Monday 110404

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5 rounds for max reps of:
132/99 pound Power Cleans, 30 seconds
30 seconds rest
Burpees, 30 seconds
30 seconds rest

Post total reps to comments/Logwod.

Jeff Martone Turkish get ups his wife. Want to try a human get up?

Big reminder, we are holding a special 8PM class tomorrow night (Tuesday) to do a real live competition of games workout 11.3. We are expecting a big crowd so come join the fun. Don't worry if you workout earlier in the day, come back and do the games workout or at least come and count or cheer those that are doing it.

A big fan base makes for some inspiring performances. Come help us push our hearts to the limit. Fun, fun, fun.........

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27 Responses to "Monday 110404"

  1. Hilg Says:
  2. Congrats Jon and Jen!
  3. BigD Says:
  4. Congrats Jon and Jen!
  5. paul Says:
  6. I'm assuming Jen and Jon have some big news? Well, congrats!!

    Human getups are awesome, as are human OHS. Isn't there a pic of Zack doing and OHS with Lindsey Herrera from back when?

    100 reps even for me, which I'm pretty happy with. Took the PCs nice and easy and focused on form.

    PC: 8-8-8-8-8
    burpees: 14-11-10-12-13
  7. Mark Says:
  8. 102 for me today. My goal was to get at least 10 reps every time. I was able to do that with a couple extra burpees thrown in.

    Huge Monday morning class today!

    And a big welcome to Frank IV, Frank III's soon to be high schooler son.
  9. Jess Says:
  10. Congrats Jon and Jen!

    PCs using 87#-21 and Burpees-48 total of 69

    Great job 6am!

  11. Eric C Says:
  12. Congratulations Jon and Jen!

    105 Rx'd. I'm not used to burning the 'ATP-PC and muscle glycogen pathway' on those 30 second all out bursts. That will get you a different kind of tired.
  13. GregP Says:
  14. Congratulations Jon and Jen.

    91reps at #110. Only 7 cleans per round. Burpees went very well. I guess Burpees and Beer practice pays off.

    Full house this morning. Great Job everyone.
  15. J Andresen Says:
  16. Congrats Jon and Jen!
    101 rx'd total with 48 pc and 53 b's.
  17. Addi Says:
  18. Paul, you'd be in the loop if you used the facebook machine!
  19. paul Says:
  20. True, Addi...but then I'd lose my mystique entirely.
  21. BC Says:
  22. 41 cleans @ 110#, 49 burpees, 90 total reps, should've gone rx'd but there's always next time. Liked this workout a lot. As Joe put it this morning "I'm a big fan of any workout that involves rest."

    Congrats Jen Day and Jon Thomas!
  23. Nick Says:
  24. Check out this Nike commercial. Pretty awesome...
  25. BigD Says:
  26. 105 RX'd. 38 PCs and 67 Burpees. Nice being back at 5 AM.
  27. Paula Says:
  28. Congrats Jon and Jen!!!!

    77# PC-41 reps, 48 burpees = 89 reps. Probably should have gone rx'd... tried 99# and felt my shoulder twinge and freaked me out a bit. Need to get over it and move on. I really enjoyed this wod!

    Good to have you back at 5am, Dave!!!

    Great to see Ben and Jess J. at 5am as well! You guys need to join us early birds more often!

    Awesome work to all 5am'ers this morning! It was a good time!
  29. hannah eileen Says:
  30. 92. no idea how many of each I did, I just kept a running total. I do know, though, that I did more PC than burpees.

    Great job, 4:30! It was great talking to you, Joe.

    Congrats, again, Jon and Jen!
  31. Jeff Says:
  32. Big congrats to Jon and Jen! Very happy for you.
  33. Hilg Says:
  34. 101 Reps with 110# Shouldn't gone RX'd but I'm glad I kept the intensity up. Still feeling run down. Better each day.

  35. Donohoe Says:
  36. nooners,
    I did 79 reps rx, i definitly had a little left in the tank. I will shoot for 100 next time for sure.
  37. Steve Says:
  38. As rx'd- 40 and 46 for 86 total. Tried to keep 8 cleans and 9 burpees each round. Maybe had enough to do 9 and 10, but that's for next time.

    Congrats Jon and Jen.
  39. Allison H :) Says:
  40. 100 reps
    10 pc's each rd - 50
    10 burps each rd - 50
    used 53#

    congratulations jon and jen - very exciting!!

    and i want jake to turkish getup me!
  41. Brandon Says:
  42. I went hard and tried not to leave anything in the tank. I may have stopped short once or twice on the burpees, but I'm not sure it even cost me any reps.
    Jon & Jen: Congratulations! It's about time! ha!

    Power Cleans = 52
    Burpees = 53

    Score = 105 RX'd

  43. JennG Says:
  44. 92 reps with 77#.
    Absolutely no idea how many of each...just kept a running total.

    Trying really hard to get full extension & not pull early on the power cleans.
    All that thinking really gets in the way. :)
  45. Addi Says:
  46. 114 total

    54 power cleans, 59 burpees

    I was surprised how hard the power cleans got. Those are usually my money-makers. Burpees felt easier than usual, and I still find it hard to believe I got more of them than cleans. Must be the new shoes!
  47. Stacie Says:
  48. 124 rxd - kept running total. Had to take a couple reps away on burpees as they were after buzzer... proud of myself for not focusing on the clock.
  49. Tovar Says:
  50. Cleans; 13,11,10,10,9

    Burpees; 18,17,15,14,15

    Total; 132

    The rest periods were a nice change of pace and made for a hard sprint each round. I need to stop watching the clock though and push thru the buzzer. I think I left a few reps on the table bc of the clock watching.
  51. Crystal Says:
  52. 84 reps @ 77#'s.

    I enjoyed this one. The 30 sec rest in-between was just enough. My shoulders were screaming on each burpee after Saturday! Nice job 6:30!
  53. ZachR Says:
  54. 105 reps rx'd

    10 Power Cleans & 11 Burpees every round. Hopefully we do this again so I can try the other strategy of maxing out every 30 seconds.

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