Monday 110117

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5 minutes to complete:
50 Burpees
5 minutes to complete:
50 Thrusters, 110#/77#

Score is combined time it takes to complete both movements. If burpees are completed prior to 5 minute cut-off, remaining time is considered rest.

Post score to comments/Logwod.

Jess Christiansen is able to modify a recent workout due to a recently healed broken toe. Our staff is ready and willing to help keep you fit even if injuries are trying to keep you down. Let us know beforehand and we'll modify the workouts to accommodate any and every issue. Please don't stay away, we'll miss you too much.

Don't forget to sign up for the upcoming barbell strength classes. Strength is of utmost importance. If you have the time, we'd love to have you. I guarantee you will think it is worth it.

Remember, if this is your first time taking the class, you may only register for Barbell 1, which is offered, this time around, only at 3PM. If you have taken Barbell 1 twice, you are eligible for Barbell 2, which is offered at 7:30PM. Click here to register for BB1 or here for BB2.

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14 Responses to "Monday 110117"

  1. Eric C Says:
  2. Got to work out with the bed heads (the 5 am division of the morning monsters)today. 5am isn't sooooo bad... but the workout is!!!

    2:51 burpees
    42 Thrusters Rx'd.

    Thrusters were an ass kicker.
  3. paul Says:
  4. I guess now I know why no one but Eric has posted yet today: this SUCKED.

    There is only one area of life where a DNF is more frustrating than at crossfit, but a DNF is still pretty damn frustrating. and that's what I did today. I did the burpees in 2:22--way better than expected--but when i started doing thrusters, i just got owned. 39 reps at the 5 min mark. ugh.
  5. Allison H :) Says:
  6. Body changes... Taking two weeks off... = Not good. Feeling pretty damn weak these days. But feels good to be back - have room to work up to get back where I was.

    DNF - 9:03
    - burpees: 4:03, thursters 33# 5:00 - dnf

    what a lung burner!
  7. JonD Says:
  8. Looks like a fun one to do. Probably going to do it tomorrow.

    Today 5k row

    Should have gone harder in the beginning. Know better next time, good weakness work tho.
  9. Amanda Says:
  10. Great work everyone so far. This is a good benchmark-type workout to revisit in the future, so be sure to write down or logwod your results!
  11. Shelley Says:
  12. 2:59 burpees/4:38 thrusters Rx'd

    My "game plan" for thrusters going in was 15,15,10,10 and that quickly changed. I ended up doing 12,8,5,5,5,5,5,5 and was shot when I was done.

    Good work 4:30!

    Jon's tips on burpees and thrusters helped a lot.
  13. Tovar Says:
  14. Wow! Those thrusters were a mother f$%ker!

    1:30 burpees / 4:22 thrusters
  15. Tony Says:
  16. 3:03 on the burpees (pretty happy about that honestly) and DNF (35 reps @ 93 pounds) on the thrusters. I had the muscles but I just couldn't breathe...
  17. Shane Says:
  18. So...hard....
    Quads are still feeling this. 3:12 burpees and 38 thrusters @ 93#.
  19. Stacie Says:
  20. 2:30/4:11 Rxd
  21. BigD Says:
  22. Was shot out of a cannon for the burpies. 2:09. Couldn't believe it when I looked up. I thought, "Cool, now I got a little under 3 mintues to catch my breath and get ready for thrusters. I'll be good to go." Yeah....see, what had happened was.....
    DNF. 30 with 93#. Tired, plus knee was killing me. Hell of a workout! Nice seeing a full house at 4:30. Looking forward to hitting it early at 5am tomorrow!
  23. Brandon Says:
  24. This was one of those WODs you love to hate! It was really challenging, and I was glad I dragged my ass into the gym today to hit this one. :-) Worked out at 6:30pm and it was full! Nice push everyone!

    Burpees = 2:25 RX'd
    Thrusters = 4:53 RX'd (just in time)

  25. Kat Says:
  26. This sucked! 3:20 burpees/4:57 thrusters rx'd. Didn't break up any burpees, just went slow and steady. Did I mention this wod sucked? Great job 6:30!
  27. Pastor Justin Says:
  28. Back from about a month off, I... Am.... Out.... Of..... Freaking.... Shape!

    Killer wod, lung burner for sure.

    Went steady on the burpees @2:27 but couldn't recover at all.

    31 reps at 94lbs on the thrusters.

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