Tuesday 110830

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AMRAP in 3 minutes of:
5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air Squats

Rest 1 minute. Repeat above sequence for 6 cycles.

Goal is to try and achieve more rounds than your "Cindy" pr but with 2 minutes less work time.

Post only completed rounds to comments/Logwod.

MWod: Couch Stretch - 5 minutes each side (try and get that knee flush with the wall and keep the legs in line with the body. Come up all the way if you can but as long as there is pain/stretch, hold it for 5 each side.)

The Level 1 cert we hosted this past weekend. Congratulations to Paul Audi, Greg Petersen, Addi Kahrs, Stacie Tovar, Rebecca Wattier, Jen Day, and Kyle Kasperbauer on being newly certified.

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17 Responses to "Tuesday 110830"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Bad planning on me. Only had a couple of minutes this morning before coming in to do a quick check in LOGWOD, but couldn't find the last time I had done Cindy.
    So, my goal was get three rounds a cycle. Ran out of gas the last couple cycles. Missed my goal by two, so got 16 rounds. Just went back on LOGWOD and found the last time I did Cindy was 30May2010. Got 17 rounds that time. Crap!
  3. Shelley Says:
  4. 14 rounds Rx'd.

    I got 3 rounds in each of the first 2 cycles and 2 rounds in cycles 3-6. 3rd cycle was the worst as I did too many single pushups and only had 8 seconds left over. Cycles 4-6 left me with 30-35 seconds left over.

    Pullups and airsquats felt great; pushups suck!! Or rather, I suck at pushups.

    I liked having Jen A. next to me as we were both pushing each other.

    Great job 6 a.m.!!
  5. Mark Says:
  6. 16 rounds Rx'd. I was going for 3 rounds each cycle but the 4th cycle I got my last rep on the last second. After that, getting through 2 rounds was tough.

    My Cindy PR is either 16 or 18, I couldn't find it on LogWod. I am also still sticking to regular kipping pullups to build more strength and save my shoulers.

    Oh, and I am loving the mobility work being built in to class. That 5 minutes each side was torture.
  7. BigD Says:
  8. I agree with Mark. The mobility work, painful as it was, is good stuff!
  9. Kelli Says:
  10. Congrats to all you L1'ers!
  11. Erica Says:
  12. I don't recommend trying to get ready for work after this one...can't. move. arms. ! :) SO SO glad to be back!!!!!!!!! :)

    13 Rounds...first 1.5 rounds was Rx'd...then had to drop down reps and do knee being gone for 8 weeks!!
  13. JonD Says:
  14. This comment has been removed by the author.
  15. JonD Says:
  16. Great job everyone this one is tough.

    Worked on Hang Power Cleans before workout 5x3 at 176#

    I went all out the first round to see how many I could get and then after that it was just a push to get done.


    Kept my push ups to a high standard and my air squats are getting much faster! Good luck everyone and enjoy the day!
  17. Nick Says:
  18. 18 Rx'd. This is not a great showing for me considering my Cindy pr is much higher than this. Push ups used to be my thang! i need to get em back!
  19. Danny Says:
  20. 19 rx'd

    Went for 4 rds in the second cycle and hit my 14th air squat when time hit so couldn't count the round. Tough workout, push ups were definitely the biggest time consumer.
  21. bluejayRN Says:
  22. 17 rounds, with band kipping pull-ups, thus scaled reps as well.

    I was able to start with the tan band and finish up with the red band, so my kipping pull-ups are getting better...slowly. Push-ups were tough. I did the first round all out, then had to do negatives with knees on the up part, but the last couple of rounds I did all knees. I'm going to try to discipline myself to doing 20ish push-ups before bed every night. At some point they have to get easier.
  23. Jen Allison Says:
  24. 13 rounds rxd. I love a good sweaty workout in the morning! Before I came in I thought it was 5 push ups, 10 pull ups, and 15 squats. I was pretty disappointed in my mistake. Since it was 10 push ups, I had to break those up from the 2nd round on.

    Awesome working next to Shelley! I'm just glad it was a workout where I could hang(ish) with her :)
  25. paul Says:
  26. Scaled to 5 TTB, 10 24" box jumps, 15 air squats. TOUGH! 14 rds (2,3,2,2,2,3). I slacked through rds 3-5, but really pushed it in rd 6 and damn near killed myself. I forgot what it feels like to push that hard. Trying to get comfortable with that feeling again.

    Nice work, 4:30 ppl.
  27. BC Says:
  28. 13 rds rx'd.
  29. Jess Says:
  30. 18 Rds doing 3 KB swings, 7 incline push-ups on 2 reds and 10 air squats.

    Nice work 6am!

  31. ZachR Says:
  32. 14 rounds rx'd

    3 rounds
    3 rounds
    2 rounds + 10 push ups
    2 rounds + 5 pull ups
    2 rounds + 5 pull ups
    2 rounds + 5 push ups

    The push ups and squats really slowed me down today so I decided to do as much work as possible each cycle knowing I wouldn't finish round 3 of each cycle.
  33. Crystal Says:
  34. 12 rounds rx'd.

    kept to 2 rounds for every 3 minutes. the damn push-ups hold me back everytime. was able to hold 3-3-2-2 each round until about the
    4th round then it was 2's and singles.

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