Tuesday 110201

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"Tabata This S**t"
Push ups
Sit ups
DB Hang Power Clean
DB Renegade Rows

Tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds (which amounts to 4 minutes). This is the case for each movement where the clock does not stop between transitions.

Your score is the lowest round from each movement added together. For example, if you get 8 reps for 7 rounds but on the last round only manage 6 reps, your score for push ups is 6.

Post score to comments/Logwod.

Justin Hegg sets up for a power snatch.

If you didn't hear in class today, we have announced that those attending the Performance Summit this Saturday may now sign up for what food item they would like to bring. Exactly what you're making is not necessary at this time, only which category. You have the option of placing your name under Main Entree/Meat, Side/Veggie Dish, Appetizer, or Dessert/Fruit. These sheets are posted in the main office. Thanks for your cooperation.

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20 Responses to "Tuesday 110201"

  1. BC Says:
  2. 27 reps total (7, 10, 5, 5) w/ 35# DB. Was way short on rows, could've probably gotten 8-10 but the 1st set after cleans messed me up. Nice job morning monsters!
  3. Hilg Says:
  4. 30 Reps (8,12,5,5) w/ 50# DB

    I'm with you BC could have done 7-8 rows....kinda whuzzed out.

    Good to be back at 6am but gonna sleep in tomorrow and hit the Nooner.

  5. Nick.M Says:
  6. 32 total...8, 10, 8, 6 w/ 40#

    I too kinda feel like I dogged the rows. I went a little light with the DB so I really pushed to get 8 every round on the cleans, and that killed me. That first set of rows was pretty much catch up.

    Liked this WOD. Good work at 5AM Toby (we were the only 2).
  7. Eric C Says:
  8. 37 (10,13,7,7) 50#DB

    I agree with everyone who has posted previously. The first round of rows was by far the hardest because the cleans were pretty tough.

    Good work 6am! Fun group! It was kind-of old school...
  9. paul Says:
  10. Oh man--two in a row. Don't know how the games people work out so often!

    6am: 9, 13, 5, 6. 33 total. Should've done more cleans and possibly rows. used 50# DBs.

    7am: back squat, 3-3-3-3-3
    262, 267, 274, 279, 284.

    then 15 132# thrusters
    60s KB hold (1.5 pd KBs)
    21 98# thrusters
    60s KB hold (rx'ed was 90s)
    36 65# thrusters
    60s KB hold (rx'ed was 120s)

    finished around 12-13 min.

    thanks for the encouragement on that last KB hold, everyone. those were worse for me than the thrusters.
  11. Eric C Says:
  12. Oh, and I almost forgot to post one of my favorite quotes from DrywallCrossfit.

    His interpretation of CrossFit vernacular:

    "How'd you do on the WOD?" = I already know how you did on the WOD, I just want you to tell me how you did, then ask me how I did so I can see the look on your face when you realize how badly I crushed you.
  13. JennG Says:
  14. 32 (8,10,6,8) @ 25# & knees for pushups.

    Knew I wasn't going to keep up with all those crazy fast boys at 6 am, so just set goals for each movement, put my head down (figuratively, of course, since I ALWAYS keep my head up for push-ups :D) & tried to stay consistent.
  15. Nick Says:
  16. What's a "renegade row"? I forgot
  17. Hilg Says:
  18. Eric-

    One of my favorites from Drywall:

    “Good job hitting that PR!” = No one gives a shit, I’m just hoping this will shut you up
  19. VanBeek Performance Says:
  20. Press (3X5) - Max is a pitiful 145#
    - Straight Sets @ 135, 135, 140

    Pull Ups (Used Handles to Change it up)(Cant Drop Until All Reps Are Completed)
    1st - 5 Weighted, 7 Strict, 9 Kip
    - 25# DB
    2nd - 4, 6, 8
    - 30#
    3rd - 3, 5, 7
    - 35#
    4th - 2, 4, 6
    - 40#
    5th - 1, 3, 5
    - 45# (Just barely)

    Giving my legs and lower back a break, tweeked it on my clean yesterday... Might do a light distance run tonight...
  21. Addi Says:
  22. Back squat
    5x3 @ 184#
    These felt slow and weird.

    27 (5, 10, 8, 4) w/35#

    I went easy on the pushups, per Ricky's suggestion... I've gotten 6 or 7 in the past and had planned to do 7 or 8. That first set of rows was a bitch.

    Was planning to go back at 3 to finish up the day's games prep wods, but I've only just gotten home (it's almost two... I got stuck in the parking lot of the dog food store) and I haven't had lunch yet. Maybe I'll dig out my sandbags and call that a substitution.
  23. JonD Says:
  24. Back Squat
    220-242-264-279-289x2 reps

    Thruster Kb Hold
    Hold were killer way harder than I thought they were going to be.

    Tabata this SH*T looks fun, may try to do it before class! Remember guys if you are coming to the Performance Summit please let us know or sign up in the front office to bring either Entree/Side/Dessert/Appetizer. If you cant make it in just let us know which one you want.

    Be safe out there and see yall soon
  25. paul Says:
  26. JennG--don't sell yourself short! Looks like you got about as many reps as I did. Oh wait, maybe I wasn't one of the fast ones you were talking about...
  27. Tony Says:
  28. Worked out my plan and executed it. 7-12-5-6 for 30 with 35# DBs. I'm pretty happy with that. Felt good today.
  29. JennG Says:
  30. Paul, LOL! Let me rephrase..crazy fast and crazy STRONG boys!
  31. O'Kief Says:
  32. Can't get onto Logwod.

    39 w/ 50# (11, 15, 5, 8). Could maybe have gotten another clean, but they felt HEAVY. I thought this was tough. Then, as I sat sweating, I watched much of my 630 class start another WOD at 730. Then I didn't feel so tough.
  33. Stacie Says:
  34. Back Squat - 5 x 3 - 198, 203, 208, 218, 228

    Thruster/holds - 8?

    Tabata - 33 - 5, 12, 8, 8

    Evening - DNF - did 2 or 3 rounds strict... I honestly lost track.
  35. Tovar Says:
  36. This morning did 5 sets of 3 rep back squat and finished with 308lbs. Then did a thruster and kb hold wod.

    Went to 6:30 class and got 38 for my tabata score. Did12/13/5/8. Started out doing 7 reps but my grip went out in my left hand causing me to really struggle with the db cleans.

    Worked on ring handstands, broad jumps, and kb snatches at 7:30.
  37. Stacie Says:
  38. Posted my thruster/hold incorrectly: finished early 10?
  39. Shelley Says:
  40. Tabata WOD:
    30 with 35#; 7,11,8,4 (pushups, situps and cleans were right on) rows I wussed out on as I had 12-13 seconds left before rest time every round including first one so I don't know what I was thinking.

    HSPU, KB snatch and broad jump:
    DNF: I couldn't get any HSPU's with the DB's; feels completely different than hands on the floor
    HSPU's; resorted to one abmat kipping for WOD with hands on floor. I could get 3 in a row some rounds but mostly 1 or 2. I realized afterwards I should have been doing 6 HSPU's per round instead of the 5 I did. I used 1 pd on KB single arm snatch first round then switched to 1.5 pd. I was in middle of KB snatch on 5th round when time was up.

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