Friday 110819

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Four rounds, each for time, of:
500 Meter Row

Rest will be determined by how many athletes are in your group.

Post slowest and fastest rows to comments/Logwod.

What about roller coasters or major thrill rides? Yay or Nay? What do you like about them or why won't you get on them?

Post thoughts to comments.

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17 Responses to "Friday 110819"

  1. tina Says:
  2. ...
  3. tina Says:
  4. Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA I'm have a sentimental love for the rickety wooden coasters, but big fast drops are great too! Not fond of the twisty dizzying ones though -- probably due to helicopter rides at low altitude in bad weather! Of course I'll take a class 3 or 4 rivah over any man made ride any day. TGIF
  5. Shelley Says:
  6. Rows: time/damper setting

    Damper at 3 was the worst not only in terms of time, but it felt like I was spinning my wheels going nowhere. 8 was too much; this one felt easy for the first 150 or so and then I felt like I hit a wall.

    Great work 6 a.m.!!
  7. Shelley Says:
  8. As for rollercoasters/thrill rides, I love them!!! I admit I have a little bit of a "fear factor" right before takeoff, but I love the big drops/fast speed. Some of the fun I think is that it makes you feel like a kid again.
  9. Mark Says:
  10. 1:36/5
    1:42/8, I think

    From past experience and from today I think my best performance damper setting is between 6 and 7. I never fully recovered after the first 500m though, my hamstrings were not liking me at all. This would be a good thing to test once a week or so after the daily WOD. One, all out, leave nothing in the tank 500m row. My PR using an 8 damper setting over a year ago was 1:30.8. I think I can get back to that if I row once a week for a couple months.

    As for roller coasters... I LOVE THEM!!! I so want to take a trip to Cedar Point cause they have the #1 roller coaster in the country.
  11. Nick Says:
  12. I am in PURE PAIN right now. I don't know if it was the sprints, the squats, or the crazy wod from Monday that I made up yesterday, but my thighs feel like somebody took a bat to them! This rowing thing is going to be interesting. The last time I did this, I rowed a 1:24.9. Based on the horrific level of pain I am in, I will be happy with 1:45. See you all at noon. I will be there early in an attempt to roll these babies out!

    CrossFit Love,

  13. Jess Says:
  14. 2:01/5

    I totally agree with Shelley, damper setting 3 sucked!!!

    Great job 6am

  15. jakeH Says:
  16. Big rowing @ noon today.


    The only rowing that I have done lately is on the rusty/non-oiled concept 2s @ 24 hour fitness. Using the well maintained equipment @ crossfit was a treat. I am sure this contributed to my big pr on the 500 meter. I also wore my weightlifting shoes, which seemed to help.

    Congrats to all the PRs today. The sprints on the rower are challenging, but everybody pushed themselves. Good crowd today. I wonder where Pat M was? Probably doing DUs somewhere.

    Good working with Paul and Nick today. We had some rough ones. I just hope I didn't sacrifice the rest of my day for the glory of crossfit.
  17. tina Says:
  18. 1:51 (6)
    2:16.5 (5) - recovery row, hit pukey feeling at 275 had to slow WAY down
    2:03.6 (7) - all out last 100m, setting too high
    2:11.6 (5) - recovery row, all out last 70m, setting too low

    Feel like I can break 1:50 on a 6 setting by pacing and then all out last 75-100m.

    fun workout! well, except for the feeling like I'm never going to eat again nausea stuff...aah it goes away. want to beat this time really bad knowing I can, just not today. :)
  19. paul Says:
  20. Fun to row with Nick and Jake! What a couple of gangstas!

    This was painful, but I learned a lot about damper setting. Also, I was very surprised to find muscle fatigue to be more of a factor than breath. My legs were just jello after 300-350m on the 2rd and 3rd rows.

    128.9 (8)
    137.2 (9)
    138.3 (6)
    134.5 (7)

    I've never been so happy to row a 1:34 in my life after getting killed on rds 2 and 3.

    No PR today, but I feel well poised to get one with my knew knowledge of technique and damper setting.
  21. Kat Says:
  22. I did this workout last week. PR'd on the 1st 500 with
    1:39 then
    Damper was between 6 and 7 for each

    I felt absolutely terrible after the 2nd 500, almost didn't get back on the rower! pushed through and then my goal was to get the last 2 rnds under 1:50
  23. Danny Says:
  24. wow, this was much tougher than expected

    1:31 (6)
    1:43 (7)
    1:49 (6)
    1:41 (6)

    I think I could have kept a more consistent time if I would have saved a little bit on the first round.
  25. pmohs Says:
  26. Did this one last week after a WOD... thats why I didn't make it today.

    As I've said before Jake, if you want to teach my classes so I can come to noon class let me know!
  27. JennG Says:
  28. 1:56 (5), 1:56 (3), 1:47 (9), & 1:49 (7)

    Pretty happy with these times.. this is the type of WOD that makes me wonder how I coulda done if I'd gotten more than 4 hours of sleep last night and hadn't been climbing roofs all day. Darn hail!!

    Great job, Karen and Vanessa!! Really fun rowing with you ladies!
  29. Nick Says:
  30. Good working with Jake and Paul today. Top time for Me today was a 1:24.4. That's a 1/2 second pr for me. I thought I had "big Jake" when the timer read 1:24.3 then rolled to a .4! I'll have to settle for a tie. Good test of fitness with the big boys today
  31. ZachR Says:
  32. 1:34

    As most have either said or their times have shown, the third row was definitely the toughest both physically and mentally. I was very happy with my consistent times considering 1:34 is only a couple seconds off my PR.
  33. bluejayRN Says:
  34. This was harder then I anticipated, I'm not very efficient with rowing yet. Although, with some great coaching (as always) I began to get in the groove towards the end (contrary to what my times show. Hopefully this one comes up again in a month or so and I can beat my times from today!


    As far as roller coasters go, what's not to like? I like the anticipation of the up hill and the exhilaration of the down!

    Have fun tomorrow everyone! I'll be following via twitter!!

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