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Max Meters in 3 Minutes
Max Double Unders in 3 Minutes

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We hope you are able to come to the Performance Summit this morning. There is a lot to be discussed and what better way than over some really great tasting food and with some of your best friends? Come with an open mind and some questions you'd like to ask concerning how to get better, stronger, faster, and more in shape as well as any other topic you'd like covered.

It's going to be grand ol' time.

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  1. Ricky Frausto Says:
  2. Very proud of all the pr's on Friday's Fran. Its so much fun to watch everyone.
    I was watching Eric work toward that 4:11 Fran and his face was literally ghost white and he was starting to shake during the thrusters. Its crazy how hard we push to get that coveted number.
    There were a lot of first timers as well. They too will learn to hate that darn workout. Ha.
    Good stuff people. Keep up the great work.
  3. ZachR Says:
  4. 823 meters in 3 minutes
    153 DUs in 3 minutes

    Great way to start the weekend.
  5. Shane Says:
  6. The summit today was excellent. Great to hear about CFO's vision for the future. And Joe's lecture on why we train the way we do (the CrossFit regimen) and how to maximize the return on our fitness investment was invaluable.

    Can't wait until the seminar video gets posted online. I'm stoked (thanks Joe) to show friends/family something that encapsulates so well what CrossFit (and CrossFit Omaha) is all about.

    A sincere thanks to Ricky, Joe, Amanda, Jon, Jimbo, and everyone else involved with today's event. I frickin' love CFO.
  7. GregP Says:
  8. Thanks for putting on the seminar. Learning what the vision is for the gym and sharing it with us was a wise investment of your time.

    Good discussion on class signup. Reinforced what I have learned about signing up for classes even if full and getting on the wait list. I have come to understand that it is best for clients to have this.

    A couple of years ago in the Crossfit Journal were some articles on power. I did not understand how they applied to certain workouts until today. With Josh and Brandons help, I compared my previous longer Fran time with a different weight to the recent one with a lighter weight that I used due to the time cutoff. I found that the power output was greater this time than the last. I created a spreadsheet and entered all 5 of the times I have done Fran, all with different weights. Using that calculation I was able to compare them. Each one had greater power output than the one before.

    Its easy to be hard on yourself about your performance. By keeping track of you workouts and using fancy calculations like above - shows that all that work you do does make a difference.

    Thanks for all the work you guys do for us.

    Great food everyone!

    PS at the next one, you have to stop Jon from talking so much :)
  9. BigD Says:
  10. Thanks to everyone who put together the summit today. Good times, go food with good people. The info on goal setting really was helpful.
    Can't wait for the next one!
  11. VanBeek Performance Says:
  12. Sunday Workout.. Not sure if this count as a triple or not... I say double but whatever

    Deadlift (Need to be a major focus for the next five weeks)
    * Worked up to 295-300 for 3X5 (83% of my max).... Next Week 85%

    Hang Power Clean - 2RM.. BUT Put it under a 6 Min clock... No Dropping
    ** Worked some technique up to about 155 then striped everything off and set the clock...
    - Took some time stripping crap off and putting stuff back on but still managed to get 6 freaking set in.. Haha
    198, 218, 229, 236, 241, 246- Hit one and just missed 2... Shit... That felt really good too... Prior PR from a Hang for 1 was only 239 so not too bad..

    Main Site WOD from yesterday...
    100 Burpee Pull Ups with Bar 12" above reach... Funky cause I had to use a square bar but whatever...
    Felt amazing on this one... 7:48!! Didn't stop, think, or pause once!... Good day!!

    Triple Day tomorrow then funeral on Tues :(

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