Saturday 110813

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27-24-21-18-15 reps for time of:
Walking Lunge Steps
Box Jumps, 20 inch box

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Shelley, JChrist, and BChrist

Don't forget to sign up in the gym for Fight Gone Bad 6. Do this whether you have opened a fundraising page or not. We are looking for a big event this year and already we have quite a bit of you taking part in the workout. It will be a lot of fun.

Next Saturday, the 20th, I will be hosting a small competition from 9am to 11am. It will entail three workouts of which I will release the first on Wednesday evening. The other two will be released the day of the event. This competition will not cost you anything and there will be scaling allowed. There may even be a small prize package involved for our winners.

Post to comments over the next two days if you are interested participating. (There will be no morning classes other than this competition so you might as well enter)

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23 Responses to "Saturday 110813"

  1. Shelley Says:
  2. I'm in for next Saturday. Sounds like fun!!
  3. Joe H Says:
  4. Iam in for next saturday
  5. Tara Lynette Says:
  6. Sure why not? Count Tara in...
  7. paul Says:
  8. definitely! I love the saturday mini competitions. Maybe this one won't be so mini...

    5:45 today. then I did my 30 burpee pullups. not as bad as i thought. In an act of sheer heroism, Pat joined me. He also threw in 100 DU before AND 100 after...just for good measure.
  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. I'm for sure in next Sat! I'll get my revenge Jon D!

    high 4's or low 5's for todays wod... I forgot to yell time! oops!

    Heroism might be a stretch Dr. Paul! Ha, I just felt its more fun when you have someone right there getting punished with you, and it was a nice change of pace. After all, Jon beat me fair and square...... this time!

    And what is a week of crossfit without double unders? I had to do a few..... My calves are hurting after all that today.

    Everyone have a good weekend!
  11. hannah eileen Says:
  12. I may not be able to move for the next 2 days. My legs are SHOT after pistols Thursday and then this today. crap. Finished at 8:50 with not stringing more then 4 box jumps together because my legs were too jello-y.

    Great job, 9:30!
  13. ZachR Says:
  14. 8:41 rx'd

    Walking lunges weren't terrible but the box jumps were tough.

    If I wasn't playing in an all day softball tournament next Saturday I would for sure be in for the mini competition.
  15. Pingel Says:
  16. You can count me in for next Sat!
  17. Jen Says:
  18. Jen S. is in. You better count Jeff in too. I would love nothing more than kicking his ass on a Saturday morning.
  19. JenD Says:
  20. JenDay and JonDay will be there next Saturday. And I think little sister Angie will be there too. Fun!
  21. Hilg Says:
  22. 7:25 Rx'd

    Can't make it next Saturday....guy weekend in DC....bummed I won't make it!
  23. BC Says:
  24. I'm in for next Sat. I'm assuming adult beverages following??? Should we take the post-workout recovery period up the street to Varsity or Brewburgers or something, just to shake things up a bit? Thoughts???
  25. jessica Says:
  26. I am definitely in for next Saturday
  27. tina Says:
  28. any kid care options so i can join in sat fun? can find a sitter but will need to know exact hours...or as exact as possible. would like to participate even though i'm new..
  29. paul Says:
  30. ESPECIALLY because you're new, Tina! These little competitions are a great way to get to know people better, meet people from other class times, etc. I hope all the newer folks will join us!
  31. bluejayRN Says:
  32. SUPER bummed I can't make it next Saturday. We are heading to the lake with the kiddos for an end of the summer bash!

    Next time!

    Any ideas on timing for Fight Gone Bad? My husband has plans that day, so I will have to find someone to hang out with the kiddos!

    Today's workout looked fun...I do love me some lunges. I think I will find a 20 inch something to jump on and make this one up tomorrow night!

    Enjoy your weekend everyone!
  33. Jen Allison Says:
  34. I'm in for next Saturday! And I'm down for what BC said too, I like shaking things up.
  35. Ricky Frausto Says:
  36. Which of you is Jessica? Just wondering.

    @Tina, you are more than welcome to compete and in fact, we wouldn't have it any other way. The competition will run from about 9am to 11am. I would suggest participants get there around 8-8:30 to start warming up.

    @BC, I love shaking things up. Why don't we make Doc's our place to go since it's within walking distance? I can call ahead and see what's up.

    @Kristina, FGB6 will start b/w 9 and 10am and the whole event will run till about 1pm. We will ask everyone to bring food and beverages for afterwards. We're expecting around 30-50 participating if not more. What a great event.

    Finally, a big congrats to Kat. She has been training hard in Texas and now has a 9th place showing at this weekend's Life As Rx'd tour competition in Dallas this week. She's dropped about 20 pounds and is a lean mean fighting machine. She looks great.

    Their next stop is in Chicago on October 1st. It is free entry to any and all. They have individual and team events and it's all free. Jon Pingel and myself have already registered.

    I would encourage anyone else with the means, to consider signing up as well. In fact, Kat has told me that she and Carl might be competing in it as well. It is not an elite competition by any means. It is an inclusive competition that is geared towards work capacity. Think about it. It will be fun.

    Email or text with any questions. If you are interested in competing next year, I highly recommend taking part in this.
  37. Kayla Says:
  38. I'm in for Satuday.
  39. Mike M Says:
  40. Count me in
  41. jessica Says:
  42. HEY Ricky. My id name is lame. its Jess Powers
  43. Danny Says:
  44. I'm in for Saturday.
  45. Michael Rock Says:
  46. I am in for Saturday.

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