Tuesday 110301

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3 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
21 Kettle bell Swings, 1.5/1 pood
12 Pull ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 100927 or 100513.

Where do you wish you were or visiting? Or where have you visited? Who's got the best place? C'mon, you can gloat a little, I mean, you're right here with the rest of us aren't you?

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28 Responses to "Tuesday 110301"

  1. VanBeek Fitness Says:
  2. Late Workout... One Part Good, Other Part Shitty.. :(

    Main Site...
    Hang Power Snatch... Need to get out of here so made it a 5 set max out instead of more set at heavier weights.. Current PR is 170
    110, 135, 155, 165, 175

    Threw some weaknesses together for a longer workout...

    2 Muscle Ups (Rings 1 Foot Above reach and must turn out)
    *So I had to hang with a normal grip, turn out, then false grip while hanging and muscle up
    4 HSPU's (Will these ever get easier)
    8 Toes to Bar
    ** 15 Min AMRAP **
    Hit 5 Rounds about 7 mins in but then sweat started making it impossible to hold my false grip or even get it set
    8 RDS in 16:30... Unreal

    Have a REALLY shitty WOD(s) I made up for tomorrow... Should be fun :)
  3. Paula Says:
  4. I just got back from Maui 2 weeks ago today! I wish I was still there! Warmth, beauty, rolling waves of the ocean, Hawaiian sunsets, no work, no stress...what else can you ask for!
  5. Celeste Says:
  6. Ethiopia. I would go back tomorrow if I could....and if I didn't have john and the kids waiting for me at home, I would have stayed.
  7. Mark Says:
  8. That looks just like the same scenery I saw last week in South Beach, Florida. I went to training in Miami for work for 3 days, but made sure to visit Ocean Drive and the sandy beach/ocean in South Beach was 82 degrees and sooooo nice!!! Wish I could have stayed forever :)
  9. BigD Says:
  10. I have to agree with Paula. I love Maui. Was there in '05. I remember looking out, enjoying the beauty of the ocean...right before I flung my 7-iron 30 feet while at the Royal Lahaina golf course after I biffed a shot. My wife just rolled her eyes at me...
    Other than that, I'd say driving through Scotland would be my next favorite place I've been. But now I love it here :)
  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. 11:47 on Option B (200m/21/12).

    Only really cool place like that I've traveled to is Mazatlan, MX. I loved it there, wish I remembered it all though :) Went there for spring break with my roommate and his family a couple years ago. The bartering culture is really fun, but definitely induced me to buy stuff I didn't need just so I could haggle. The beach was awesome.
  13. paul Says:
  14. Maroma Beach, Mexico! The only thing missing from the resort where I went on my honeymoon was bumper plates. But all you can eat beef carpaccio might actually outweigh that.

    11:55 with 500m rows. Wasn't trying to shatter any records today--I have been sick and just needed to get my heart beating again. I had to work for the 11:55, though, don't get me wrong.

    Nice work, 6am! Good to see you, Jeff!
  15. GregP Says:
  16. 12:05 10 sec PR. Brisk out this morning.

    Great job to all those that braved it.
  17. Crystal Says:
  18. My goal is to one day go to Bora Bora and stay in one of those cool little huts in the Ocean!
  19. Hilg Says:
  20. 11:42 3 minute PR.....did this one 1 month into Crossfit (Aug 09) in 14:30 with a purple band for PUs. LogWod rules for that kinda data....catch the fever. ;-)

    Great job 6am polar bears.

    As far as exotic locals, everyone needs to put Victoria Falls on the Zambia/Zimbabwe border on their bucket list. Visited in unbelievable natural marvel and the people are incredibly hospitable. Oh yeah, and it's summer there!!!! ;-)
  21. Mark Says:
  22. The most beautiful beach I haev ever been to was at a small town called Rocky Point in Mexico. Ever spring break I wish I could go back.

    10:35 for today's Helen... Not a good showing for me since this is over a minute off my PR.
  23. lynn Says:
  24. Roatan Honduras! It is amazing and we are entertaining a retirement home there! Although I am with Crystal and want to go to Bora Bora. The hut on the water has been my screen saver for years!
  25. Natalie Says:
  26. a heartbeat.

