Monday 110815

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For max reps:
93#/63# Overhead Squats, 90 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Toes 2 Bar, 90 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
93#/63# Thrusters, 90 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Knees 2 Elbows, 90 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
93#/63# Squat Cleans, 90 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Sit ups, 90 seconds

Knees to Elbow only count if the knees actually touch the elbow (and not just the tricep).

Post reps from every movement to comments/Logwod.

Addi Kahrs

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24 Responses to "Monday 110815"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. 141 RX'd. Movements slowed after OHS. See all the 5AMers next week!
  3. pmohs Says:
  4. 36 OHS
    33 T2B
    22 Thruster
    30 K2E
    20 SC
    54 SU

    195 Total reps

    My goal was 200, I found myself resting a little more than I should of been. I am a little upset with this WOD considering I fell only five reps short of my goal, I could of got a few more SU's, def needed to do better on thruster, darn.

    Have fun the rest of the day.
  5. BC Says:
  6. 123 reps Rx'd. My splits were 18, 22, 10, 20, 9, 44. Good stuff, much harder than it appears.

    Re that picture of Addi, if I'm not mistaken this was during the Monkey Bar team workout on Saturday afternoon, and it was an absolute blast to watch as team CFO came out in the first heat and flat out dominated. No one, from any of the heats, even came close to their time. Definitely a big highlight of the trip to CA.
  7. paul Says:
  8. tough one! 155 rx'ed.

    26, 22, 21, 13, 13, 59. I got owned on the KTEs and squat cleans. Oh well. There's always something to work on!
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. First glance I was really looking forward to the barbell movements and not so much to the T2B and K2E.

    Total reps: 160 Rx'd

    OHS: 37 (all unbroken)
    T2B: 22 (10,5,5,2); these are getting better
    Thrusters: 31 (15,16)
    K2E: 12 (had several no rep)
    Squat Cleans: 16 (biggest surprise here as I thought I would rep these out fairly easily)
    situps: 42

    I was wiped out after this WOD and the squat cleans were rough.

    Great job 6 a.m.!!!
  11. Jess Says:
  12. 122 using 53# and doing standing knees to elbows

    Nice work 6am!

  13. Addi Says:
  14. Just realized I work this Sat. Morning, so I have to miss the competition. But I'll try to catch up for the stirring up of the stuff. Or whatever the kids are saying these days.

    Also, I'd like to thank Ricky for finally posting a picture of me where I'm not making a ridiculous face. Or, rather, I probably am, but it's hidden behind my arm. Either way, it's a blog photo PR for me!
  15. bluejayRN Says:
  16. Either my abs are WEAK! or my grip just really sucks! Or maybe a bit of both. Toes to bar and Knees to Elbow were rough. I do think my technique and form on the squat cleans has drastically improved. Pretty happy with that.

    125 reps today with 53#.

    Sad to say "see ya later" to Madison this morning!
  17. Eric C Says:
  18. 165 Rx'd

    I liked the variety of this one!
    27 OHS
    26 T2B
    21 Thrusters
    24 K2E
    15 SCleans
    52 SUs

    I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I really like it when class is officially over in about 45 mins. It gives me time to do extra movements, work on weaknesses, or hang out and recover/socialize or whatever.

    Nice work 6amers!
  19. Hilg Says:
  20. Just had a self-observation that I thought I'd share:

    Was just feeling like I came up short today and noted that I kept looking at that damn clock this morning, wishing that there was less than 10 seconds left so I could stop. How f'ed up is that!? I should have spent that time "picking up the bar" and pushing extra reps. If fact, I think I looked at that damn thing way more than that in the last couple rounds. I'm such a mental midget. lol

    Anyway, anyone else find themselves looking at the clock? Any advantages to using the clock? Interested in other's thoughts while I use this formal for therapy to overcome my weaknesses.


  21. jakeH Says:
  22. 190 rx'd

    forget the exact numbers, but I got 40 ohs and 51 sit ups. The t2b and k2e are always challenging. Got into a good rhythm with the t2b, but lost it about half way through the 90 seconds. The squat cleans were much more difficult than expected.

    I would suggest gloves for anyone who's hands may have sustained injury during the previous week. They help.
  23. JonD Says:
  24. B,

    I tend to do the same, I have slowly taught myself to use it for my pace.


    I know if I get 15OH Squats in the first 30 seconds then I know roughly how I should end up at the end of the 90 seconds. Plus I use it to push harder in the last 5-10 seconds to get a few extra in. Its hard to do sometimes but you will see how doing that gives you 10-20 extra reps at the end of a workout like today.

