Wednesday 110302

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21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:
Kettle Bell Turkish Get ups
Kettle Bell Snatches

Post weight used and time to comments/Logwod.

Excerpt from "FatHead" the movie. A really good watch if you haven't seen it.


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10 Responses to "Wednesday 110302"

  1. Hilg Says:
  2. That was fun! 16:47 with 1pd. Abnormal but I really have nothing to add.

    Good fun, 6am!
  3. Mark Says:
  4. 15:27 with 1.5 pood KB. Very tiring on the shoulders but a fun change of pace today!
  5. Amanda Says:
  6. Nice work 5 & 6. Definitely a different type of workout. Which is good. Mixing it up. It's always fun to see everyone doing cool stuff like Turkish get ups and KB snatches, when you know anyone outside of the gym wouldn't have a clue what that is, none the less be able to even attempt it!

    Stay warm. It's COLD!
  7. Jeff Says:
  8. Hey everyone! Today is "Spread the Word to End the Word" day. It is a day that the Special Olympics deams as the day to end the use of the word "Retard". Using this word seems so harmless because most of the time we're talking about ourselves "being retarded". Think about it for a moment the next time it is on the tip of your tongue...could this be hurtful to someone who is developmentally delayed? Our community is so good at making everyone feel welcome in the gym regardless of their abilities. Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone practiced CFO's high degree of acceptance?

    Please show your commitment to end the use of the r-word. It's free and only takes a moment of your time.
  9. Natalie Says:
  10. Tough one! These are two really difficult movements...adding them to my long list of "must work on these". I wanted to give a shout out to Miss Jillian for having a great week at CFO! She has rocked it and she will NOT let KB snatches rain on her parade!
  11. GregP Says:
  12. 16:07 1pd on rt, 20# db on left due to injury.

    Great Job 6AM!
  13. hannah eileen Says:
  14. Jeff, you beat me to it! I was planning on posting the link today too. I even rocked last years shirt for the workout today. I pledged last year but will continue to get the word out to stop the use of the r-word.

    As for the WOD, I DNF'd. I decided on using a trainer and Joe told me to treat it as a strength class. I took my time and finished 3 of 9 getups in the last round. KB Snatches are, quite possibly, my favorite movement.
  15. Anonymous Says:
  16. I was a habitual abuser of the "R" word. Every year for New Years I'd tell myself not to use it but eventually a stupid person would come along and out came that word I knew it was wrong to use that word but still I did it. So last year I signed Hannah's pledge and man did it make me more accountable. But I also hold others accountable too. If one of my students says it in class I ask them if they have any other adjectives that might describe the situation, which they usually do. Then they know not to use that word in my class.

    We are all smart and intelligent people with a wide should use it!
  17. BC Says:
  18. 18:33 w/ 1 pood & tiger blood. Roar.
  19. Anonymous Says:
  20. 21:00 ish. Amanda called time at 20 min but all I had was the last set of KB Cleans so I just finished them quick. I used a 1.5 pood the first set for both get ups and cleans, but the get ups took way too long, so I switched to the 1 pood and knocked out the last couple sets relatively quick.

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