Monday 110425

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For time:
5 rounds of:
20 Double Unders
16 Box Jumps, 20 inch box
12 Hand Release Burpees

Immediately followed by,

24 Dead-lifts, 225#/155#

Cut-off: 13 minutes.

Post time to comments/Logwod.

Who wants to get together and watch our very own Jason "The Hitman" Brilz in UFC 129? Omaha has 3 fighters on this card alone.

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20 Responses to "Monday 110425"

  1. Gdawg Says:
  2. Where we watching the fight!?!? What time does it start!?!?
  3. Tovar Says:
  4. What a friggin stud! Brilzy is one bad motha!!!! Awesome fight card this Saturday...count me in. Good luck Jason!
  5. paul Says:
  6. Good luck, Brilz!

    This one looked innocent on paper, but it got tough very quickly. 10:35 rx'ed (DL unbroken).
  7. Jess Says:
  8. Good luck, Jason. Go kick some ass.

    11:05 scaled to option B (15, 10, 8) and used 109# for DL

    Great job 6am.

  9. BC Says:
  10. DNF rx'd, got through 13 DL. Considered scaling the reps and/or weight, glad I didn't but really wish I would've finished. By the time I got to the DL's I was pretty winded and with that weight I could only string together 3 at a time. Nice wod though, liked it.

    Great job morning monsters!
  11. BigD Says:
  12. Kick some ass Jason! Be watching the fight in Cali but will have a ton of folks cheering for him!
  13. Hilg Says:
  14. Congrats to BC and Jess! Any name ideas.....I say we start a suggestion box!!

    10:31 Opt B at 225#. Scaled due to DUs and that was a good choice. Too much Easter Candy.

    Great job 6am!!
  15. Paula Says:
  16. DNF-Had no options at 5am, so did the 20,16,12! Had 3 burpees left when time was up... finished up the wod with deadlifts @ 110#- did 12,12. Double unders got easier as I went. I'm starting to string together 5-10 in a row. Yeah!! There coming along...finally!! Started with box jumps then went to step ups. Boooo!

    Joe was a little out numbered this morning as he was the only male! That's it first!!

    Great work 5am!!!

    Good luck Jason!!!!!

    AND.....Congrats to the Christiansens!!! We will have to get Crossfit Kids up and running before long!
  17. JennG Says:
  18. Has anyone else gotten the new Everyday Paleo book? LOVE it!! Got it this morning and read it on a break...seriously. Quick read and super great stuff in it.

    I went to the B&N at Oak View and they only had one copy, which I got, so I don't how available it is here in town...worth hunting it down though.
  19. jakeH Says:
  20. 11:10 rx'd

    Nice work Paul. Unbroken on deadlifts is pretty impressive after that burner.

    Had trouble with my shoes coming untied about 5 or 6 times, which lead to barrage of obscenities. Either way it was a nice start to the week.

    Pete N knows the owner of the old dell on 50th and Dodge and he always gets the UFC fights. Just a suggestion.
  21. VanBeek Performance Says:
  22. Hang squat clean.. 240 for a power catch last week...
    154 198 219 229 243#... Hit 246 before

    CFO Games Group WOD.. Scaled up some
    SDHP (100#)
    Ring dips (Have to muscle up into position with rings set right above reach)
    3EA, 6EA, 9EA, 12EA and 15EA.. Turn it into a task priority instead
    **5:15... Missed a few muscle ups :(
  23. Joe H Says:
  24. Brilz will dominate. I Have no doubt. I am down to watch it. did this one last week but did 2 snatches on the minute for 15 minutes before, then did the wod without DL. 10:09 but I was gassed for sure. when did burpees get so hard?
  25. Pastor Justin Says:
  26. 9:25 Rx'd deads were 8-6-6-4
  27. paul Says:
  28. Thanks, Jake. I have to admit that I paced the first part to leave some gas in the tank for DL.
  29. VanBeek Performance Says:
  30. YEAH BABY!!!

    Bored so I re-tried 2 mins of DU's...
    Last time hit 200

    218 REPS! UNBROKEN!!!!!! WOW!! :)
  31. ZachR Says:
  32. 11:05 rx'd

    broke up DLs into 3 sets of 8
  33. Danielle Ostronic Says:
  34. DNF, Rx'd. Box jumps are not my friend!! Got done with 5 rounds and 15 DL's

    good luck this Saturday Jason, DOMINATE!! I would love to watch it, but I made a decision a long time ago to run the Lincoln 1/2 so I might be watching it in Lincoln :)
  35. nmandresen Says:
  36. DNF, Option B (15, 10, 8 with 77# DLs)
    5 Rounds and 17 DLs...finished the last 7 after time was up.
  37. Laura Says:
  38. DNF, I finished the 5 rounds rx'd but didn't get to the DL's which were not rx'd.
  39. Crystal Says:
  40. DNF. 5 rnds + 8 DL's rx'd.

    damn burpees! had to have that tricky hand release thrown in there.

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