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Run a 5k

Our route.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

You don't have extra bone growing, do you?
The Corporate Cup is this Sunday following our Fight Gone Bad 6 fundraiser. We have about 10 signed up as of right now and we are hoping a few more of you will decide to sign up. I believe that all 10 are doing both events so no excuse there. 


Don't forget about our Stink n Drink this Wednesday starting at about 6:30-6:45 but anytime is good with us. Just be there especially if you are participating in this Saturday's FGB6 fundraiser as some pertinent info is being released. We will not release this info at any other time so you might want to show up (yes, this is blackmail). Bring the kids, I am.

There will be some food and drink specials specifically put together for CFO and we'll also get to watch the 2011 CrossFit Games on ESPN2 (tell your friends to tune in) starting at 7pm CST. (Reminder: no 6:30pm class this night)

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  1. Danielle Ostronic Says:
  2. I just did this on Friday at Midnight!! Time was 23:35.
  3. paul Says:
  4. 26:27. lower back misery! this was very disappointing. i had to rest way too much. my lower back was killing me. i think this was partly due to heel striking (should've worn 5 fingers!) and partly due to destroying my posterior chain on saturday. i need to try this again in a few weeks. i think i have the wind for a much better time.
  5. BigD Says:
  6. 36:30. Completely on me for letting my endurance go to crap.
  7. BC Says:
  8. I think it's pretty sweet that the games will be TV, and I'm all for community-building events, but do we really need to cancel 6:30 class on Wed night? For Jess and me, because of taking our kids to school in the morning and having to work during the day, 6:30 is the only time that works for us on Wed, and I'm sure others are in similar situations. Can't someone still be there to coach 6:30?
  9. Tara Lynette Says:
  10. I have to agree with BC. The 6:30 class is the only time that works for me on Wednesday too. Plus Thursdays are my early days driving that far Northwest just doesn't work. Can we get the information some other way?
  11. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  12. Messes Around With A Tighter Kip On Pull Ups for 10 Mins

    Push PressX3
    221# (PR)
    Push JerkX1
    270# (PR)

    Saturday Workout:
    10 Min AMRAP
    200m DB Farmers Walk (55#)
    20 Med Ball Sit Ups (20#)
    * 3 Full Rounds *

    Will Run Tonight... 5k Sounds Good To Me!
  13. jakeH Says:
  14. 22:26

    Good crew at noon today. Little warm, but the wind made it tolerable. Pretty flat course for the most part, which was nice.

    Congrats to everyone who showed up to do this. Running distances is not the most exciting thing, but exposing yourself to it once in a while never hurts. One foot in front of the other.
  15. JonD Says:
  16. For people who do not wish to attend the stink and drink Joe W. has decided to stay and coach 6:30pm class.
  17. JonD Says:
  18. 25:24, wow the Corporate Cup will be interesting!

    I have told people in the past do not be afraid of competition come to the events no matter what level you are at. They are all about having fun and like Jake H. said exposing yourself to something you are not comfortable with.

    Well I have decided to listen to my own words and sign up for the Corporate Cup. I know its gonna hurt I know its gonna suck but you know I would not be doing what I preach if I did not sign up. So I hope to finish just finish people and finish hopefully under a hour. Yes under a hour this is my weakest part of my fitness so I challenge everyone else join the Team CFO and go through the pain with me, I will be the one dragging in the back!
  19. Pingel Says:
  20. Hi All! I am working out on my own at my little Middle School Gym over lunch until the cross country season is over. I have been following the Off Season Pro workouts for Crossfit Football, it has a nice blend of DWODS and SWODS. I am going to start posing workouts to help motivate myself to push during the workouts, I am really missing the competitive nature of CFO classes. I am also posting on Tumbler at:
    You can even try some of the Middle school XC workouts I post for a little Crossfit Endurance Work!
  21. Pingel Says:
  22. 2 rounds of: Squat 20 RM (245lbs) (225lbs)

    As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes: (7 rounds)

    5 Reps Any Way Overhead - 185 lbs
    10 Pull Ups (Unbroken)
    15 Push Ups (4 sets Unbroken then 10 and 5)
  23. JonD Says:
  24. O ya before the 5K I did:

    Ring Dips
    Push ups

    After run did 3x7 hollow pull ups!

    Keep working on that hollow. Ok said enough
  25. ZachR Says:
  26. Ran 5k on the treadmill at work.


    I hate running!
  27. Steve Says:
  28. I showed up today and I finished.

    Congrats to the 4:30 crowd, especially to the runner who came in DFL (Dead F**king Last). Because DFL beats a DNF (Did Not Finish) which beats a DNS (Did Not Start).
  29. Addi Says:
  30. As much as I hate running, I was bummed I had to miss this. Something I need to work on. The back is feeling MUCH better, but even short distances and a little box jumping has left it feeling not awesome the last few days, so I decided to play it smart (lazy?) and rest one more day.

    Hoping to ease back into things tomorrow. See you then, noon kids!!

    Also, super jealous of those starting strength tonight. I'll be thinking of you next time Ricky makes me run further than 200m at a time.
  31. Danny Says:
  32. Finished the 5K in 23:01 with a great noon group. Went to UNO tonight and did:

    3 rounds of
    30 KB swings - 50#
    25 DB push press - 35#
    20 Jumping pull ups


    I think it is quite possible I was the only person in that place not doing curls or bench press...
  33. Crystal Says:
  34. 27:40.

    Thanks to Stacie who set a great pace for me and then along the way i could feel my legs moving but didn't seem as though i was getting anywhere.

    like Jon i'm looking forward to the Corporate Cup this sunday. I'm hoping for under an hour as well but we will see. Come out and cheer on the CFO team if you have a chance.

    Great job 6:30!
  35. bluejayRN Says:
  36. I'm making up my 5K tomorrow morning (if my 2 year old decides sleeping is cool again).

    I hope to run the Corporate Cup again this year, pending my work schedule. I know you guys can all do it under an hour! Get out there and RUN!!
  37. JennG Says:
  38. Finished at 33:38. 12 seconds faster than I did this last Monday. Somewhere between mile 1.5 & 2.5, it got kinda sucky.

    I already committed to doing the 2 mile run for the Corporate Cup with another group but I will be there to cheer on the CFO group. Good Luck, Gang!
  39. Jeff Hardy Says:
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