Wednesday 110112

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AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
9 Pull ups
9 Squat Cleans (132#/99#)
9 KB Swings, 2/1.5 pood
9 Toes to Bar
9 Push Press (132#/99#)
9 Burpees

Post rounds/reps completed to comments/Logwod.

Christina Taylor Greene, Tucson, Arizona.

9-Year-Old Victim of Deadly Rampage Identified -

We have been asked by CrossFit Northwest Tucson to help in commemorating the lives lost in Arizona's horrible assassination attempt this past week. They have created a workout in honor of Christina Taylor Greene who, at 9 years old, lost her dear life for no reason at all. May God be with her family and all the family and friends of those involved. Our prayers go out to the nation.

CrossFit NorthWest Tucson

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17 Responses to "Wednesday 110112"

  1. Mark Says:
  2. This was a really tough one today as none of the exercises were easy. I would actually say the burpees on this one were a nice "break" from the others.

    Finshed 2 rounds and 1 squat clean.
  3. Nick.M Says:
  4. UGH!!! Felt so sluggish today it was ridiculous. Couldn't seem to get a rhythm in my pull ups or toes to bar. On a good note though, I didn't have to break up squat cleans, KB swings, or push presses.

    Finished a disappointing 2 rounds + PU's Rx'd.

    Good work 6AM!
  5. Amanda Says:
  6. A solid "Hero" workout. Bit of a grinder. You just have to keep on trucking. Good work at 5 and 6 ya'll.

    Sad situation. Always remember with the hero workouts: they may suck to do, but it sucks even more for the commemorated and their family/friends.

    Stay warm people. Get a good workout in, it will warm you right up!
  7. JonD Says:
  8. Hey it looks like everyone wants to come in and do this honorable workout today. Which is great and we want everyone to come in, but make sure if you know you are not able to make it in please cancel so someone can take your spot.

    Right now at 4:30 we have 2 on the wait list so if you know you are not going to make it, let someone else get in and do the WOD. We have 2 spots at 5:30pm as of right now left as well.

    Finally remember these are the workouts we hate to have to do, but we do them because we love the people in our community!
  9. Mark Says:
  10. Correction, finished 3 rounds and 1 clean.
  11. Celeste Says:
  12. This was tough - I scaled pretty much everything because I am weak (but getting stronger!). The squat cleans killed me - but in the middle of the torture, I thought about how I would rather be powering through this workout than sitting at the funeral of a 9 year old innocent child.
    3 rounds + 4 toes to bar

    Great job 6am!
  13. Natalie Says:
  14. Tough but worth it. I scaled everything-made it 2 rounds and past the KB swings on the third. Nice job everyone--strong showing.
  15. Addi Says:
  16. 3 rds + toes to bar, rx'd

    This one left me on my back for a good 5 minutes. (I might also have tried to hit the chocolate milk a little too soon after. Unpleasant.) Squat cleans got TOUGH. I agree, Mark - for once, burpees felt like the break. I was gunning for Stacie's score, but gassed out on that 3rd round - just couldn't get back to the push presses!
  17. VanBeek Performance Says:
  18. Weighted Pull Ups - 1RM
    Bodyweight + shoes and sweatpants :)
    - 193.4
    Final Make
    - 284.8
    So 90.4# Weighted Pull Up.. 5# PR so I'll Take it!

    Trap Bar DL - 3RM (Did 355 for 2 then 1 last week)
    135, 265 - Warm Ups- Doubles
    Work Sets - 331, 346, and 355 for 2, but had to strip off 5# to get the third rep... :(

    Going to make my training a little easier... I'll pick the workout from either Main Site, CFO, or OPT's blog on WOD days... whatever workout conforms to what I need to work on for that day.... So today..

    Main Site WOD
    Row 250m
    25 Push Ups (Its been a while so figured this would be the best one to try)
    ** Max Rounds in 15 mins **
    6 1/2 RDS plus 6 Push Ups
    - Only did the first RD unbroken and took one break up in the second RD, after that it was 5's then 3' and 2's then finally 2's and 1's
  19. Tovar Says:
  20. Going to try and make it a point to start posting again....

    Yesterday I hit a PR on clean which was nice considering my max hasn't gone up in over a year. I was able to throw up 223lbs which I was extremely happy about. I almost got 228lbs but couldn't quite pull myself underneath the bar. I only tried it once b/c we were out of time.... I know I can get it though.

    Today's workout was definitely a grind. I was able to knock out 4 rounds plus 5 cleans. Didn't have much left there towards the end, plus I had a serious side cramp.

    On a side note I'd like to add how sad I think it is that we are doing a WOD in honor of a 9 year old that shouldn't have died to begin with... all b/c some loser couldn't handle the pressures and strains of life and control his emotions.
  21. Kelli Says:
  22. 2 rounds + 7 squat cleans. 77#, 1 pood, and orange band on the 2nd and 3rd round of pullups. Grinder is a good word for that one.
  23. jessica Says:
  24. 3 rounds + 9 pull ups, 77#

    I really dogged it a lot on this workout. I could have pushed myself and rested a lot more!
  25. GregP Says:
  26. 3rds plus 9 pullups, Did everything unbroken except cleans.
  27. Brandon Says:
  28. This WOD looks as hard as it is. You just had to keep moving, whether it was slow or not. Good times at 5:30pm. :-)

    I will have to agree with Dustin on his posting about this guy being a total frickin jerk (I would use much harsher language, but it would get filtered hahaha). I am glad that we as a community have a way to honor the fallen, even if they are children.

    WOD = 3rnds + 3 cleans RX'd
    I may have been able to get a little more done, but I picked the furthest spot from the pullup stations (both) that you could pick, so my transitions from exercise to exercise used up some time I think. Totally my bad... I will use my head a little more in the future.

  29. Kat Says:
  30. 2 rnds + 3 push press rx'd
    This wod was sooo much harder than I thought it would be....i'd like to blame the heavy squat clean strength day yesterday for my sllllooooooooowwwwwww squat cleans during this wod! I didn't break up anything but the last round of pullups...I rested inbetween each squat clean...took forever it seemed like!
  31. Eric C Says:
  32. 3 rnnds + 6 squat cleans Rx'd

    I really liked this WOD because it was 'kind of heavy' and used some body weight stuff. I think it was a really good mix of exercises. I wanted to slow down, but Mark P was pushing me harder than I would have gone by myself. That always helps. I did the same thing as Mark and Addi, the last round of burpees I laid down and took like 3 breaths before coming up.

    My prayers are with the family of this little girl. This was senseless....
  33. Shelley Says:
  34. 3 rounds + 8 squat cleans Rx'd; I did this one after the 5K row. The squat cleans got tough; this is one that you really just had to keep moving on.

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