Monday 110808

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AMRAP in 12 minutes of:
5/3 Handstand Push ups
15 DB Dead-lifts, 45#/30# (both sides of db must touch)
10 Broad Jumps, 6 feet

Scale hspu by adding 1 abmat and completing 10/7 reps, 2 abmats and completing 15/10, or 1 minute of a handstand hold equals 1 round of handstand push ups. If you can't jump 6 feet, jump width-wise (4 feet).

Post completed rounds/reps to comments/Logwod.

Stacie Tovar

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24 Responses to "Monday 110808"

  1. bluejayRN Says:
  2. Fun one today! I'm still working on the handstand push up so I did them with 2 ab mats.

    Finished up 4 full rounds and 5 HSPU using 30# for the DB deadlifts. The broad jumps were a fun addition to the workout.

    Lots of energy at 6 am today!! Great work everyone.

  3. Natalie Says:
  4. This picture of Stacey is Bad. Ass.
  5. BigD Says:
  6. Nice mix of skill work and fun at 5AM. Went RX'd on the first round of HSPUs, getting two in a row, then three singles. By the second round, I was struggling on those, so took Amanda's advice and went to one ab mat. 3 rnds + 6 HSPUs.
    Good stuff.
  7. Hilg Says:
  8. Nearly Ditto to Dave's results. Amanda actually delivered the mat during my second round (She's so subtle! ;-)) Good to be working on these...note to self, when you're traveling, do these in the hotel room before bed. Neighbor might be thinking WTF but who cares!

    3rnds + 15 DBDLs
  9. Hilg Says:
  10. BTW- Great time at the Golf Outing yesterday. I've been coming to CFO a little over two years and have so enjoyed what you guys have built and delivered so consistently. Congratulations to the entire coaching have something to truly be proud of.

  11. Eric C Says:
  12. Nice seeing a skill movement back in a WOD. I definitely need to work on strength more, but it's fun to have them sprinkled in.

    6 Rounds + 2 Jumps.
  13. BigD Says:
  14. I agree with Brian. Awesome time out at the golf outing!
  15. Tovar Says:
  16. Sweeeeeeeeeet pic Stacie! Almost as cool as mine from last week. :)
  17. Shelley Says:
  18. 5 rounds plus 2 HSPU's Rx'd

    I did all strict HSPU's and did 2/1 first round and all singles after that with about 8 seconds rest between each one. I realized it was stupid of me to even start with doubles when I've never done more than 3 strict in a row. I didn't have any misses and these felt solid.

    I am meticulous about logging workouts and am very detailed with rep scheme, max weights, time performed in, etc, but I realize I'm not very good with goal setting. There are things I want to be able to do (muscle ups) and other movements/skills I want to get better at, but I don't write down what I'm going to do to get me there. I will have to give that some thought and start being as meticulous about this as I am about logging workouts.

    Great job 6 a.m.!!!

    Jumps were fun!!
  19. Shelley Says:
  20. That is a sweet pic Stacie!!!

    For those who missed the outing yesterday, you can't miss it next year. It was a lot of fun even for those of us who aren't great golfers.
  21. Anonymous Says:
  22. 7 rounds + 1 HSPU

    Did the HSPU facing the wall, this was both a lot harder and a lot more fun that I had originally thought.

    The jumps were fun!
  23. jakeH Says:
  24. 8 rounds + 4 HSPU.

    All HSPU and db dead-lifts unbroken. Jumps were challenging and made my afternoon run slightly more difficult.

    Fun noon class, but we were missing a couple of regulars. Must have been all the golf yesterday that contributed to their absence.
  25. paul Says:
  26. Any WOD with HSPU is always a humbling experience for me. I got 3 rds with a rd of kipping HSPU, a rd of negatives, and a rd holds. just tried to work on fully elevated shoulders at the top and tight abs throughout. still kind of a mess, though.
  27. JonD Says:
  28. 7 Rounds 5 HSPUs and 15 DB DLs.

    I used #50 DB since all the 45 were taken. Jumps were at a slow pace, but fun to do something a bit different.

    Fun time at the event last night, every event we have seems to be a great time! Make a note of that people, we love to have a good time.

    Get ready for Fight Gone Bad, shirts will be up to order here in the next week or so!
  29. JonD Says:
  30. This comment has been removed by the author.
  31. JonD Says:
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    Thanks everyone!
  33. Tara Lynette Says:
  34. Tovar that picture is almost as our picture from last night.
  35. BC Says:
  36. That picture looks like a comic book superhero came to life. You are definitely one of my heroes Stacie, and I felt lucky to be out there to watch you in person.
  37. Allison H :) Says:
  38. hand stand holds are not as cool as hand stand push ups, but that's what i got so did 3 rds, 1 min hold and 2 db DL #30 at time.
    broad jumps and db dl's went well. 1 min holds hurt the wrists and had to split up the time after rd 1.
    if i ever ever get to do rx'd HSPUs I will die a happy crossfitter!
    great work nooners!
  39. JennG Says:
  40. 4 full rounds with about 3 seconds left over.
    Just did handstand holds, but all 4 were unbroken for the full minute and felt strong.
    4 ft broad jumps.

    Echo all the comments about Stacie's pic. Pretty kick-ass!

    Also echo all comments about the golf outting. So much fun and a great opportunity to meet people that go to other class times. I'm so proud to be part of this organization. Truly, truly a life changing experience.
  41. Donohoe Says:
  42. I did 4 rounds and did and 1 hand stand push up. That was the first time i have ever done one. Kinda cool. I liked the jumps it was definately different.
    donohoe out....
  43. Addi Says:
  44. 6 rds + 13 DB DLs

    First round of HSPU was SLOW, but by the third round I was knocking out triples somehow. Best they've ever felt in a workout. DB DLs felt good, broad jumps are always a good time.

    Fun one to come back to after taking last week off!
  45. hannah eileen Says:
  46. So, I have a new goal: 1 strict handstand pushup by Jan 1.

    I was able to do 3 strict to 2 ab mats yesterday during warm ups. It was the first time I've attempted them in a LONG time. However, I knew I couldn't maintain that during the wod, so I did holds. I have the broken blood vessels around my eyes to prove it today. Anyway, I got 3 rds + a 30 sec hold. I LOVE BROAD JUMPS! I wish those could be in every workout.

    Great job 5:30! BC, thanks again for not crashing into me. :)
  47. Crystal Says:
  48. 3 rounds rx'd.

    very happy with this. did each HSPU one at a time. i burn out fast on these. need to work on staying tight in my core. still quite a weekness for me but improving. can't wait to get 2 or 3or 4 in a row!

    DB deadlifts were kinda akward and i loved the broad jumps. fun.

    great job 6:30. everyone kept on moving!

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