Tuesday 110426

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CrossFit Games Open Workout 11.6
As many reps as possible in 7 minutes of:
Thrusters, 100#/65#
Chest 2 Bar Pull ups

Start with 3 reps each exercise followed by 6 reps each, 9 reps each, 12 reps each, 15 reps each, 18 reps each, 21 reps each, and so on until time runs out.

Post total reps to comments/Logwod.

Dave and Justin prepare for 11.5.

A reminder that we will be hosting 11.6 tonight at 8PM for anyone interested. It's the final workout of the open. Come workout or cheer but do come.

Remember that team registration for our May 14th Team Throwdown ends on May 9th. Outsiders are welcome to compete. Any team that registers from now until the deadline will have to pick their shirts from the sizes we have available the day of the event.

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9 Responses to "Tuesday 110426"

  1. paul Says:
  2. 88 rx'ed. rested too much. needed a little more time on pullups because my grip was faltering by the end, which is why i didn't finish the 15-set.

    great work, 6am!
  3. Hilg Says:
  4. 68 Rx'd. Chest to Bar drug me down. BC in my ear picked me up....thanks BC!

    6am....steady & intense!
  5. BC Says:
  6. 62 rx'd. Struggled with the thrusters once I got past the round of 6. Right back at you Hilg, nice work!
  7. paul Says:
  8. Also, BBro, I was impressed by your pullups! Nice working with you.
  9. Allison H :) Says:
  10. 63 total reps
    - used 65# and can't do chest to bar pull ups so just did regular chin over bar kippings.

    Thrusters sucked real fast but the time flew by so it was all good.

    Thanks for being my buddy Tara! Good work out today and always fun with you!
  11. Pastor Justin Says:
  12. 80 reps RX'd

    Paced myself a little too much. I def didn't have the intensity needed today.
  13. Kat Says:
  14. 100 reps. I wanna redo this bad boy on sat. I think I might be able to sqeeze in a cpl more reps. Pull ups felt good, thrusters always suck. I really just tried to focus on controlling my breathing and not sprinting through the shorter rep rounds.
  15. Crystal Says:
  16. Awesome job tonight!

    55 reps rx'd. went better than expected. it has been forever since i have done thrusters and C2B.

    Thanks Justin for counting and pushing me.
  17. ZachR Says:
  18. 95 reps rx'd

    Thanks for judging/counting/encouraging Justin. I really wanted 100 reps but the thrusters were too tough.

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