Thursday 110407

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Rest Day

Dustin Tovar

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  1. Paula Says:
  2. Sweet pic, Dustin!! Looking forward to battle the 11.3 wod at 5am! It's been a long time since I've squat cleaned and jerked! I'm hoping for at least a few rounds.
  3. Tovar Says:
  4. Ha! Paula I agree. Thanks to Chris Baldwin for the awesome pic!
  5. Jess Says:
  6. Look everybody it's "Stefano" from American Idol. ;)
  7. Paula Says:
  8. 7 rounds (14reps)-Rx'd...did better than I thought since my last full clean 1 RM was 114#.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!!!
  9. hannah eileen Says:
  10. Paula, it was great seeing you bright and early this morning. Had a fun time at 6 am playing around with a few movements and rolling out, which was overdue. I ended up running, and doing double unders, swings, and sit ups. Thanks for running with me, Jillian!
  11. paul Says:
  12. 20 reps and a squat clean for this guy. they're always tougher than they look. i'm pretty happy with it, though.
  13. GregP Says:
  14. If you are interested in statistics there is a blog about the games WODs.

    some pretty interesting conclusions on the first couple of WODs.
  15. Mark Says:
  16. Made up a little metcon today.
    3 rounds:
    400 meter run
    10 45# ball slams
    5 box jumps w/ riser and 3 reds

    About 10 mintues. Didn't go extremely hard but kept a pretty good pace.
  17. JonD Says:
  18. Yesterday did "Nate"

    20 Min AMRAP
    2 muscle ups
    4 HSPUs
    8 2pd KB Swings
    12 rounds plus 2 muscle ups and 1 HSPU. Last time I did this I got 15 rounds, HSPUs were really hard this time around. Good to work on Muscle ups and HSPUs.

    Today did:
    3 rounds
    Prowler Push length of gym and back
    10 GHD Sit ups
    Row 250m
    10 GHD Sit ups

    Rest Day tomorrow and then 11.3 again Saturday!
  19. Laura Says:
  20. Did the games WOD.
    8 Rx'd

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