Wednesday 110413

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CrossFit Games Open 11.4
As many rounds and reps in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar Facing Burpees
30 Overhead Squats, 120#/90#
10 Muscle-ups

Post rounds/reps completed to comments/Logwod.

Brad Guenther during last Tuesday's attempt at 11.3.

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34 Responses to "Wednesday 110413"

  1. paul Says:
  2. i would be overjoyed to get 2 full rounds of this mofo.
  3. jakeH Says:
  4. This is bullshit. Muscle Ups. Really.
  5. jakeH Says:
  6. I guess I can get 90 reps and then relax.
  7. BigD Says:
  8. Looks like I'll be getting my first muscle up today, or die trying
  9. paul Says:
  10. I have to say I am very surprised to see MU in the open. Makes me fear that HSPU are coming up!!

    Jake, you're probably strong enough to get strict muscle-ups! Just watch that bicep.
  11. Paula Says:
  12. WOW....I'm so glad I was able to attend tonights WOD and cheer you all on! You're so inspiring to watch!

    It was great to see everyone I haven't seen in awhile!

    Awesome job to all you did this wod! It looked really tough!!!!
  13. Mark Says:
  14. 90 reps for me. I had just over a minute and a half after my OHS. I couldn't get a single muscle up. I failed three times and that was it. My goal was 91 reps cause I knew it would be hard to get an MU after being that tired. I failed...

    I'm not sure if I am going to try this one again or not. Ricky, would it be worth it to do this WOD again if I were to get only 1 or 2 muscle ups?
  15. VanBeek Performance Says:
  16. 121 Total reps with three muscle up misses... Wouldn't do this again if I hadn't missed 3 reps but I feel compelled to see what I get if I slow my MUs down a little
  17. Ricky Frausto Says:
  18. Hey everyone,

    Here is the genius that is CrossFit HQ. This workout was perfectly put together not to truly eliminate anyone from competition yet challenge higher skills. This especially holds true from the female standpoint. Let me break this down.

    This is a 10 minute amrap of 100 reps where the bulk of the reps (90) are in the first two movements, starting with 60% of a single round in the movement with the least amount of skill.

    In fact, you are penalized more for not being strong enough with the overhead squat than you are with not being able to do muscle-ups. As I mentioned, this hold more true for the female side than the male side but not by much. The first two movements take a lot out of you and are extremely taxing on muscle endurance of triceps and shoulders that by the time you get to the muscle-ups, if you can do them, you will quickly be forced into 1 or 2 reps at a time and this makes, what little time you have left in ten minutes, disappear.

    Look at it this way. What if you can do muscle-ups but only get 5 reps before time is called and someone who can't do muscle-ups gets to 90 reps? That's only a difference of 5 reps. What if you finish a round? That's only 10 reps. See where I'm going with this?

    Person A can't do muscle-ups at all but person B can he/she only gets 6 of them before time runs out. A six rep difference. I would be more displeased if I was person B than person A.

    So, as you see, you are more penalized if you aren't strong enough because that's now a 30 rep difference....... if you get that far.

    So what did I get? 1 Full round and 34 reps. I think there will be some 2+ rounders but that will be at the extreme top. I think the meat of the curve will be 1 full round and middle of overhead squats if not into second round of muscle-ups.

    Got to give it to HQ. Way to reward those with high skill yet not punish too bad, those without.
  19. Shelley Says:
  20. 90 reps Rx'd; I cannot do a muscle up so this is where I expected to be. I'm not upset muscle ups showed up though I was a bit surprised. This has always been in the back of my mind: what if these show up? I admit I haven't really worked on them thinking I would worry about it after the open was over.

    OHS have never been a favorite of mine, and I broke them up 10,5,5,6,3,1 (I believe). I know the first 10 were unbroken and I ended on a single.

    Reba gave everything she had to get those muscle ups and Kat fought hard to get all the OHS. I didn't get to see everyone because I counted for Reba and Kat, but I loved the atmosphere and appreciate so many people coming out to cheer! It does make a difference.
  21. Addi Says:
  22. Monday's heavy DLs really killed my hamstrings and lower back for this one - it hurt to jump over the bar during burpees, and my OHS were slow and painful.

