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Rest Day

Amanda performing some legit toes 2 bar.

Health begins in the womb - and even before by Chris Kresser, Healthy Skeptic

"For example, if the mother’s nutritional status is poor during pregnancy, the fetus might develop metabolic adaptations that would allow it to store more calories (the “thrifty phenotype” hypothesis). This would have been a protective mechanism that could increase the chances of survival if that fetus was born into an environment where calories were scarce."

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7 Responses to "Thursday 110428"

  1. Jen Says:
  2. I fully believe that a healthy mom= healthy fetus. I believe that a solid diet gave my son Brady (who has Down syndrome)an advantage. He was born without MANY of the medical challenges individuals with DS often have. Including thyroid imbalance, GI and heart abnormalities.
  3. BC Says:
  4. Made up yesterday's wod, 11:47 w/ 110# SDHP.

    Good article, and quite timely for Jess and me. Now if only Jess could overcome her constant battle with nausea.
  5. paul Says:
  6. Every 2.5 min
    10 back squats (185)
    12 pushups

    was going to go heavier, but wasn't feeling it today. This got my heart beating, but I recovered pretty quickly each round.
  7. Jess Says:
  8. I also made up yesterday's WOD. I scaled the weight to 53# and did 300m runs and finsihed in 9:13.

    I really enjoyed reading the article. Thanks for posting it, Ricky. I am very frustrated because everything that I use to eat is making me sick at this point in time. I am struggling to get any food down at all. I am hoping this will pass soon. :(
    Any mothers out there have any advice for me???

  9. Shelley Says:
  10. Did Games 11.6 wod:
    80 reps; not particularly happy with this but given the fact that CTB is a huge weakness, it's probably not surprising... I did all CTB as singles and didn't break up any thrusters so breathing was not the issue. I was never winded, but grip did become an issue.

    On the positive side, I did 5 sets of strict HSPU's afterwards and was able to do 3 strict in the first 4 sets and only 2 in last set. Previously, I had never been able to do more than 2 strict in a row.
  11. Natalie Says:
  12. Jess-I just emailed you. Hang in there!
  13. Addi Says:
  14. Shelley = HSPU machine.

    Jess - I know I'm not a mom, but have you tried wrapping everything in bacon? It can't hurt... (I'm just full of helpful hints for you today.)

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