Monday 110207

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Hang Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

Warm-up: 5, 3, 2.

Post weights to comments/Logwod.

The hang snatch

A reminder for those that made the seminar and informing those that did not, starting this morning, we are tracking missed classes, showing up without signing in, or late canceling without proper notification. Every member of the gym is given 3 freebies per year. After the third freebie, your account will be charged $5 every time one of these things occurs. At the end of every year, the accumulated charges will be donated to Project Harmony.

You have an opportunity to contact us through by email or text to notify us of any uncontrollable situations that keep you from making a scheduled class, early canceling a scheduled class, or wanting to get into a class that you weren't able to sign in for in time.

There are no guarantees and you are ultimately responsible for canceling if you can't make it and/or signing in if you want to show up. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs as we understand they may change at an instant.

Thanks for your cooperation and direct any questions toward myself or Joe.

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24 Responses to "Monday 110207"

  1. kahrs Says:
  2. Power output calculator
  3. BC Says:
  4. 110#
  5. Hilg Says:
  6. John, BC....good working with you dudes this morning!

    115# with possibly some gas in the tank. Trying to take Saturday's advice to heart.
  7. Shelley Says:
  8. 7 a.m. games WOD:

    50 box jumps (20")
    5 rope climbs
    50 KB swings (1.5/1 pd)
    50 situps
    50 DB hang cleans (40/25)
    750 meter row
    50 back extensions

    18:25 Rx'd

    Still use too much upper body in rope climbs and it messed me up for swings and cleans; had to break swings and cleans up in sets of 10 which should never happen on this light of weight. I was glad that I got all rope climbs with no misses though as I lost the rope from my feet on the last 2 and had to "regroup" before finishing.

    Thanks for cheering me on as it really is no fun to come in last:(
  9. J Andresen Says:
  10. 137#
  11. Nick.M Says:
  12. 203#

    Have some technique stuff to clean up with the full catch. I have issues staying balanced at the bottom. Usually come up on my toes, but even manage to have to back up to keep the bar overheard once this morning.

    Good Work 5AM!
  13. VanBeek Performance Says:
  14. Put a bunch of weaknesses together and it sucked royaly...

    3 Muscle Ups (Must Turn Out) + Double Dips on Each Rep
    6 Underhand Strict Pull Ups
    9 Bk Extension/GH Raises
    ** 20 Mins **

    Tried to hold the turn out true for as long as I could... Got 11 Reps turning out then couldnt hold it anymore so had to go back to no turn out...
    Could only do 7 CTB Pull Ups Underhanded... Yikes... Had to do chin only the rest of the way...

    7 Total Rounds in 20 Mins... Could never turn out before so it's an improvement...

    Regular Metcon later tonight... Around either 5 or 7pm..
  15. jakeH Says:
  16. 172#, which is a 8# pr over my full snatch. Weird. I think i could have done more, but time didn't allow. May have to take an olympic lifting class and learn about this mysterious hook grip.

    Fun noon class today. After an eventful weekend I didn't think, nor feel like I would be putting up decent weight. However, I think everybody did better than they anticipated. Thanks for the encouragement Pete and Egan.

    Can we get logwod updated? thanks.
  17. VanBeek Performance Says:
  18. 2nd WOD.... 4 Hours Later...

    Played off the main site from a while back...

    450m Run
    21 Tire Flips (500#)
    250m Row
    15 Tire Flips
    250m Run
    9 Tire Flips
    500m Row
    - 10:46... Felt slow... Feel like I could have rowed faster.. Held a 1:42 Pace for the last 500 but the 250 and the 200 run were super slow...
  19. Pastor Justin Says:
  20. Nice job Jake... That's huge!

  21. Shelley Says:
  22. 99#

    PR for me as I don't know that I've ever done a hang snatch (or power snatch) with full squat. I still need to work on technique, but this felt much better than it ever has before. I even have the bruises to prove it!!

    Great job Reba on a huge PR!!

    Worked on HSPU's afterwards with bands and high reps
  23. Erica Says:
  24. 92#

    Accidentally put 82# on the board...I'm not so good at that whole addition thing.. :) Felt good...gotta work on making it one smooth motion. Almost got 99#...sort of got it but it was ugly and I walked it...good stuff :)
  25. Allison H :) Says:
  26. 4:30 class today - went in thinking I'd be lucky to even be able to snatch more than the bar - yeah I know!! - And anyhow... ended up with 58#. I know it's still small wt but it did feel great to go beyond what I anticipated for myself. :)
    Great job Cari and thanks for being my snatch buddy!
  27. Addi Says:
  28. Hang snatch - 114#

    Just under my full snatch - felt pretty decent other than being too. damn. slow. under. the bar. Same old shit. Some day...

    Games metcon - 15:39
    Tried like hell to keep up with Tovar, but those damn situps put me behind like always. Back extensions sucked, but not as slow as I thought they would be. It was nice to do a games metcon with a group for once. It's lonely at 9:30/3:00.
  29. ZachR Says:
  30. Hang Power Snatch - 159#

    My goal was 154 so I was very pleased to get 159.

    I can't wait for my knee to be 100% so I can do full cleans/snatches.
  31. Jess Says:
  32. 63#, tried 68# twice but failed.

    Great job noon peeps! Good working with ya, Tara and Jordan.

  33. Jordan Says:
  34. #68. Thanks for the encouragement Tara and Jess!
  35. Tovar Says:
  36. 152lbs at 6:30 class. Snatch felt great today! Weight went up smoothly. Made some adjustments to my head position and not looking up when I pull the bar. Seems to have really improved my ability to drop under the bar faster and land in a good squat position.

    Made up the games group wod at 7:30. It was a tough one. Finished in 15:01.
  37. Tovar Says:
  38. This comment has been removed by the author.
  39. Kelli Says:
  40. 109# I'm pretty sure that matches my PR on full snatch. I may have gotten 114 once...but can't remember.
  41. John Says:
  42. 176#
  43. andresenfam Says:
  44. I got a big whopping 38#. Obviously working on my upper body strength :)
  45. Kat Says:
  46. 99# snatch, more of a power snatch then OH squat, too nervous to go any higher since my technique was screwed.

    games wod, under 18 minutes...just looked at the clock, no stopwatch. I had to switch rowers and adjust the gh machine during the wod as well so im gunna say right around 16 or so minutes for the wod ;)
  47. JennG Says:
  48. Nattie,
    You totally got 43! For tracking purposes, don't forget those extra 5 lbs ;)

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