    I got 95 reps, which I'm happy with, but I know I can finish a full round with a rested back. That being said, I'm not sure I want to suffer through those burpees again. :) Luckily, I have a few days to decide how badly I want a few more points.

    I agree with Ricky that the rep scheme gives small rewards for having muscle-ups, but at the same time every single rep after 90 is going to reap huge jumps up the leaderboard. I think there will be thousands of scores all at 90 reps, and then each rep after that at least through the end of the first round will have a pretty sizable cluster as well. The difference between 2 and 3 muscleups could potentially move someone up a couple hundred places, if not more, which means this week could turn the upper middle of the leaderboard upside down. Makes it tempting to beat this WOD into the ground.
  23. Donohoe Says:
  24. I completed 75 reps not too bad. I think if I did this again I would have sped up on the burpees. I had 130 left when I started and did 15 OH squats then time was called. I attended last nights session and I was so proud of everyones efforts. I think it takes a lot of guts to go and attempt something you suck at in a room full of people. Yet another example of why this little gym not a lot of people have heard of is so special. COngrats to everyone today who attempts this...
    Donohoe is out.
  25. AHOFF Says:
  26. You all did so AMAZING!!! Thanks for letting me come in for a WOD and to stay and watch 11.4
    I saw what the wod was for the 11.4 and was shocked, but not so much because I knew eventually they would throw muscle ups in. The energy made me feel right at home like I was at my box CrossFit Sioux Falls. Thanks so much for making me feel like I was part of your CrossFit Omaha Family!!! I hope to be back soon when i pass through again!!! Love you all!!! ~AHoff or as Ricky called me "Annette" haha
  27. Eric C Says:
  28. Thanks to all the gamers who post their totals on the blog or the LogWOD. It's nice to see how everyone is doing without having to dig through the games site.

    87 reps for me. Over paced myself on the burpees (about 6 minutes) and didn't have enough time to get the OHS in. They were HEAVY and I needed to break them up a lot (5,5,4,4,4,2)

    Definitely doing this again on Saturday
  29. Pingel Says:
  30. 11.4 Tues 8pm = 95reps I need to work on overhead squats!!!!

    Wed 8am
    Dead-lift 1x5 @ 375lbs
    Warm-up using 5, 5, 3, 3, 2.

    Met-con: 15:20
    Mondays Games Group

    Substituted 30 Double Unders and 15 24" Box Jumps for the 400m run.
  31. Natalie Says:
  32. I got 20 OHS using 39#. This is far more than I would have gotten without Donahoe cheering me on. Seriously, if you are looking to get some more reps in...ask this guy to cheer for you--you cannot lose. Nice work 6am!
  33. Tovar Says:
  34. Well Eric your post has made me feel obligated to share my score. Did 11.4 last night in front of the crowd and it was a lot of fun! If you haven't been able to make it on a Tuesday night yet you should consider coming to the next one b/c it's definitely worth it.

    11.4 score = 131 reps

    I had 2 minutes left when I got back to burpees and all I could get thru was 31 reps. Next time I'm going to do whatever it takes and push like hell to get thru more burpees on the 2nd round.

    And since the games site seems to hate CFO and none of our scores are showing up, I got 61 reps (30.5 rounds) on 11.3 last week.
  35. Tara Lynette Says:
  36. Did the work out last night. Amazingly I got through the burpees and 6 OHS. I am truly temped to do this one again on Saturday. I want more OHS. I like OHS even if they were super heavy. Glad I did it last night with all the cheering! Thanks Jimbo for putting the burpees in perspective too...Hey where is my $10? :)
  37. GregP Says:
  38. 60 burpees and 3 O/H squats at 110#

    Sitting in a car for 11 hours the past 2 days and not getting home till 9 last night does not make for a good performance at 6am. I will do this one again.

    Thanks Eric for the advice on getting the bar overhead.

