Thursday 110106

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ALERT: If you aren't going to come to a class, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, cancel (Text me and I'll cancel you if need be). At 6am, the classes are full enough now that at least one person every morning is wait-listed. When you cancel, that person gets notified by email that there is now room for them to attend. If you don't, they miss out on class and it may be the only time they can come. This goes the same for all classes, full or not. Thank you very much.

Rest Day

On the way up. Foster's a stud.

We are doing another mock competition this Saturday during 10AM's open gym class. It is still an open gym time to use as you wish but there will be 2 workouts written up (separated by about 10-15 minutes) for those that wish to mock compete. This mock competition is for anyone. Last time we had some non-competitors jump in and have a blast. We encourage you to come and workout at 10.

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  1. Paula Says:
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  3. Kat Says:
  4. I work every Saturday and it is a huge stink-bomb that i always miss out on these fun Saturday crossfit events! Is there anyway maybe we could maybe do more of this stuff on sundays as well or switch it up every once I awhile for us weekend workers??
  5. paul Says:
  6. awesome 7am for me. 154# strict press, very close to getting 159#, which would be an all-time PR.

    then 5 rds
    10 DL (274)
    15 push ball
    20 box jumps (24")

    i thought this would take me at least 15, but DL felt better than I expected and i was able to maintain a pretty good pace throughout. still need to work on resting less, but today was better than usual in that regard.
  7. Gdawg Says:
  8. I agree with kat woman! I work every saturday as well!
  9. Laura Says:
  10. Nice little blurb about Ricky on the Crossfit Love website. