Thursday 110915

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Rest Day

Did you get to see the CrossFit Games on ESPN2? What did you think? How was the commentating? The camera angles? Give us your feedback? How did you feel watching?

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  1. Pingel Says:
  2. What Are Your Fitness Goals?

    Here is my goal! I want to be great at my sport of crossfit! I want to compete against the best in the world and hold my own. I have a little bit of talent but allot of heart, so workouts and training here I come!

    Big Goal Huh! I think sometimes we are afraid to dream big, cause we dont want to fail. I think we can achieve almost anything we set our mind to, and if we dont who cares as long as we gave it our best shot and got better in the process.

    I challenged my XC team to make BIG athletic goals and go out and get them! Check out my Tumblr Blog to see what they wrote!

    Whats Big Athletic Goal?
  3. paul Says:
  4. I have a lot of goals.

    2.5x bodyweight DL
    2x BW squat
    200# press
    300# c&j
    200# snatch
    5:30 mile
    1:25 500m row
    sub-4 Fran
    sub-9 Helen

    I could go on. But my bigger goal is to keep working out to stay fit and healthy. Whether or not I achieve these goals, for the rest of my life I want to be running around, doing pullups, and repping out 200# DLs like they're going out of style.
  5. Tovar Says:
  6. In my opinion the rebroadcast of the CrossFit Games on ESPN2 was pretty legit. As a matter of fact it was very exciting to watch it rebroadcast as such a top notch production on a major network. I think they've really done the sport justice so far. They also did a great job of portraying the sportsmanship and spirit of the Games, as well as the excitement and energy that surrounds this wonderful event that we all know and love. As Ricky would say, "I heart the CrossFit Games!"

    I also enjoyed seeing the crossfit commercials on tv. I think so far the entire production seems to be a great thing for the sport of CrossFit and an even better thing for affiliates around the world. Free advertising doesn't get much better or bigger than this. Kudo's to CrossFit HQ and ESPN2!
  7. paul Says:
  8. 3x5 back squat. went for 294, but failed on the 5th rep of the 1st set, so i dropped back to 289 and got both sets of 5 pretty easily. what a difference 5# can make.

    then i did 10 rds of:
    10 ball slams (20#)
    5 TTB (mostly kipping)
  9. Tovar Says:
  10. Need to catch up on workout posts......

    Monday 5k - finished in 26:01. Had to stop and tie my shoes a couple of times. :) Running mechanics still have a long ways to go.

    Tuesday tabata power cleans - 4 reps. Did 5 reps for first five rounds and then backed off. Just dont have the grip. I think I need thumb replacement surgery.

    Today 75 du followed by 5rds of 5 hspu, 10 pushups, 15 burps followed by 75 du - finished in 12:05. Arms were jello afterwards.

    Also check out this sweet reebok crossfit commercial featuring Stacie in a couple of shots. Pretty bad ass!!/video/506932-Reebok-CrossFit-Promo-By-Perfect-Weekend-and-Kyle-Tekiela
  11. Addi Says:
  12. Did yesterday's DU/shoulder burner nonsense. Definitely still feeling the week off from my back, and the time off heavy shoulder work from my hand. And the drinks and fries last night. Felt weak and sluggish.

    Scaled to HSPU with feet on the box.

    DNF - Only 3 DUs into the last set. First 75 DUs were unbroken, which may be a PR - could have kept going for a while, I think. Everything else felt SLOW and HARD. Had to push hard to get through the last burpees and back on the rope before time.

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