.

Two fairly big announcements that concern you. You must have a Facebook account to read about them. Big things happening at CFO. Click Here

Only two spots left for this go round of strength class. If you have the opportunity and are looking to drastically improve your CrossFit experience, you won't want to miss taking the class. I have decided to make some changes to the class as in not having a Barbell I and a Barbell II but only one class that will be fun and informative. I will use Strength Development Inc. for everything related.

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5 Responses to "Thursday 110908"

  1. Addi Says:
  2. Let's be honest, Ricky. You only chose that MWOD link because the title has the word "chesticles." Well played.
  3. BigD Says:
  4. Played around with Fight Gone Half-Bad. All the rounds of FGB, but in 30 second intervals. 155 reps. Needed a nice kick in the arse after yesterday.
  5. Steve Says:
  6. CFO has 7 people running the Omaha Corporate Cup 10k on 18 Sep. You can still join- go to and look for team CFO. $15 to join. If you sign up ASAP, we can still get your race packet with the teams... but, you can still sign up next week- you just have to pick up your own race packet.

    Any questions, please ask.
  7. JonD Says:
  8. Back Squat 3x5 #252
    V-Ups 5x10
  9. paul Says:
  10. 5 rds
    5 back squats (264)
    400m run
    30s KB front hold (2 1.5pd KBs)

    I was scared of this because squats were feeling heavy today and i just hate KB holds. But at one point during the run i realized that it was much easier in reality than it was in my head. That was round 2. By round 4 it was pretty hard in reality as well.

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