Friday 110429

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Three sets of:
1A. Zercher Squat x7
superset w/
1B. Barbell RDL's x10

AMRAP in 5 minutes:
Push ups, 10 for Guys/5 for Gals
10 Ball Slams, 20#/16#

Every exercise must be unbroken or you may not move on to the next exercise or the next round until this is accomplished. For both movements, you may not rest at any point once the set has started (top of the push up included) or it is deemed a broken set.

Post weights used and round/reps achieved to comments/Logwod.

Steve Filips prepares for 11.6

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12 Responses to "Friday 110429"

  1. BC Says:
  2. Awesome.
  3. BigD Says:
  4. Good stuff at 5AM! 184# for Zercher, 220 for RDLs. 7 rounds for the metcon. Thanks for working with me Jeremey.
  5. Paula Says:
  6. I really enjoyed todays WOD!! It was a lot of fun....different.

    Zercher Squats- 97#
    RDL's - 107#...could have/should have gone heavier.
    Metcon - 6rds

    Sue and Jess J (aka- Jessie J- Ha! ) it was fun working with you guys this morning!

    Nice work 5am!!!!!
  7. Jess Says:
  8. 53# for Zsquats and 68# for RDLs

    80 reps for the metcon, 1 ball slam away from 90 reps, dang it.

    Nice working with ya, Natalie. Thanks again for the advice.

  9. nmandresen Says:
  10. Jess,
    I saw your question earlier but just wanted to tell you that I ate dry crackers before even getting out of bed in the morning. I had also had to snack throughout the day because as soon as I felt a tiny bit of hunger coming on, I would feel sick. I also had a friend who figured out that it was her prenatal vitamins that were making her feel sick. She stopped taking them and just took certain supplements to replace the prenatal. Just some more advice if you were still looking for it. Hope the sick feeling goes away soon so you can really enjoy being pregnant!
  11. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  12. Combo of my stuff and some CFO Games Stuff..

    Deadlift - 5/3/1 3X3
    242, 277, 309X10 Reps - Tough but still moves my rep max up to 417... Just need something around 450 and I'm happy

    Snatch - 2 Reps on the min for 10 Mins but not dropping or regripping...
    Started at 85%
    - First 5 Sets - 160
    - Next 3 Sets - 165,
    - Last 2 Sets - 170 - Tough Final Set but no misses

    10 Strict Pull Ups
    20 Push Ups
    30 Alternating Pistols
    40 AbMat Sit Ups
    3 RDS (Start a new RD every 5 Mins)
    1st RD - 3:30
    2nd RD - 3:40
    3rd RD - 3:30
    * Pistols were a little slow and awkward the first set since I didnt try any before I started
  13. jakeH Says:
  14. zercher squat 152, 176, 191

    barbell RDL 154, 198, 242

    met-con: 7 rounds + 10 push ups + 8 ball slams = 150

    I think I wrote 170 on the board. woops. Zercher was tough on the anticubital area.
  15. paul Says:
  16. yeah, you gotta watch that anticubital area! (had to look that one up.)

    500m row
    21-15-9 pullups and dips
    500m row

    18 min. had to do this slowly because they don't have decent bars for pullups at the SLU gym. first row was 1:36, second 1:46.
  17. BC Says:
  18. Final weights were 154# ZS, 198# RDL.

    5 rounds on the metcon using the 45# ball for ball slams with 5 reps.

    Nice work 4:30 crew!
  19. Crystal Says:
  20. Awesome job 4:30! it was fun.

    99# ZS and 119# RDL.

    Total of 80 reps for metcon.
  21. Hira Says:
  22. this workout was awesome! love the mix of strength and metcon!
    103# ZS, 125#RDL
    5 rounds of metcon
  23. nmandresen Says:
  24. My final weights were 63# ZS and 99# RDLs. Metcon was 65 reps using knees on the way up and 12# ball. Fun workout!

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