Tuesday 110809

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As many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:
DB Chest 2 Bar Pull ups, 30#/15#

Immediately followed by (no rest),

As much weight as possible in 3 minutes of:

Rest 1 minute

As many reps as possible in 2 minutes of:
Bar Facing Burpees

See comments for workout rules.

Post pull up reps, snatch weight, and burpee reps to comments/Logwod.

Shelley does "Grace" for Barbells for Boobs while in LA.

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20 Responses to "Tuesday 110809"

  1. Ricky Frausto Says:
  2. Pull ups
    (only a dumbbell between the legs can be used)

    Scale 1: Regular Weighted Pull ups

    Scale 2: Unweighted Pull ups (as high as you can reach)

    If none of these are attainable, continue to work on strict pull ups w/ a band and/or negatives.

    Snatch begins with an empty bar. All skill work must occur with an empty bar.

    Both power and squat snatch variations are allowed.

    All burpees are of the bar facing variety. You must face the bar to complete the burpee and then jump over the bar before repeating the process.
  3. Eric C Says:
  4. pullups = 8 rx'd (very very hard. Pinched weight between upper thighs)

    snatch = 154# (3 mins is barely enough time to get your weights and load the bar. I only had 4 snatch attempts. 2 @88#, 1 @110, 1 154#)

    Burpees = 35 (just balls out the whole time)

    Different kind of workout today, so a couple of us finished with some Tabata situps.

    Thanks 5amers. Good seeing you LeClaire!
  5. paul Says:
  6. Nice work 6am, and Eric!

    11 pullups with 15#, 142# power snatch, 32 burpees.

    Sold myself short on the snatch--should've gone straight from 132 to 154. Oh well.

    Couldn't keep the 30# DB secure enough to kip, so I dropped to 15#. that was hard enough. Could've gotten a few more reps, but I figured I'd save some strength for the snatch.

    Oddly, I found muscle fatigue to limit me more on burpees than breath.
  7. Hilg Says:
  8. 26 CTB Pullups w/MLA My Lead Ass

    108# Snatch - Power Snatches are stronger for me but ran out of time

    26 burpees.....seems that the turn is key to keeping momemtum

    Good times, good times

  9. BC Says:
  10. 25 CTB pullups, unweighted. Could only get about 1/2 way ctb with weight.

    120# snatch - PR. Crazy that I PR'd on this, I guess sometimes not thinking is a good thing.

    26 burpees.

    Good stuff 6am!
  11. Shelley Says:
  12. 12 CTB Rx'd; I did all singles and rested after each one.

    97# Snatch; felt relatively easy, but 3 minutes goes by fast.

    27 burpees; I never rested/paused but I took a step every time after each one to get to the bar before jumping over which slowed me down.

    Thanks BC for pointers on CTB pullups afterwards. These have always been a thorn in my side, and when I mentioned that weighted CTB felt no different to me than regular CTB, he gave me a couple tips and I was able to do them much more easily and get more in a row. I did 5 sets of 5 with a couple in the middle sets being "iffy", but the last set was really good (for me). Something finally "clicked".

    Great job 6 a.m., and especially to Gina who I believe matched her PR of 92#, and it looked pretty easy.
  13. BigD Says:
  14. 30 CTB bodyweight. For some reason, trying to hold the dumbell and do a kip felt like I had never done a pullup before. Something new to master.
    After that is where my planning really went to crap. 88 on snatch. Was loading the bar for 132 when time was called. This workout was about strategy, and mine stunk. Lesson learned. 23 on BFBs.
    Felt like the old days, hitting tabata Tuesday with E. Good job hanging with us on those, Madison!
  15. bluejayRN Says:
  16. I did negatives, but looking back maybe should have pushed it a little harder and done maybe strict with a light band, I don't know. I'm strugging with getting the feel of kipping pull-ups, but hope to work on them on Thursday morning. I can do very slow negatives, it's my grip that fails before my muscles do.

    I did 63# snatch, 3 min goes very fast.

    23 bar facing burpees.

    Not sure I pushed myself hard enough today, but there's always tomorrow.

    Good work 6 am, it's always fun to feel the energy of a big group class.

  17. Mark Says:
  18. 17 C2B pullups with a 10# DB. I got a couple in warm up with 15# but I missed the last one in warm up so I dropped the weight for the WOD. I had only 3 misses during the 3 minutes so it was a good weight.

    164# for the snatch, I actually didn't start the lift til the buzzer but I still count it since there were no 5's and Josh was kind enough to let me use his bar and 5's right at the end.

    31 BFBs, my goal was at least 30 but I think I took a little off the intensity when I knew I was going to get to 30 in plenty of time.

    I liked this WOD. It is a lot different from the traditional metcon but it forces you to think about your abilities and strategize. It also requires a combination of strength, technique and endurance.

    Fun workout today and a huge 6AM as usual!
  19. Jess Says:
  20. 9 regular kipping pull-ups (which I was shocked I was able to get myself and the baby up there)

    68# for OHS instead of snatch

    45 for ball slams instead of BFB

    Nice job 6am!

  21. Nick Says:
  22. 14 rx'd pull ups/ 154 snatch/ 34 burps. Snatch was about 30 pounds off my pr, but I guess I can't be too upset...only 3 mins.
  23. Anonymous Says:
  24. 20 rx pull ups, 142 snatch (real happy about that), and 33 burpees. Think I could of had closer to 40 but had to stop a couple times and move weights, or my bar, to make sure the person behind me didn't keep stepping on me.

    Another work out that was a lot more fun than I had originally thought.

    Great noon class!
  25. hannah eileen Says:
  26. Jess, all of your pullups right now are weighted. Well done on getting 9!
  27. Allison H :) Says:
  28. 35 reg kipping pull ups, 68# snatch which is 1rm, 33 bar burps (was down on floor for 34th when game over!)
    pretty happy with this since I surpassed by "goal" reps/weight.

    great job 4:30! everybody was makin big moves! :)

    and I agree with Hannah, Jess~ any pregnant woman doing pull ups is bad ass!!!
  29. ZachR Says:
  30. 11 C2B pull ups w/ 30# DB(weakness)

    186# Snatch (Strength)

    40 BFB

    I was a fan of this style of WOD. I struggled with the pull ups but I have to admit my mind was already thinking about my snatch attempts. The burpees were just an all out sprint which was a great way to finish.
  31. Jess Says:
  32. Thanks gals. Some days it is a struggle to even workout so I will take every little accomplishment I can get right now. I am very grateful to the coaches at CFO for always finding me something to do so I can keep working out. I really appreciate that.

  33. JennG Says:
  34. 13 negatives - meh...someday.

    73# snatch - KNOW I could have gotten more if there'd been more time. Should have started heavier & will know to next time.

    21 BFB
  35. Tovar Says:
  36. 29 pullups, 154lb snatch, 47 burpees.

    Started pullups with alternate grip and ended up switching to regular grip after 12 reps. Worked much better for me.

    Missed an attemp at 154 lbs on snatch so had to use my last attempt to get the weight. Wanted to get a little heavier.

    And burps were a dead sprint. Calves were on fire.
  37. Nate Says:
  38. 15 pu/174 snatch/28 burpees.
  39. Crystal Says:
  40. Great job at 6:30. It was a big group.

    20 C2B (no wht)
    68# Snatch
    23 burpees

    looking back should have done strict w/a dumbell for C2B's. need to get stronger.

    Snatch was horrible. i absolutely hate snatch and it all has to do with my shoulders. need a lot more work here too.

    burpees kept moving but not fast enough.

    I really liked the format of todays wod.

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