Wednesday 110511

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High Bar Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Start with two empty bar sets of 5 reps followed by a loaded set of 3 reps and a loaded set of 2 reps before beginning your actual work sets. The work sets are progressive.

Watch the video closely to learn the differences between the low bar (our normally used variation) and high bar back squats. Notice bar and hand placement as well as mechanical differences between the two variations.

Post weights to comments/Logwod.

Explaining the differences between the low bar back squat and the high bar back squat.

Help us all learn by pointing out differences and posting them to comments. What do you see that is in stark contrast to how we usually squat?

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7 Responses to "Wednesday 110511"

  1. Luke Says:
  2. great video - thanks CFO. for the most part, i use the high bar squat w/ myself and my athletes, keeping it a traditionally quad dominant exercise. i use deadlift, RDL, and good morning variations to work more of the posterior chain. However, i also use a lot of front loaded squatting - barbells, kettlebells, and sandbags - i would consider those primarily quad dominant as well, but perhaps i'm mistaken as i also think that one's stance can significantly affect load placement. What do you guys think?
  3. Mark Says:
  4. 228 x 5 today. Good working with you again Matt and Frank.
  5. BigD Says:
  6. 264 X 5. Some good weight being moved at 5AM.
  7. Donohoe Says:
  8. Good job this morning monsters I did 300 for 5. The bar positioning changed how the load felt,This high bar makes you enguage your core more and makes you focus on that so this should help the next time we all go after our 1rm.
    Thanks Shane for being a good partner.
    Donohoe out
  9. Jess Says:
  10. 74# for all five working sets. I decided to work on my technique/form and keep it light since squatting in general is a weakness of mine. I am trying to break my bad habits.

    Great working with ya, Gina.

    Nice job 6am.

  11. ZachR Says:
  12. 198# on final set of 5.

    These felt very good today and very happy with how my knee is progressing.
  13. Laura Says:
  14. I worked my way up to 126# for my last set of 5. Felt good.

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