Saturday 110820

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CFO In House Competition from 9AM to 11AM

Doors open at 8am and first heat begins at 9am. Try and be there no later than 8:40 if you are going to participate so that we can assign all to heats.

No need to rsvp. There will be a spot on the white boards where I want everyone that will be competing to write their name down. There are four spots, a guy and gal spot for unscaled and a guy and gal spot for scaled.

As mentioned, I am trying really hard to make all the workouts so that no one has to scale but the final workout will have pull ups in it so if you don't have pull ups yet, you may have to scale but in any case, all should probably put their names under the unscaled spots.

The last workout will be long. For some it may be longer but I am going to let everyone finish it who wants to finish it. No cut-off. It will be fun.

Post competition festivities will take place at Doc's Bar and Grill behind the gym at 4303 S 89th street.

Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to come and watch.

Sandbag course at the track.

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6 Responses to "Saturday 110820"

  1. Optimum Fitness Says:
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  3. Addi Says:
  4. It's been a LONG time since I pulled heavy deadlifts, so went for a heavy triple today (not 3RM).

    275, which is less than I hoped for, but form was starting to go. And probably about right, considering how little I've been doing lately. :)

    Tried to work on GHD situps, but the GHD at Optimum is painful. The corners of the steel plates under the pads dig into the ass cheeks every time you fire the quads. Unpleasant. I stopped at 5, so as to not wear holes in my shorts. Or my ass.

    Good luck to all the competitors today! I'm sure you're having a blast! Wish I could be there, but I'll catch up around 11:30.
  5. jakeH Says:
  6. Rough workouts this morning. Definitely feeling them as the day progresses. Either way It was fun to workout with people I don't normally get the chance to.
  7. paul Says:
  8. It was awesome to watch you all busting ass! What were the results?!
  9. Ricky Frausto Says:
  10. Men:
    1st - Jon Pingel
    2nd - Jerry Kleidosty
    3rd - Jake Hinkle

    1st - Jen Shannon
    1st - Jen Petersen
    3rd - Jen Day

    What a great event. I am so proud of everyone that showed up today and took part in some nasty workouts.

    CrossFit is about conquering fears of comparing yourself to others. It's not about where you end up, it's about not being afraid of comparing yourself to others so that you can use that to motivate yourself to improve your game.

    The results don't always come out like you want them to but you can make them come out how you want them to with hard work and getting better at what kept you down in this or any competition.

    Don't be afraid to lose. Be afraid of missing out on such a great opportunity to sweat and be around awesome people.

    By the way, we had about 20 guys and 20 gals participate today. That's way cool. Bigger next time.
  11. pmohs Says:
  12. Darn... didn't crack the top three. I have some work to do!

    Ricky, sorry I had to leave early, but I had a blast. I hope you put on some more of these. It was really fun. Thanks.

    Jake, im still upset you beat me by a second on that last workout!

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