Saturday 110730

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For time:
100/70 Push ups

10/5 burpees for every time you come to your knees for rest.

Post time to comments.

Karen Wattier sitting pretty after day 1. She is tearing up the competition.

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7 Responses to "Saturday 110730"

  1. paul Says:
  2. Keep up the hard work, CFO!! Let's kick some ass today!

    Congrats, Jon and Jen!!
  3. paul Says:
  4. Felt kind of ghetto skipping the CFO WOD, but I went to UNO and did some back squats and DB bench press. Got up to 285x5 on the squat and 80# DBs on the bench. Was pretty excited to do that well on DB bench press. i never do that, and thought even 75 would be a struggle. But 80 felt strong.
  5. Steve Says:
  6. Paul- missed you at CFO this morning.

    Thanks to Dan for pushing me through 100 pushups. And Amanda for the stretching afterwards.

    And for all those in Cali, keep it up! We're all here cheering for you.
  7. ZachR Says:
  8. did the WOD in my driveway but changed it up a little differently.

    20 Pushups
    10 Burpees
    20 Pushups
    10 Burpees
    20 Pushups
    10 Burpees
    20 Pushups
    10 Burpees
    20 Pushups

  9. bluejayRN Says:
  10. Two of my worst movements...good to work on them though, it's the only way to get better!

    Keep working hard in SoCal team CFO!!

    Congratulations to Jon!
  11. paul Says:
  12. If I'd known you'd be there, Steve, maybe I wouldn't have crapped out.
  13. BigD Says:
  14. Good workout this morning.
    Just watched team CFO kill their heat in the Killer Kage WOD. Brutal Stuff. Keep at it team, and Stacie, and Karen!

    And congrats Jon!

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