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Snatch one rep on the minute every minute for 15 minutes.

Post the highest and lowest loads to comments/Logwod.

Origins of Weightlifting

If you have the time and/or the interest, this is a fantastic video covering what are known as the Olympic lifts.

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22 Responses to "Monday 110711"

  1. Erica Says:
  2. I am so bummed I'm out of town and missing this workout!!!! Dang it!!! Oh well, Minneapolis is treating me well...going to crossfit up here has made me thankful to be a member of CFO though!! See you all in less than 2 months :)
  3. paul Says:
  4. That was fun, and successful! I felt very strong after 3 days of rest. Did 5 reps at 132, 5 at 137, 3 at 142, and 2 at 147 (including 2 misses in rd. 15, followed by 1 successful rep). I want to do this one again.
  5. Eric C Says:
  6. It was nice to be back with the 6amers today. Big class!
    154# x 15. Was pretty heavy. You really have to use a ton of extension (snapping open the hips) with that many heavy attempts. It was good to groove that movement over the 15 reps.

    Nice job handling the big class Amanda!
  7. Amanda Says:
  8. Thanks, Eric!

    Great classes this morning. I really, really love to see a big group of people doing amazing things, such as the snatch. So I just want to commend you all on doing what you do! Keep it up. I enjoy helping you get better, but you have to be here for that to happen, so thanks!

    Awesome job AM'ers. I think everyone got better today! Great stuff.

    PM'ers we'll see you later... and the AC is on, so don't let the heat deter you!
  9. G3 Strength and Conditioning Says:
  10. Great video, Ricky! Thanks.
  11. Kayla Says:
  12. 58# lowest load 69# highest load. I really need to work on my confidence catching the load in a full squat. Great job today Nooners!
  13. Allison H :) Says:
  14. 63#. 53 low and 63 high. was ready to put on 68 when time was over sooo wouldn't count. All felt great though.
    Snatch is still a weakness for me but I feel I am getting better at it.
    practice practice practice!
  15. Addi Says:
  16. 92# for reps 1-11, 97# for 12-15

    I love these on-the-minute workouts, because it gives enough repetition and enough down-time that I always learn something about my technique and what I need to change. Today, I noticed that if I rush my setup and my first pull, I catch out front. Have to remember to take my time setting up, and focus on getting that full extension every time. Good stuff.

    Also, super-impressive form by Frankie this morning! Like a pro.
  17. JonD Says:
  18. Started at 164 and worked up to 186, felt good!

    Did some HSPU work after with parallettes (2 reds).

    Strict muscle ups 3 sets of 4-6
  19. Michael Rock Says:
  20. Ricky - I wanted to drop you a line to say thanks a lot for the snatch seminar this past Saturday. It was really well done and I learned a lot. The small group setting really allowed a lot of time for you to work with each person on his or her weaknesses as well as pointing out where they are strong. I thought it awesome the way you came in and put the breakdown of the movement on the board. And then being able to go through each piece of the movement as it built on the previous one. It make it a lot easier to have the movement broken into "blocks". Thanks again and I can’t wait until the next one.
  21. Nick Says:
  22. Started at 132# and worked up to 164#. Loved this wod. i agree with Addi on these "on the minute" wods. Big thanks to Amanda with the form tips.
  23. Shelley Says:
  24. 87# all the way across.

    I think that might be my shortest post ever.....
  25. ZachR Says:
  26. First time with the full squat snatch since knee surgery. I managed to get through the first 7 rounds before, ironically, I called it quits due to a nasty rip on my palm below my pinkie finger. On a positive note my knee felt good.

    132# x 7
  27. Kelli Says:
  28. 83# sets across. I really wanted to work on my technique and not try and go heavy. I think I may be starting to feel how its supposed to be. Doing the 15 sets on the minute was great to give me enough time to rest but not too much time to forget what I needed to work on...
  29. pmohs Says:
  30. Thans for the seminar on Saturday Ricky. I felt much more comfortable with this WOD because of it. I still have a looooong way to go and a lot of practice, but Saturday and today really helped. Thanks again Ricky, it was fun, informative, and you had so much enthusiasm the entire time!
  31. JennG Says:
  32. Everyone should take advantage of any of the seminars that are offered. The snatch seminar this weekend was really good. It was very helpful to have the movement broken down piece by piece & the opportunity to practice each step plus get more intensive feedback. Really learning the technique gives you something to focus on in class. Brain now knows the steps, just gotta practice & make body synch up with brain. I think I just experienced total system overload tonight. Probably should have just walked away, regrouped and started over.

    I've now taken a snatch and a pull-up seminar and both have been worth every minute and cent.
  33. Hira Says:
  34. #63(1-13) #68(14) #72(15)
  35. Nick Says:
  36. 169
  37. Joe H Says:
  38. 164 and got 13 rounds. This really got heavy or maybe technique broke down. All together I missed 6 or more times but made the misses up every round...all except 2. Great workout and I agree, I love those on the minute wods
  39. Jess Says:
  40. 39# for all 15 sets
  41. Stacie Says:
  42. 99# (1-6)
    104# (7-15)

    Great day to work on technique.
  43. nmandresen Says:
  44. 53# to 63# attempted 68# on the last one but did not keep it up.

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