Thursday 110818

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Rest Day

Stacie's rope climb/clean and jerk workout

The mini competition this weekend will be super fun and super inclusive. So inclusive that I have decided to try and make it a well rounded competition but where very little to no one will have to scale. At the most, the only movement I see someone having to scale is a pull up. If you do not have the pull up, you will then have to scale one of the workouts.

Other than this, it should be a competition where everyone can jump in and compete for the prizes. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place gift certificate for both sexes to RokFit courtesy of Jason Greenwood, owner of RokFit.

Without further adieu... Here is your first workout:

Workout #1 and Scoring

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13 Responses to "Thursday 110818"

  1. tina Says:
  2. looking forward to it!
  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. Root beer floats in tomorrows class!
  5. Kayla Says:
  6. Worked on power clean technique today. Worked up to 109# (a PR by default) only because I had never tried the weight before.

    Did sets of 5(65#),5(77#),(83#,

    Then did 4rds:
    Sprint (curb and back to Far North door)
    10 power cleans* (83#)
    *reps counted only if I landed flat footed and butt back*
  7. Kayla Says:
  8. Thanks Jon Day for all the help today!
  9. JonD Says:
  10. Throwdown results.

    6 Reds-30pts

    Total 40 Pts

    Bodyweight 180
    Front Squat 240

    Total 60 pts

    Workout 4 rounds - 60pts
    plus box jump 5 pts
    squats 10 pts

    total 75pts

    Overall total 175 Points.

    I hope that is right Joe H!
  11. bluejayRN Says:
  12. Worked on my kipping pull-ups today. Thanks Amanda and Jon for all the help! I can successfully do one at a time...a good start.

    Also worked on toes to the bar and threw in some double unders.

    All in all a good rest day!
  13. Addi Says:
  14. Tested out my wrist on a few things to see what I could do with it, and realized I have L-pullups! Don't know when that happened, but I was pretty pumped, so I did:

    L-hang pullup
    box jump @ 24" + 4 reds


    Took the pullups one at a time with more rest than I would have liked to try to keep the form as good as possible. Was tipping forward a little towards the end, but held it better than I expected. And I love tall box jumps like pmohs loves double-unders, so this was fun all around.

    Hopefully with another week or so of babying, I'll be functional enough to join the Thursday Throwdowns. I want to (try to) beat up on the boys.
  15. Hira Says:
  16. Ah, this looks so much fun!!! Wish i was there to participate, good luck to everyone!!!
  17. Eric C Says:
  18. Throwdown results.

    5 Reds-25pts
    Total 35 Pts

    Bodyweight 173
    Front Squat 208
    Total 35 pts

    Workout 5 rounds - 75
    plus box jump 5 pts
    total 80pts

    Overall total 150 Points.

    Thanks Jon D for the template!

    Nice to kick the clods (old farmer saying) with Zach J and Addi and Ricky after the workout.
  19. ZachR Says:
  20. came in at 4:30 and did Saturday's mini competition WOD #1

    AMRAP in 6 minutes:
    15 Front Squats, 115#
    15 Box Jumps, 24"
    15 Bumper Plate Slam, 44#
    15 Deadlifts, 115#
    15 OH Walking Lunge, 44#

    So as not to ruin it for all those competing on Saturday I will wait until then to post my score.
  21. paul Says:
  22. back squat 3x5 at 289, plus some GH situps and backwards jumprope. I even got a few backwards doubles. But so did Ben, so I guess it's not that big a deal. (ha!)

    f'ed up my elbow pretty badly yesterday and so i think i have to back out of saturday's competition. sucks. i was going to win.
  23. Addi Says:
  24. Agreed, Eric - I always like a 90-minute recovery after my 5 minute workouts.

    Also, thanks for the wrist voodoo!
  25. Joe H Says:
  26. i will be there on saturday to compete (caeli Hurley)

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