Thursday 110414

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Rest Day (or not)

Stacey Dobbe shows us how to squat properly. The four points of performance we look for in determining a rock solid squat are:

1. Weight evenly distributed over the entire foot - check
2. Knees pushed out and tracking inline with the toes - check
3. Crease of hip passing below the top of the knee - check
and the toughest for most people,
4. Maintain the natural curve in the lumbar spine at correct depth - check.

Great work Stacey and glad to have you as a part of CFO.

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16 Responses to "Thursday 110414"

  1. Greg MO Says:
  2. Haha! My girl Stacie has made the blog...Now your official girl!!....Your welcome :)
  3. Greg MO Says:
  4. Who taught you that perfect squat I wonder???...
  5. Stacey Rose Says:
  6. Greg Mo!! Yup - you got me going on it! Can never thank you enough - it's changed my life. I love it here at Crossfit! I will be SO SAD to move to Lincoln in July!
  7. paul Says:
  8. just got my ass kicked by 11.4. I felt so good going into it, but those OHS owned me. finished 60 burpees in about 5 min (too long, really, but i was trying not to burn out) and then got 24 OHS. Grand total: 84 reps.

    Tried to do a muscle-up about 20s after time ran out, and i didn't quite make it.

    I wanted more, but at least I don't feel like I was just too lazy to do better. the strength just isn't there yet for OHS at that weight when I'm already tired.
  9. Mark Says:
  10. Kind of played around today. I worked on muscle ups, probably did about 10 and had about the same number of misses. I also did some box jump dumbbell squat cleans. I did 5 reps at each weight from 25# to 50# in each hand. Finished off with 3 rounds of 10 GHD situps and 10 hip extensions.

    Nice work Paul! That workout was a doozie!
  11. GregP Says:
  12. I did Tuesdays and only got to #98 on the press. I got 92 box jumps at 30" for a total of 180.
  13. jakeH Says:
  14. did 11.4 with Zach R. Finished burpees with 6+ mins left. OHS sets of 15, 10, 5 with 2+ min left. Tried a couple of MUs, but my bicep was screaming.

    90 reps Rx'd.

    After counting for Zach I tried MUs again and hit 2 in a row and my arm doesn't hurt. Guess I'm doing this again on Sat.
  15. Addi Says:
  17. ZachR Says:
  18. Attempted 11.4 today with Jake. Had not done OHS heavier than 88# since knee surgery but decided to go rx'd. Broke up OHS into 5 sets and finished them with about 2 minutes left. I got 6 muscle ups in the remaining time for a score of 96 reps.
  19. VanBeek Performance Says:
  20. Lift plus short met con... Maybe a double day

    Snatch Balance - heavy single
    *Hit 231

    Band resisted back squat
    (Best for 3 is 190) - Hit 196

    Regular grip muscle ups... Max Reps for 4 sets.. 5,5,4,4
    Weighted pull ups 5RM (33,44,55#)

    Tabata Mash Up
    Double unders
    * 4 RDS EA *
    40 40 38 38 and 10 10 9 9
  21. Paula Says:
  22. Went in at 5am and worked on a few of the many weakness....pullups, double unders, and box jumps.
    I got 9 continuous DU's!! I was sooo excited! That is huge for me. I've been doing every other's for ever now. As for box jumps....I worked on continuous jumps on 3 red plates and pullups are getting there. I've been trying to work on them everyday after class.
    But of course had to stop a few times and cheer on Justin and Jeremy who were doing 11.4! Awesome job guys!!
  23. hannah eileen Says:
  24. did "11.4" at noon today. I put it in quotes because I didn't go rx'd and it kicked my ass. Burpees were great; I finally had a reason to pace myself. OHS suck. I finished with 81 reps at 77#. (I realized when I was finishing burpees that I hadn't even asked what the scale was for MU. I just knew I wouldn't make it there. ha)
  25. paul Says:
  26. Nice work, everyone! I'm green with envy of those of you who made it to muscle-ups.
  27. Kat Says:
  28. Thanks addi! I was all pumped up tues nite at the games wod bc I got the 90 reps I was shootin for. now that I got a muscle up today it makes wanna do that damn wod again just to attempt a muscle up, I would be thrilled with even one!
  29. Laura Says:
  30. I did 11.4 rx'd tonight and got 67 reps. I'm pretty excited about that! 90# OHS seemed very daunting. :)
  31. JonD Says:
  32. Yesterday did a little metcon from Las Vegas CrossFit

    400m run
    30 sec Handstand holds
    15 DL at 98#
    15 GHD Sit ups
    3 rounds
    11:?? Not sure.

    Today did Second half of games workout.

    7 rounds
    30 sec swings (did 12 each round)
    1min row (250m row each round)
    30 sec hollow rock (15 each)

    Didnt have a clock so just did that. Rest Friday and doing it again saturday.


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