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Power Clean 5x3 (sets across)

Warm-up 5, 3, 1. This workout is 5 sets of 3 reps all at the same weight. The challenge is to find a weight that is tough but doable for all 5 sets. You are missing the point if you increase weight each set.

Post weight used for all 5 sets to comments/Logwod.

Shane Thomas doing some air squats.

If you get a chance and you have a true interest in these programs and the young men they mold, please take the time to send an email to all the Nebraska board of regents, who, by the way, are elected officials, about saving UNO Football and Wrestling. This is a very serious matter. In fact, I've learned that Coach and Mrs. Denney have been receiving phone calls non-stop from media outlets all over the country concerning this matter.

A chain of events, at least for myself, are a result of Coach Denney and the UNO wrestling program. Moving from Amarillo, Texas to Omaha to attend school and have the opportunity to play a collegiate sport, meeting my wife of almost 9 years, two beautiful children, getting a job as a strength coach with the university, meeting Joe Westerlin, who is one of my best friends, starting a small business in the great state of Nebraska, meeting everyone of you. All this possible because an unbelievably awesome human being, who is like a second dad, took a chance on me.

If you would like to help, there are many important people you can contact, voicing your opinion. I have listed their names and emails below. You can also contact our state senators. Keep messages clean and concise. No need to bash anyone. Thanks for all your support.

Nebraska Board of Regents:

Timothy Clare

Howard Hawks

Chuck Hassebrook

Bob Whitehouse

Jim McClurg

Kent Schroeder

Bob Phares

Randolph Ferlic

Here is a website you should visit that has a letter you can copy, paste, and send to the regents listed above. Add your own flair to it, please.

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15 Responses to "Tuesday 110315"

  1. BigD Says:
  2. Ricky, I'll do what I can to get some additional Offutt folks to write these people too. You're right. What they are trying to do to the UNO programs is just plain wrong.
    On a separate note, how many of you out there are still on the fence about doing the CrossFit Open? Do it people! Every single one of our members has what it takes to compete. You all come to class, right? Doing the WODs for the Open is no different. Spread the word to folks in the classes who don't check the blog site. Of those who haven't signed up yet, I guarantee at least one of you will surprise yourself and do well enough to qualify for the Regionals. Guarantee it.
    Right now, I think we have right under 50 members registered. The top box has around 120-130 registered, I think.
    With as many hard-working folks we have as members, I think we could easily have the most folks registered from one box. Who's with me?
    Also, welcome back to 5AM Paula! See you there in a couple weeks when Barbell 2 is done.
  3. paul Says:
  4. 208, which is more than I thought I could do.

    Nice working with you, Mark!
  5. Amanda Says:
  6. Stellar work AM classes! Seriously, exciting to see people doing some great power cleans, one of my favorites.

    Shout out to 5:00am. EVERYONE did EXTREMELY well!! I'm so proud.

    If you haven't signed up for the open yet, do it!! Support CrossFit Omaha! It supports you.
  7. Mark Says:
  8. 181# for all 5 sets. Good working with you too Paul, I wish I could clean like you.
  9. Tovar Says:
  10. Please to all those that care about CrossFit Omaha take some time and help support the UNO wrestling and football teams. For Ricky, Joe, and I these programs are very near and dear to our hearts. Ricky and Joe would not be where they are at today and there certainly wouldn't be a CrossFit Omaha if it weren't for these two programs. If it weren't for the wrestling program neither Ricky or I would even be here in Nebraska with all you wonderful peeps. Please show your support for all those effected and email the board of regents. Thanks
  11. Anonymous Says:
  12. 242#
    Used 252 for the first 3 sets but form was slipping badly so I dropped ten pounds to finish it out.

    On the UNO issue. The football program has remained a huge part of my life even after my career ending. It was the biggest reason I came to Omaha. I fell in love with the program, the city, and the people here. The athletes at UNO are like a family. It doesn't matter what sport you play, everybody always hung out together in their free time. My brothers are hurting and need all the thoughts and prayers anyone is willing to give. If it wasn't for football I wouldn't even know what crossfit was, and because of that program I'm blessed enough to be part of the wonderful CFO community. The theme for the athletic department the last couple years has been "Omaha's Team.' If we allow this to happen quietly, that becomes a gimmick, and countless young men feel like the school the worked so hard for them was all for nothing. Show the regents that football and wrestling really are OMAHA'S TEAMs!!
  13. Jess Says:
  14. 97# for all 5 sets. This got heavy really quick. It was a good weight for me though. Thanks for the help, Amanda.

    Great job this morning, Celeste.

  15. Gdawg Says:
  16. great words Tovar and Nicholas! you didn't have to be a wrestler, football player, or even a student-athlete to appreciate these teams/coaches/sports and understand what they provide for Omaha, UNO and the Midwest...the emails sent to the board and senators do matter. Educate yourselves on the issue as this decision is going to affect more than the wrestling program and atheltes in general. Keep fighting guys!
  17. Donohoe Says:
  18. I agree with Nic,Tovar,Ricky and Joe.
    Please take a minute to write the regents and explain your displeasure.
    I was an athlete at UNO and because of my experiences there I have enjoyed a lot of the success in my life. I also made alot friends that I still have today while I was there. I never would have come to Omaha otherwise, and never been introduced to all of you in the crossfit community. Something else to consider is that many of the leaders of the community have come from UNO athletics. These people would have never come here with the opportunity that athletics offers.
    Again please take a minute if you feel strongly and write the regents.

  19. Donohoe Says:
  20. Anyone looking for a team mate for Friday?
  21. VanBeek Performance Says:
  22. Thinking I'll try to qualifier on Thursday and Saturdays

    So Today...
    Band Resisted Back Squat - 3RM
    (Minis Double Wrapped) - Best is 185
    Hit 190 but still having knees in issues...
    ** Also did sets of 5 HSPU's between BS sets so ended up getting 30 reps in

    5 Strict Pull Ups
    10 SA DB Snatches (5EA - Not Alternated)
    15 DB Swings (55#)
    * RDS in 3 Mins with 1 Min Rest *
    3RDS - Trying to stay as consistent as possible
    1st - 2 1/3 RDS + 5 Snatches
    2nd - 2 1/3 RDS
    3rd - 2 1/3 + 3 Snatches
  23. ZachR Says:
  24. 198 was not happening today so I completed all 5 sets at 186#
  25. BC Says:
  26. 164#
  27. Danielle Ostronic Says:
  28. 114#
  29. Pastor Justin Says:
  30. 176#

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