Thursday 110609

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Rest Day

What to do on a rest day? My best recommendation is to check out the latest MobilityWOD and give it a go. Well, lookie lookie, I've got the video for you right here. Try this by first testing, then grabbing 2-3 minutes on each side with each movement, and finally retesting to see if there are any improvements.

While you're at it, some of you may be trying to get your first muscle-up. How about checking out one of Coach Carl Paoli's GymnasticsWOD videos on muscle-up transition progressions. No need to look too far, I got that video posted here as well.

That's what rest days are for. Get more mobile and study material (movements) that may show up in a test (in an actual workout).

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  1. john Says:
  2. Still here at Fort Leavenworth and had another great opportunity to work out with Iron Major Crossfit.

    Today was the culmination WOD as the current CGSC class prepares to graduate and join Army units across the globe.

    'Coup De Gras'

    As a four person team

    400 Pull-ups
    400 m Run
    400 Wall Balls (10ft/8ft - 20lb ball)
    400m run
    400 Box Jumps (24/20)
    400m run
    400 Burpees
    400m run

    Each Team must complete all repetitions of the exercise before moving to the next. Scale individually if required.

    Needless to say - this was a BRUTAL workout. Luckily we started off with burpees which gained me a PR at 7:47 for 100. I substituted rowing for the run and ball slams for the box jumps. Needed a little help on the pullups and wall balls. Overall - we finished at 39:05.

    Wow! Afterwards, I had a tough time climbing three flights of stairs to my room and currently having a hard time typing as my arms are shaking to much.

    Have a great Crossfit day and look forward to working out with the 6am crew next week.

  3. paul Says:
  4. Damn, John! That sounds awful!

    I added some muscle-ups to Nancy, but didn't end up doing 5 rds

    3 rds
    3 muscle ups
    15 OHS (98)
    400m run

    my back started killing me, which is why i didn't keep going.
  5. Addi Says:
  6. Swam at the J with Masters this morning - I thought I was putting up a pretty sorry showing until I did the math and realized I did 2300 yds in an hour. Usually (and by usually, I mean the once a month at most that I actually bother to swim), I get in about 1000. Shockingly, it turns out I'm significantly less lazy with a coach. Who knew?! I still can't kick worth a damn, and I sink like a rock, but I'll take it.

    Get excited, Games kids. Thursday mornings are going to be fun.
  7. BigD Says:
  8. Finally got my first muscle-up this morning! Only took me, what, two years to get it. :)
    Thank you Amanda for the help! Now, to string two in a row....

    Afterwards did three rounds of 10 tire flips/weighted dips(25#) as many as I could unbroken (10/5/3)/200 meter run.

    Glad I got my sorry ass out of bed this morning!
  9. Shelley Says:
  10. Congrats Dave on the Muscle-up!!!
  11. Gdawg Says:
  12. congrats on the muscle up dave!!!

    i miss xfit and everyone at the gym!! i hope to be back for a visit soon!!

    addi, who coaches masters at the J? good luck with the training, i miss swimming too...great sport!!

  13. BC Says:
  14. Ha! GDawg, you kill me! You called swimming a sport! Too f'ing funny!
  15. Addi Says:
  16. I'm glad you laughed, BC, so I don't have to.

    Congrats, Dave! You've been killing it lately - all that hard work is paying off in spades.

    Megan - Sam Bogdan and Jeff Poe coach most practices for Masters. I "coach" (read: copy a workout on the whiteboard and read it out loud) Friday mornings, because I'm there. Sam and Jeff both used to work at the UNO pool.

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