Thursday 110707

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Rest Day

Kyle Maynard

As mentioned, our 4 year anniversary golf outing and cookout is Sunday, August 7th. We are encouraging everyone to make it out in some form or fashion. Whether that is to play golf with some best buds or to show up later on for the eating and drinking, we would really like you to be there.

I posted the links to sign up on Facebook but now here they are for those that don't have a Facebook account. You have the option to pay the full $160 for a 4 person team at which you can name at a later date, pay $40 for yourself at which we can help you find a team, or pay $10 to skip the golf and just show up for the get together afterwards.

Remember, we're only allowing 16 foursomes and registration cut-off is Monday, July 25th so sign up soon.


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6 Responses to "Thursday 110707"

  1. paul Says:
  2. until today, I've been feeling really strong lately. but today I was a waste of space. oh well, gonna happen sometimes. now I just have to decide whether I'm going to try to gut it out tomorrow, or just take a few rest days until i recover.

    was planning to do 5 single DLs at 440, but I failed on the first one. Did 3 singles at 418. then 10 CTB pullups, 10 ring dips, and a 400, which took about 3 minutes.
  3. Nick Says:
  4. AMRAP in 20 mins of 4 muscle ups, 10x push press 110#, and 400 meter row. Got 5 rounds in. Grip was tough on the metal rings. Did the first set of muscle ups unbroken, then 2-1-1, followed by all 1's! Unbroken on all push press. Probably should have used 132, but wouldn't have gotten 5 rds. Rowing was tough. All in all, a good workout and now I have some sore lats!

  5. BC Says:
  6. Stacie Tovar! Big ol' picture on the Crossfit Games home page! Nice!

    Also, I attempted Morrison this morning. Didn't go well. That is all.
  7. Allison H :) Says:
  8. did r.k. at 4:30
    which was:
    10 round of:
    3 strict pull ups
    6 db front squats (25#)
    9 double unders

    I scaled to kipping pull ups. used 25# dbs, and double unders were good today. 15:15 :)

    great rest day wod in this heat! fun to have people to do this with instead of being solo mission like last rest day!

    ps ~ has anyone ever been to crossfit sioux falls? what's it like?
  9. Allison H :) Says:
  10. awesome pic stacie!!!!!!!!
  11. Allison H :) Says:
  12. Did RK at 5:30
    10 rounds of:
    3 strict pull ups
    6 db front squats (25#)
    9 double unders

    15:15 scaled to kipping pull ups. Used the 25# dbs and double unders were good today :)

    Was great to have others to do this with! Solo mission on rest days makes me even slower!! I had fun and great work jen, niki, and irv! :)

    Ps - great pic stacie!

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