    I can't believe I have had to work the past 2 weeks and missed Tuesday nights. Sounds like it has been fun.
  39. Kat Says:
  40. 90 reps total. I barely made it though! Doin OH squats two days in a row sucks but it was nice to have some practice on em before the 11.4 wod. Thanks jon and jimbo for workin with me on em!
    Wish I had muscle ups, not as if I would have had time to try one, but the option would be nice. This just motivates me to practice them more, I'm so close I can feel it!
    Thanks again shelley for being such a great counter and motivator! U believed in me and pushed me and that made all the difference!
    Great job to everyone who suffered through this wod last night and today!
  41. Tovar Says:
  42. Bah, ha, ha, ha, ha! Our scores are finally validated! But wait until you hear why Ricky couldn't validate scores for the past 4 weeks. You'll definitely get a kick out of it. It wasn't even HQ's fault but instead our beloved Katherine Anderson. Ha! I still love you Kat.
  43. Jess Says:
  44. 75 reps using 53# for the OHS. I had no chance in hell doing 90# OHS. Someday just not today.

    Great job, Gina! I knew you could get at least 5 OHS. I guess me riding your ass all the time is finally paying off. ;)

    Nice job 6am.

  45. Gdawg Says:
  46. did 11.4 last guys definitely need to come to tues night wods if you haven't. even if you're not competing for a spot at regionals it makes the workouts much better when you have a crowd!

    I got in 77 reps...i really wanted to get all OH squats and I know that I can. I had a little mental block after i dropped it on rep 2and breathing was tough...i would like to try this one again after some work on my OH lifts...I felt sluggish with the OH jerk on WOD 11.3 too so i know it's a bit of a weakness right now.

    congrats to everyone who participated! nice work guys/gals! and thanks to those who came to cheer!
  47. Kat Says:
  48. How embarrassing.....thanks for the announcement tov! Sorry guys!
  49. JonD Says:
  50. Sunday did 7 C2B Pulls and 200m run
    7 rounds
    9:34. This was slow.

    Saturday did Clean and Jerk workout and got 30 Reps.

    Tuesday night did games workout and got 111 reps.

    Today not sure last min decision. good luck everyone today its fun.
  51. Steve Says:
  52. 85 reps, will definitely try this one again on Saturday... going for 91.

    Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered last nite.
  53. Tovar Says:
  54. Oh Kat! It's ok. No harm done right? I think it's friggin hilarious!
  55. Paula Says:
  56. 61 reps-Rx'd. OHS felt "OK" during warmups then after the burpees I was like "holy crap, what happened"! I got one OHS in and tried multiple others but just couldn't get ur done!

    Jen T.- A huge congrats on your muscle up. You wanted it and you got it girl! Awesome!!!

    Nice work 4:30! It was good to see you all!

    I wish I could go cheer you all on for regionals, but it is my holiday for call this year! I'll be cheering hard from Omaha.
  57. Jennifer Says:
  58. 91 reps rx'd. I did this one last night and got 90, and I so desperately wanted to get just one muscle up in that I came back and did it today and got it! I told myself I'd be happy if I got 91; now I want to try for 92. :-) Broke up OHS a lot less, 8,9,5,8, I think squat snatching the first rep really helps. Thanks Paula for cheering me on!

  59. JennG Says:
  60. 62 reps Rx'd.

    Wanted to get a couple more but 90 felt REALLY heavy after the burpees. Dropped it several times..Might try again on Saturday.
  61. Addi Says:
  62. Nice work, Jen T!

    Now we have to hear the story. Spill it.

    Also, big props to those going rx'd who otherwise wouldn't have. The weights they've been giving us these last two weeks are no joke and it's a big mental leap of faith to attack them if you're not used to them. Keep it up!! 2 weeks left, and I'm guessing it's only going to get... more interesting from here.
  63. Paula Says:
  64. Yes.....story, please!

    I agree with Addi with going rx'd! I've surprised myself a few times over the past few weeks. I've lifted at or near 1RM's and have not had to scale yet...a BIG YET! (I'm sure pullups are coming). I'll be able to compete in the masters in 3 years....leaves a lot of time to work on weakness. Ha! My goal is to become competitive by then. I'm hoping to become another Karen W. You are an amazing women, Karen and are doing amazing things!

    Awesome work everyone! I sound like a broken record, but I'm so proud to be apart of this community!
  65. BC Says:
  66. 70 total reps (60 burpees + 10 OHS) Rx'd. My OHS went 4, 3, 3. Tried to get a few more reps at the end but my shoulders were failing me and I kept dropping the bar on the way down. Great job everyone!
  67. nmandresen Says:
  68. 53# 73 reps (60 burpees + 13 OHS). I spent a lot of time on burpees and much of my time for the OHS was spent trying to get the bar steady. This was a tough workout.

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