Tuesday 110111

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ALERT: We are having classes today. OPS is having a snow day but only because of strong, blistering winds and blowing snow which interferes with students waiting for buses. We, on the other hand, will resume handing out a** kickings. Come get yours (and don't forget to sign up (or cancel)). Thanks.

Clean 5, 4, 3, 2, 1-1-1-1 reps

Post weights to comments/Logwod.

Six attemps, 3 for the snatch and 3 for the clean and jerk. The movements are very similar save for the wider grip for snatch and narrower grip for clean, as well as the receiving position on the body for both lifts.

Watch the video as each attempt is also shown in slow motion from an advantageous view. Replay it many times, especially the clean, in slow motion, as you can learn much.

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15 Responses to "Tuesday 110111"

  1. VanBeek Performance Says:
  2. Yes.... Finally a decent workout..

    Annie Variation as my second workout of the day (Monday)

    GH Sit Ups
    (Low Back actually felt really good and finally felt my quads burn from GH Sit Ups for the first time in my life!)
  3. Nick.M Says:
  4. OPS and all the other high schools are closed Tuesday again. Does that mean CFO will not be open?
  5. paul Says:
  6. i can hardly wait. it was tough missing today. i was going to do stuff at home but got lazy. i usually have the discipline to make myself go to the gym, but sometimes my home is like a laziness-only zone.
  7. Shane Says:
  8. Cool! Good news...I'm ready for my ass-kicking.
  9. Brandon Says:
  10. One of my favorite movements! I'm wondering though, are we going for a new 1RM, or just working up to heavy?

  11. GregP Says:
  12. #152 same as my previous pr added 5# and failed. Pleased at least that I haven't gone backwards.

    Great Job to those brave souls that came in this morning!!
  13. Amanda Says:
  14. Wonderful cleans at 5 & 6. Everyone did pretty darn well.

    *Jeremy Knott got a PR because he used hook grip*

    One word of advice: Don't let the little details escape you in the warm up when it's light, it will come back to bite you when it's heavy.

    I'm back after a week vacation! Good to be back. Back to single digits and snow. Ahh, winter in Nebraska.
  15. paul Says:
  16. Snatch pulls (6 singles at 186#, a good 20# over my snatch 1RM)

    3 sets of 20 consecutive box jumps: 24", 24+1 red, 24+2 reds (that got tough!)

    then 3x
    75 yd farmer carry (2 pood KBs)
    10 strict pullups

    Nice change of pace...I know it won't last.
  17. JennG Says:
  18. #104
    Thanks to Gina for encouraging me to make the jump.
  19. Eric C Says:
  20. 220# by the skin of my teeth. That's 10# less than my PR.

    If you don't think doing regular strength workouts don't make a difference, think again. (I'm not scared to throw out a double negative sentence either! It makes sense to me!)
  21. JonD Says:
  22. Hey guys great start to the afternoon with noon class. Everyone did really good and had great focus on technique!

    If you watch the video before you come in take note on two things;

    1 - They finish their pull
    2 - They pull themselves underneath the bar

    Your going to hear me say get as high as you can, so the bar can travel as high as it can. The get yourself underneath the bar! Both have to be emphasized!

    Good luck everyone and see yall tonight!
  23. J Snod Says:
  24. 265#-- PR---Still need to work on Technique but felt good today. Thanks for the support everyone at noon class.
  25. Addi Says:
  26. Snatch pulls - 6x1 @ 137# ... 7# or 12# over my 1RM snatch, depending on how sloppy a lift you're counting. Probably should have stuck with 132 - lost a lot of power on the last 2.

    Box jumps - 3x20 consecutive
    20", 24", 24" + yellow
    Could have gone a little higher and squeaked them out, but that last set was fun-challenging.

    3 rds:
    100ft farmer carry (1.5 pood)
    7 strict pullups
    3:54ish, I think (timed it on the regular clock, and it was hard to tell what minute I started on)

    Carries felt easy and short, pullups went to one at a time the 2nd and 3rd rounds, but felt solid.

    Did my HSPU practice (making myself do at least 3 attempts every day) - got 3 strict in a row! Then one more plus a baby-kip. I think the pullups helped get the shoulders warmed up.
  27. Addi Says:
  28. D'oh. I knew those farmer's carries were way too easy. Just looked back and saw that it was 100 YARDS, not feet.
  29. Tony Says:
  30. 220# That's a 7# PR. Something clicked tonight, and the Cleans just felt great. I honestly think I could have done another 5 or 10 pounds, but was already out of time when I did 220#. Feeling good about it...

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