    Also a big thank you to Amanda for the great coaching--running is not my favorite activity.
  27. Allison H :) Says:
  28. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!! or Grand Cayman's 7 mile beach!
  29. Tony Says:
  30. If we're talking beaches, I'll go with some of the beaches along the Gold Coast in Australia. The backup beach for the world surfing championships would be my specific choice, the sand is like billions of tiny pillows. If we're not just talking beaches, then the rest of Australia is pretty cool, though it's not my winner. I'd have to say hanging out on top of an active volcano in Guatemala, just because of how powerful that experience is.
  31. Kat Says:
  32. I've been waiting for this day since last time we did this wod! I was so bummed with my pullups last goal is to do at least one minute faster! The run might kick my ass bc of the cold but i am determined to get on the board for this benchmark! I will see you at 4:30 HELEN! It's on!!!!
  33. Allison H :) Says:
  34. was looking at my previous times with the 15:00 cut off thinking today was gonna be pretty awesome considering the last times I have done Helen were very cold! And my hands were freezing the whole time, but got thrown for a loop to find it was a 12:00 cut off for today... so choose to scale down to finish in under 12,
    scaled to 200 m runs
    21 swings w/ 1 pood
    12 PUs - kipping

    12:10 for time

    last round was the worst - my arms were so cramped up I couldn't even tell if my grip was ok on the PU bar. I can't feel my arms!
  35. donkeypunch Says:
  36. This comment has been removed by the author.
  37. Amanda Says:
  38. Great work in the first three classes of the day! A few PR's, always exciting. Throwing the 12 minute cut-off out there encouraged a bit of urgency, which I think was a good thing. A lot of people finishing right in the nick of time!

    Quick note on the vacation conversation... I went on a week long cruise when I was gone earlier this year. And one of our stops was an island owned by Royal Caribbean. It was pretty awesome because I was one of the first people on the island and it was literally deserted. Very cool. Saw some dolphins too!
  39. Shane Says:
  40. 11:51 rxd. Getting used to running again is murdering me. I feel weak. And helpless. And frightened.
  41. Pastor Justin Says:
  42. 9:08 Rx'd, It was great to run outside.

    Kenya, Africa and Costa Rica are probably my two favorite places i've been. The volcano and hot springs in Costa Rica were amazing!
  43. Gina Says:
  44. Running workouts are never fun. I scaled the run to 200 but kept all the other reps the same. Scaled pull ups to strict with bands. Finished in 11:39.

    Best vacation I've been on was to Japan. I barely spoke the language, but it was a really great time.
  45. hannah eileen Says:
  46. 13:30 rx'd. This is 2 minutes off my PR from way back when. I hate running. We aren't friends; we broke up long ago. Pullups were inconsistent. Finished all swings unbroken.

    As for vacation spots, I would kill to go back to Venice, Italy. Coolest place ever. It didn't even bother me that it didn't have a beach! Although, I am pretty excited for our honeymoon that seems too far away right now.
  47. Kelli Says:
  48. 14:25 -- scaled the run to 200. My favorite place I have ever been is Ireland. But a vacation that I am dying to take is to go to Croatia.
  49. VanBeek Performance Says:
  50. "Off Day" :)

    Decided to postpone my other workout til either tomorrow or Thurs

    Worked on my clean and turning out on muscle ups...

    Having issues with picking the bar straight up on my clean instead of pulling it towards me and up... Worked up to 198 for doubles just working on that...
    Muscle Ups... Attempting to try some without a false grip so its easier to turn out with limited success... Did a few but then had to start over... Hit 6 consecutive without turning out which is a record for me...

    Core Stability
    - Barbell Roll Outs
    3X10... Working hard to keep a hollowed out position

    Internal 400's X8
    - Attempting to learn how to properly pace my running under fatigue... Goals were...
    Slow - 2:00
    Moderate - 1:25 or faster
    Fast - Around 70 secs
    1st - 1:23
    2nd - 1:50
    3rd - 1:10
    4th - 1:25
    5th - 1:09
    6th - 2:00
    7th - 1:30
    8th - 1:11
    ** Overall kept the times I wanted pretty consistently and finally have a "kick" that I didnt have last year
  51. Teresa Says:
  52. 11:30 rx-ed and couldn't breath right for another hour after.

    @Mark: I have been Rocky Point and agree--it is amazing!! Super nice people, beaches and o.k. on the wallet!

    Heading to Copenhagen, London and Barcelona in a couple weeks for a little adventure. Not really beach-y this time of year but on the ocean nonetheless!
  53. Kat Says:
  54. 11:06 Rx'd.
    14 second PR for this badboy! I was much happier with my pullup performance this time around but my run should have been a little faster! I will do this wod again after I get used to running outside more and I will be on that whiteboard! Damn you helen!
    Great job 4:30! haven't worked out at that time in awhile, great group!
  55. Tony Says:
  56. Made it in 9:51 doing the 200m run. Definitely got pushed/pulled hard, but I'm pretty happy with that time for a benchmark for me. Pull-ups didn't completely destroy my time like they used to, very exciting!

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