    Its very easy to do what you are doing isn't it? To look at the clock and rest early. Trust me we all do it in on way or another. But let me ask you this. Did it catch up to you anyways in this workout and still make it suck! Of course so why not push it and still feel the suck anyways.

    Rick told me that along time ago, when you rest I'll keep pushing and when I rest your trying to catch up. Something like that.

    178 R'xd
    I missed a few toes to bar and knees to elbow. I kept thinking "knees actually touch the elbow". Who else maybe had missed and still counted, trust me I want to but how is that going to help me in the future for competition when I get the chance. Fun on today and I hope my words of advice helped you B!
  25. JonD Says:
  26. Update on Workouts:
    5x10 Front Squat #132 90 sec rest
    GH Sit ups x10
    GHD Back Ext x15

    Worked on L-sit on rolling into a HSPU.

    200m run
    10-8-6-4-2 DB Push press #50
    20 sit ups
    30 DUs
    11:53 i think
  27. Allison H :) Says:
  28. 20/20/19/13/16/56 = ouch! or 144 reps.
    scl'd w/ 53#
    when I had really wanted to go rx'd....

    ...but I was sure my form, hold, strength etc would not have been good at all for OHS with 63 and shoot by the time I got to squat cleans I was pretty happy I scaled this!

    This was a lot tougher than I thought it would be or I ate like shit this weekend moving and dining out... Either way today was rough!
  29. tina Says:
  30. i really like reading everyone's posts ...very motivating. wasn't even sure i should post but it's a mark in the sand to beat nxt time.

    as far as counting, since i just lifted the bar with no weight 33#s and can't complete a single T2B or K2E yet so officially ZERO. if this extreme scaling can be counted then a mere 125:
    32 OH
    19 T2B attempts
    21 Thrusters
    9 K2E attempts -- wow these are tough on hands for me after the other stuff
    11 SC (lots of trouble with form - got myself in the neck twice, guess it was wise to just have the bar)
    33 SU

    i will get better..can't really get much worse! :)
  31. Hilg Says:
  32. JonD-

    Great stuff on watching the clock. You are'll suck either way so why not keep going. That seemed particularly tough's such a mental game.

    Thanks again,

  33. Danny Says:
  34. 37 OHS
    30 T2B
    17 Thruster
    18 K2E
    14 SC
    42 SU

    158 total reps

    Had a few K2E that I didn't count. Need to get more efficient at thrusters. Think I could have moved a bit faster on squat cleans. Great monday workout to sweat out he weekend!
  35. ZachR Says:
  36. 154 reps rx'd

    32 OHS
    27 T2B
    15 Thrusters
    23 K2E
    16 Squat Cleans
    41 Sit Ups

    Tough WOD today!
  37. Tovar Says:
  38. Total reps = 192

    Grip strength really fell off for k2e & sq cleans. One of those workouts where you know you could have squeezed out a couple of more reps here and there. And I so wish I would have known exactly how many situps I needed to break 200. Believe me I was dead after the workout but I know I could have done more situps. So upset that I can actually admit that. Damn me!
  39. Crystal Says:
  40. 131 reps. used 53#.

    decided to go 53# because of OHS. even after all these years I still really, i mean really, suck at them. managed to get 15 in a row which is a miracle for me. have been working a lot lately on my shoulder in-flexibility. i feel as though i was to cautious today knowing i would drop off fast, when in the end i actually could have gotten a few more reps on everything. better luck tomorrow.
  41. JennG Says:
  42. I'm in for Saturday.
  43. Addi Says:
  44. Tina, of course you should post it! The only person you need to compare with is yourself - it's fun to pick someone to chase, but as long as you're improving and having fun it doesn't matter if you ever catch them. That's my favorite part of CrossFit - always another skill to learn, another PR to hit, another person to chase.
  45. hannah eileen Says:
  46. 137 @53#. I hurt. I was still surprisingly sore from last Friday and only made it worse yesterday. OHS and cleans felt great. I was frustrated I only got 51 sit ups. I think my breakdown was:
    OHS 21
    T2B 15
    Thusters 12
    K2E 18
    Cleans 20
    Sit Ups 51

    Thank you to all the 5:30 peeps who obliged to the black and red dress code yesterday. :)
  47. tina Says:
  48. thanks Addi! Great perspective - I'm adopting it right now! :)

    hope to c ya Sat

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