Thursday 110526

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Rest Day

A fond farewell to Jess Jenkins who leaves us for Casper, Wyoming. Joe, myself, and the rest of the CFO staff are going to miss you dearly and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your life. Good luck and safe travels.

A note from Jess, herself:

Hey Ricky-

I just wanted to wish you luck at the Games this weekend and to say 'So long' as I won't see you before I leave Nebraska. You and Joe have changed my views on health and physical fitness for the better and I would like to thank you for that. And for getting me to eat delicious bacon again. I have learned an incredible amount these past two years about myself and what I am capable of from you and so many others at the gym. Although we still might view running a bit differently ;), I think I have embraced your views on strength and conditioning.

You are surrounded by an amazing staff and it was extremely enjoyable to be part of such an amazing place. So, thanks for your patience and knowledge. I hope to continue my CrossFit efforts in Casper but know it will not be the same. I wish you all the best in whatever comes your way.

--Jess Jenkins

Oh and can you pass this along to Joe, I don't know his email. Thanks! Or just slug him in the arm and tell him "He's the best!" :) Except for the throwing of peas, I won't miss that.

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14 Responses to "Thursday 110526"

  1. VanBeek Performance Says:
  2. Little practice before we leave tomorrow...

    1 min row
    1 min run
    3 RDS... Just a warm up

    Thruster - Practice
    110, 154, 185, 205 - Some doubles and a few singles

    Messed around with Kipping HSPUs 5-6 rep sets
  3. Shane Says:
  4. Jess, you'll be hugely missed! All the best with everything......
  5. Paula Says:
  6. To my first strength class buddy...I can't believe you are actually leaving us! I always enjoyed coming into 5am class and seeing you. You always brought a smile to my face. You have come so far since you first started. Your hard work definitely paid off and your strength just amazes me (must be from eating all that bacon)! Here this tiny thing is often lifting well above her body weight!! Lookout Casper, here comes the double under queen!

    You will truly be missed, Jess! Don't be a stranger and good luck to you in Wyoming!
  7. Paula Says:
  8. I would like to wish the CFO games competitors the best of luck at Regionals!! I hope we are slow at work on Friday. I will be anxiously trying to get to a computer every minute I can! I only wish I could be there to cheer you on, but I will be there in spirit! You guys have worked tremendously hard and will represent well!

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. my first 6am class!!! and the workout was fun but my back is not doing so good now.
    DNF, epic fail.
  11. Allison H :) Says:
  12. Pretty sure Friday needs to be a Jess J wod ~ that involves lots of running!!! :) gunna miss you friend :(
  13. Shelley Says:
  14. Good luck Jess in your move to Wyoming! Although I didn't know you well, you always had a smile on your face:)
  15. O'Kief Says:
  16. Best of luck Jess. You will be missed.
  17. GregP Says:
  18. Jess, I really enjoyed the strength class we were in last summer. You pushed me to run faster than I normally would have. Good luck with the next part of your life.
  19. Tovar Says:
  20. Take care Jess and best of luck in Wyoming!
  21. Jess Says:
  22. Best of luck, Jess. CFO is losing a great member. You will be missed.

    JChrist, The other Jess ;)
  23. Erica Says:
  24. Good luck in Wyoming Jess!!!!! We will miss you!
  25. nmandresen Says:
  26. Good luck Jess! It has been great getting to know you!
  27. Mountain Fit Says:
  28. Jess, if you are coming to Casper, join us at Mountain Fit/Ascent CrossFit. Central Wyoming's only Affiliate. You can find us at:

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