Saturday 110402

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Come in and be judged (Ha)...... On games workout 11.2 or make-up a workout (as in one you missed or one you come up with). Either way, join us for a fantastic Saturday morning and feel great the rest of the day.

Post results to comments.

Kyle, Irv, and Andy during yesterday's running met-con. Can't you wait for more days like this?

BIG REMINDER: We are planning on hosting a huge 8PM class on Tuesday, April 5th for Games workout 11.3. We are inviting every one of you that can make it out, to come do the workout or help judge, hangout, and cheer those that partake. You don't have to sign-up and please don't worry if you already worked out earlier in the day.

Come join us for some special community building. This will be a fun time and we encourage you to bring your workout clothes.

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9 Responses to "Saturday 110402"

  1. JonD Says:
  2. I will finish my comment about finishing workouts tomorrow. Don't want to leave anything out
  3. ZachR Says:
  4. Jeff Shannon and I did a partner workout this morning consisting of:

    3 rounds

    Sled Push Length of Building w/ 110#
    45# Ball Slams, 10 reps
    Farmers Walk 2 2pd KB
    Hollow Rocks, 20 reps
  5. GregP Says:
  6. Games WOD 11.2 7rds, 9 deadlifts, 8 pushups. I was hoping for 8 but I am pleased with this.

    Thanks Jon for counting and encouraging me.

    Great Work Everyone!
  7. Shelley Says:
  8. Games WOD 11.2:

    10 rounds plus 5 DL's. My goal was 10 so I'm happy with this.

    Thanks Addi for counting for me and pushing me to go faster in those later rounds. It made a huge difference!!

    Great work done by all today!

    I'm not able to log my score on games site. Is anyone else having problems? What about the email we got saying the first wod wasn't validated?
  9. Ricky Frausto Says:
  10. Hey guys,

    everyone that submitted a score for week 1 will be receiving an email (if you haven't already) stating that scores have not been validated. This is not through any fault of yours or mine. There is a bug on my end, where scores, from the very beginning, were not being validated because my account was not receiving notification that you were submitting scores and still isn't.

    If you read the email carefully, it will tell you to:

    1. log into your account

    2. change the address in your address bar above to

    3. The score posted should read what your highest score submitted was for week 1. If it is, type in Crossfit Omaha in the affiliate space and click it. Press enter and your job is done.

    I am very frustrated by all of this and have expressed my distaste with those in charge. Hopefully, we can get this matter taken care of asap.

    Thanks guys and sorry for the confusion.
  11. VanBeek Performance Says:
  12. Aiming to get into the 13th RD and did but feel like I could have gone beyond... Oh well, just keep pace and move onto the next round

    Games WOD 2
    - 12 RDS plus 6 Deadlifts
  13. Shelley Says:
  14. I did the above steps to resubmit from the first week, and I can't even tell if it took it. It said it did, but I don't see the results posted from WOD 1. When I try to submit today's WOD results, it doesn't even take me there.

    My patience meter is on empty.......
  15. Addi Says:
  16. 10 rds + 11 pushups.
    I was shooting for 10, and halfway through wasn't sure I'd make it. Thanks, Shelley, for yelling at me.

    Had a great time yesterday watching everyone get after it, and I'm excited for Tuesday night. It's always easier to put in the effort with a big group. Crossing my fingers for a 1RM.
  17. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  18. Sunday Workout... Wanted to get lose since my calves and chest are locked up...

    Full Clean and Push Press/Jerk - 3RM - Left a little there... about 88%
    154, 185, 199, 209 (Jerked)

    Clean Pulls 3X2
    243, 253, 263

    Front Squat - 4X2 (Add a little more weight than last week)
    185, 225, 245 (10 more # than last wk), 235

    CTB Pull Ups X10
    GH Sit Ups X15
    4 RDS... Not Timed... Kept a fast pace with time to chalk up between and that's it

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