Tuesday 110510

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10 rounds of:
Strict/Dead-hang Pull ups, 45 seconds
Rest 1:45 minutes

Only reps where the lower part of the neck comes into contact with the bar count (head is neutral looking at the wall in front of you when you make contact). Under chin does not count.

Your score is lowest pull up count in any round. Reps do not have to be consecutive.

Post score to comments/Logwod.

Robert Alexander and a blurry Lauren Williams.

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17 Responses to "Tuesday 110510"

  1. BC Says:
  2. 3 reps rx'd each round. Nice strength day workout. Good work 6am.
  3. Mark Says:
  4. 59 total pull-ups with 7 being the highest round and 4 being the lowest.
  5. BigD Says:
  6. 82 total. Best round was 10. Worst round 7. Wanted to get 10 all the way across. That lasted for all of two rounds...
  7. VanBeek Performance Says:
  8. WOD 1 - Higher Volume, Longer Duration

    Main Site Variation...
    5 Strict Pull Ups
    10 Thrusters (65#)
    15 Db Swings (50#)
    10 ROUNDS
    * 15:03 *

    Two More to Go Today
  9. Crystal Says:
  10. found a cool Paleo Blog w/recepies on the Crossfit Amarillo site.

    check it out:
  11. paul Says:
  12. 5 for me as well. Started out at 7, but on the fifth set I had one miss and then couldn't get a legitimate 7th. 59 reps total, I believe. I liked this one.

    I'm also enjoying working out with the noon class! Though it sucks not beating Addi at anything.
  13. Kat Says:
  14. got 3 each round

    should have shot for at least 4, i underestimated myself. 3 was definately too easy for me. Until next time pullups!
  15. Eric C Says:
  16. Finished as a 7. Started at 8 reps (Gunning for Big D) but couldn't hold it past 5 rounds. So I think that's 75 reps total.

    This was fun! Work hard for 45 seconds then hang out and socialize for 1:45. Great WOD for the heat!
  17. Shane Says:
  18. 6
  19. BigD Says:
  20. You're my hero, E!
  21. VanBeek Performance Says:
  22. WOD 2... Body's Screaming At Me So Just Two Today then Tomorrow Off

    Liked Ricky's Stair Idea so...

    Full Stadium Stair Sprint
    (Three Full Up And Down's Plus About a 40-50m Sprint Back To The Start)
    4 Rounds on a 3:00 Clock
    * Goal was to keep within 3-5 secs of my fastest time
    1st - 1:25
    2nd - 1:26
    3rd - 1:27
    4th - 1:25
  23. Nate Says:
  24. 89 was running 9 per till last one. Hit 8
  25. ZachR Says:
  26. 62 reps

    6 every round with 8 in the last round. Next time I will shoot for 7 per.
  27. Jess Says:
  28. 2 each round using a red band

    Nice job 6am!

  29. Steve Says:
  30. 6 final. Tried to keep it at 7 but only lasted half-way.
  31. Shelley Says:
  32. 3 was my score; I was shooting for 4 and got 4 in rounds 1-7 and then only got 3 in rounds 8-10. I had plenty of time to get the 4th rep in those rounds but got stuck halfway up on 4th rep. Thanks for the encouragement Brandon. I really thought I could get 4 every time.

    Did 3 RM weighted pushups elevated from a red plate right before this and could get 44# for 3 reps. I failed with 55#. Thanks for placing the weights on my back Danielle!

    Worked HSPU's right after and couldn't get any strict, only kipping.
  33. Laura Says:
  34. Started w/ 3 each round with a red band but ended with 2 each round.

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