Wednesday 110406

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CrossFit Games Open Workout 11.3
As many rounds/reps in 5 minutes of:
165/110 Pound Squat Clean
165/110 Pound Jerk

Each movement counts as a rep but you may not move on to the next movement before completing the previous one. For example, completing a clean and jerk counts as two reps or a full round but you cannot count a second squat clean without first finishing the jerk.

Post total rounds and reps to comments/Logwod.

Stacie Tovar during doing 11.3 last night.

Congrats to those that made it out and completed the workout. You guys did tremendous. Thanks to those that came out to cheer too. It's so much fun to have friends yelling and pulling for ya. It makes a huge difference in how everyone performs. You guys are awesome fans.

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17 Responses to "Wednesday 110406"

  1. Donohoe Says:
  2. great job everyone early this morning
    I did 110x22 not too bad I wish I could rack the weight effectively. Oh well, great way to start day.
    Donohoe out...
  3. Jess Says:
  4. No reps for me today which I anticipated since my 1RM for squat clean is 92#. I gave it my best shot though.

    Awesome work Gina! Love working out with you.

    Great job 6am!

  5. Ricky Frausto Says:
  6. Jess,

    I commend you lady for trying. Great job on everything so far such as the sound nutrition you and Brian are following, the pr's all over the gym, and competing in the open. It really is inspiring.

    Keep it up!

    Good luck to everyone the rest of the day. If there is any chance you can go prescribed today, even if you will only get 1 rep, I say go for it.
  7. BigD Says:
  8. 8 rounds RX'd....See, what had happened was...
    Man, I want another crack at this one Saturday. Just couldn't get the squat cleans down this morning. Thanks for counting for me Jeremey. And you're a frickin' beast!
  9. Amanda Says:
  10. Nice job people! You'd think we were specializing in Olympic lifting this week... It's a tough workout. I give props to Jess as well, follow her lead if you are unsure. Today's a day to go heavy, try it out!

    Good group last night as well! Fun stuff! Hopefully we see you later, if you haven't come to class already!
  11. Eric C Says:
  12. 15 Rounds Rx'd

    This gets heavy quick. 1st 5 were easy...then battled through the front squats on the last 10.

    May actually try this again as I caught all cleans in the full squat position. It maybe a little easier power cleaning and doing the front squat. Jerks weren't a limiting factor.

    Welcome to 6am Chris! Thanks for judging me!
  13. GregP Says:
  14. 6rds RX'd for me (135#) I was pleased because my 1RM for thruster was only 140 last year.

    Nice working with you Darrel.

    Great Job everyone!
  15. BC Says:
  16. I started having flashbacks of last year's sectionals. 6 rd's + 1 squat clean rx'd. My current 1rm for clean & jerk is 174#, so all things considered I'll take 6 reps in 5 minutes. The squat cleans actually felt really good, it was the jerks that got me - I failed on 2 different attempts and I can safely say that doing that sucks. Bad. May take another crack on Sat to see if I can muster up a couple more reps. Great job morning monsters.
  17. Jess Says:
  18. Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement, Ricky & Amanda. It means more to me than you guys will ever know. Honestly, the only things I have changed in the last month are nutrition, stress management and more sleep. The exact things Ricky & Joe have been telling all of us to do. I just finally made a commitment to change my “lifestyle” for good. The results of that are now coming through in my performances in the gym. Good stuff, I tell ya.

    Best of luck to everyone else today. Get after it! ;)

  19. hannah eileen Says:
  20. 87# 14 rounds.

    I was so happy to be back at noon today! Working lunches is really cramping my workout style. Thanks for counting, Alison!
  21. JonD Says:
  22. Game workout last night: 27 clean and thrusters. Will do it again and looking for 30!

    Sunday: Did the run/pull up/air squat workout from last week. 12:53.

    Saturday did DL/PU/BJ Workout 9 rounds, 9 dl, 12 pu, 5 box jumps.

    Just needed to update. This is where I keep track of my goods!

    Fun workout today come in and enjoy!
  23. Allison H :) Says:
  24. Got 22 rounds with 63#. So total reps is 44 as I read for scoring...
    Did squat clean and jerks for first 4 minutes and then thrusters for last minute.

    Thanks for counting for me too Hannah! Always more fun at noon with you there!

    And I will ask again - ANY PALEO CHALLENGE COMING UP RICKY???
  25. VanBeek Performance Says:
  26. 29 Rounds last night... Need to get into the lower to mid 30's on Friday when I try it again

    Back Squat - 30 sec clock - Work up to a heavy single - Starting at 245 and 10 lb jumps each set
    245, 255, 265, 275, 285, 295, 300, 305- Miss :(
    - Did 5 More Singles with 265 every 30 secs after I finished

    Elevated DL Partials... Main issue I had last night was shooting my hip so standing on yellow bumpers deadlift to knee only... Trying to keep my hips down
    154, 199, 218, 238 - all for 5's

    Ring Dips - 4X1-2 Reps Short of Failure - 13, 10, 9, 11 (Kipped)

    Stair Sprints - Just One Full Section... Maybe 50-60 yards total
    8 Sets (45 sec Clock)
    - All done around 9.4-9.9 secs
  27. Shane Says:
  28. 15 rounds rxd. Thanks Robert, for yelling at me when I was about to fail on the last jerk...i needed it!
  29. Jen Allison Says:
  30. A big shout out to Amanda who did a great job last night! It was great to count for you. I loved watching your plan and then you didn't deviate from it once for 5 minutes. Killer!

    Congrats to everyone last night and today!
  31. Steve Says:
  32. Did this one last night, went in today to try it again but with a lower weight- 18 rounds at 132. Surprisingly, dropping from 165 to 132 didn't equal a big jump in rounds. Then again, I may be tired from last nite also.
  33. Shelley Says:
  34. 30 rounds Rx'd. I did all thrusters and rested a few seconds after every round with my goal being 6 rounds per minute.

    Is there a 10:10 games wod time for Saturday? I don't see it on mind/body and wanted to try this one again. The strategy Ricky recommended worked well for me, but I want to give it another shot and see if I can squeeze out another 2-3 rounds.

    Great job 4:30!

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