Saturday 110219

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10 rounds for time of:
7 Box Jumps
14 Sit ups

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  1. paul Says:
  2. 3 rds
    10 CTB pullups
    10 burpees
    10 front squats (164#)


    meant to do the rocky mtn regional order, but forgot what that was. whatever--same amount of work, right? I did the original one 2 years ago and finished 7:29, so i am pretty happy with this. thanks to everyone at 10:10 for cheering me on. I was SOOOOO out of breath. I really need to work on that--I should be able to do a little more work before getting that winded.
  3. hannah eileen Says:
  4. 9:31 This workout killed me because I have done a lot of abs in the last two days. Great work this morning, Jen! Congrats on the strict muscle ups, Jeff!
  5. VanBeek Performance Says:
  6. Sunday Workout... Lift + Test Workout

    Deadlift... Still feels heavy as shit.. 88-90% - 3X3 (9 total reps)
    - Tried to do all without a belt
    3... 2,1... Last set actually missed one and had to go 1,1,1 (319#)

    Used two rounds of right gone bad to test my consistency and speed across a long/high volume round...
    Last year... First round and second round scores were 142 and 131...
    This time... 1st RD - 167... Pretty good but started off really gun ho.... Payed for it on the second round... Only pulled a 132... Pretty significant drop off but I'm happy I beat my old rd PR but 25... Pretty sure I would have easily broken 420-425 for the workout... Old PR was 397...
  7. Kat Says:
  8. Did a form of this wod yesterday.
    10 rnds:
    2 hspu with 1 abmat-kipping
    7 box jumps 30"
    14 situps/gh situps/back extensions
    (every rnd I rotated b/w the 3 movements)
    Did it in about 15 minutes.
    Only had to redo one hspu, so i was happy!

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