Monday 110110

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ALERT: Our Weather Policy is that of Omaha Public Schools. The gym will not be open should OPS cancel classes. We reserve the right to make exceptions for evening classes should the roads and weather clear up.

Keep visiting the site for updates.

Thank you for understanding and sorry for any inconvenience.

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3 Responses to "Monday 110110"

  1. kahrs Says:
  2. what would the workout have been today I am going to the J to do something.
  3. Paula Says:
  4. Crossfit Games 2011 returns to The Home Depot Center on July 29-31st....Can't wait!
  5. VanBeek Performance Says:
  6. Lift + Metcon Work (May Do Another Tonight)

    Push Press - 1RM - 229 is my best
    110, 154, 185 - 3,2's
    209, 219, 234 (Record Try) - Missed, 224, 229 - All 1's - Tied it

    Haven't Squat Cleaned in a WOD for a while and continue to work on my muscle up issues...

    6 Squat Cleans (155#)
    4 Muscle Ups
    10 STRICT Pull Ups
    5 ROUNDS
    ** 16:10 - Unreal :(
    Finished RD 4 at 10 mins... Really!!?? Keep missing muscle up after muscle up again on the last RD.. Strict Pull Ups were tough but only missed one rep at the end... Squat Cleans... Easy

    Think I may be try to "overgrip" on my muscle ups... I'm setting my false grip too far up on to my wrists and so when I start one it slips back to where I should have put it originally and now that it's loaded under my bodyweight it slips even further and so I end up missing reps because my pull end up being to my shoulders and not my chest... Something to work on...

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