Saturday 110910

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AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
200 Meter Kettlebell Farmer's Walk
20 Medicine Ball Sit ups, 20#/14#

For the farmer's walks, rx'd is 1.5 pood in each hand for guys and 1 pood in each hand for gals. Any time you have to place the bells on the floor, you must complete 15 air squats before being able to pick them back up.

For the sit ups, with feet near the wall, touch the ball to the floor overhead at the bottom then sit up and touch a spot on the wall overhead. The ball must never come down from an overhead position unless resting.

Post all sit up reps as well as any air squat reps to comments/Logwod.

A lot of you guys know Jen Allison right? She did work at lululemon athletica here in Omaha but once school started, she decided it was best to put that job on hold and give her studies full attention.

She is originally from the great state of Texas and hangs out with a pretty cool stud in Egan Gyldenege. Maybe you know him?

In the short time they have been a part of CFO, they have had a tremendously positive impact on our community and we are very thankful for their presence. If you see them, give them both high fives. Good to have you both and keep up all your hard work.

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5 Responses to "Saturday 110910"

  1. paul Says:
  2. I liked the penalty idea from today's, so I applied to...wait for it...deadlifts (I mean HEALTHlifts).

    DL: 60 reps at 274
    whenever you put the bar down to rest, do:
    10 24" box jumps
    12 OH lunges (44# plate)

    20, 13, 15, 12 in about 13:30.

    As it turns out, this sucked. my hamstrings are killing me, but that's good because at least I kept my back neutral and pulled with the hammies. i may not be able to walk tomorrow, though.
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. Went in and my plan was to work dips, pullups (higher rep) and HSPU's.

    I did dips in sets of 4 or 3 and pullups in 10, working on keeping my whole body tight/in line which I still struggled with. I then attempted to do strict HSPU's and could only get any by kipping.

    This week has been a bit disappointing because I feel like all of the workouts this week were less than good for me.

    I then took Paul's advice and did something I am confident in (backsquats). I haven't done these in awhile either.

    Weighted warm ups: 110, 154, 174 all at 5 reps each.

    I then did 3x5 at 198, 220, 235. I rested 2 1/2 minutes in between each of these sets. The 4th and 5th rep at 235# were very tough. I concentrated on getting deep enough each rep as that is something I know I have to continue to work on as well.
  5. ZachR Says:
  6. Helped celebrate Hannah's cousins 21st birthday last night and truth betold was not feeling the best this morning. Felt good to sweat it out though.

    2 rounds + 75 meters

    in round 2 I only made it 100 meters before setting down the KBs and busting out (very slowly) 15 air squats.
  7. JennG Says:
  8. Jen A is pretty cool for several reasons, including but not limited to:
    1. She is a great athlete to chase in workouts..huge motivator!
    2. Her name is Jen, duh.
    3. Her outstanding sense of style. (Order shirt - CHECK!)
  9. bluejayRN Says:
  10. I agree with JennG that Jen A is a pretty sweet gal!! I enjoy working with her (especially the day she pushed my ass to lift heavier deadlifts).

    Today I did 2 and a half rounds. Put the KB down once at the halfway point of my third farmer walk. Time was called as I approached the first garage door. I went ahead and finished up my sit ups, just cuz.

    Forearms were shot at the end of the walks.

    Thanks for the fun with rolls today Joe!

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