Wednesday 110309

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Snatch 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Warm-up sets are 2, 2. This is from the ground into a full squat catch. Go up in weight for each single until 5 sets are completed.

Post weights to comments/Logwod.

Adam Staab

If you didn't receive the email, here is info on the upcoming CrossFit Games Open competition. Please read carefully. [PDF]


Also, a reminder that the next round of barbell strength classes begin on Monday, April 4th. At the moment, Barbell I is being offered at both 3PM and 7:30PM (6:30 on Fridays). This will change (Barbell II at 3PM) if 3PM does not garner enough interest. Remember that there are only 8 spots available for each class time so sign up promptly so as not to miss out. You can register for either class under the seminars tab on Mindbody or by visiting our Strength website.

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17 Responses to "Wednesday 110309"

  1. Greg MO Says:
  2. What's up everyone!!!!

    Words can't express how much I miss the gym and all of you in it!

    A ton has happened to me since the move but I'll try not to bore you all with too long a post...All I want you guys to know is that I think about CFO and everyone in it all the time! Even though I haven't posted for a while believe me I still check the blog everyday to see what my CFO peeps are up to.

    For about a month now and probably for quite a bit longer I am officially "unaffiliated". Regardless of that I am still doing my best and staying fit and if it's ok with you guys i'm still gonna rep CFO to the fullest. I just registered for the games this year and will be submitting all my WODs by video so I will let you guys know how that endeavor goes and post them to the blog.

    Good luck to all of you prepping for the games and I hope to see you at where ever our new region will be meeting for regionals this year. I miss you guys and hope to see you all soon!!!

    PS: Hope you're all taking care of my girls Jenn Grass and Stacey Dobbe, show them the love that I know makes CFO the best affiliate in America and if any of you make it down here to KC feel free to give me a shout!
  3. paul Says:
  4. Great to hear from you, Greg Mo! 6am isn't the same without you.
  5. Mark Says:
  6. First day back after a week off. Hit 179# today and it felt pretty good. This is only 5# lower than my PR.
  7. Paula Says:
  8. Alright CFO peeps....lets all sign up for the Crossfit Games Open! You are going to do the WOD's at regular classtimes anyway. Why not help the gym out and win the prize/prizes for the most registered competitors at one gym! I'm coming back next week after 3 months off. What a way to come back!!! There is no reason why anyone should not do this. All it costs is $10. It is all in fun! I will have to scale a lot I'm sure, but what the hell! See ya all next week! It will great to be back!
  9. Ricky Frausto Says:
  10. If anyone is interested in doing the St. Patty's Day workout, you need to register your team by Tuesday of next week. If we do not get at least 10 teams signed up by this time, we'll nix the workout in lieu of those that wish to attend a 4:30 and 5:30 class.

    You can sign up through our Facebook page or by emailing me. All I need from you is the names of your 4 team members and a team name.

    Also, as Paula mentioned, please consider signing up for our affiliate team through the games site (
  11. Stacey Rose Says:
  12. Greg MO so good to hear from you!! Crossfit is awesome - just like you said - and I'm totally loving it! Miss seeing you around though and having you kick my butt in 1-on-1 sessions! Hope all is well in KC - come back for a visit sometime!

    -Stacey Dobbe
  13. Jess Says:
  14. Like Paul said, 6am isn't quite the same without ya, Greg MO. :(

    73#, which is a 5# PR, thanks to Amanda. She corrected my form (chest up and lean back) on the last two attempts and I got them with no problem.

    Great job 6am peeps!

  15. Gdawg Says:
  16. glad to hear things are going well Greg Mo!!! keep us posted!

    and Paula I love the enthusiasm!!! sounds like a great idea!
  17. Amanda Says:
  18. Great work people! Full snatches are one of the most complex and over-thought movements we have. I am still amazed and proud to see everyone do so well with them! It's great to see people take an hour out of their day to work on their snatch. When 90% of the people outside of the our gym don't even know what that is and could not whip 'em out as successfully as you will today. GREAT STUFF. Congrats to any PR's. Do you know if you'll PR today? You have to have previous workouts on record to know that, you know.
  19. Hilg Says:
  20. Greg Mo! Dude, 3-18.......Beer and Burpees! Need you back that night, team-mate!
  21. VanBeek Performance Says:
  22. Off Day.. Just some random stuff

    Max Height Box Jump - 54"

    Ring Dips 4X10
    Kipping Pull Ups - Tighter Kip 4X10

    Tabata Work
    Burpees - Trying to Maintain 10 reps
    Sledgehammer Swigns - 14 Swings
    - 6 RDS EA...
  23. Shelley Says:
  24. I missed beer and burpees last year. I would love to participate this year; if anyone is looking for a female teammate, text me at 402-677-0307.
  25. Allison H :) Says:
  26. 63#
    5 lbs more than last time - i still suck at snatch but slowly getting better... really slowly! lol!
  27. Kelli Says:
  28. i hit 93# and it felt perfect! finally hit it right. bumped it up to 104 and never got it. argh. snatch got the best of me today.
  29. hannah eileen Says:
  30. 82#. this was the best my snatch has ever felt. ha
  31. John Says:
  32. 198#
  33. andresenfam Says:
  34. 54# So excited to hit it with trainers on! Didn't think it was possible.

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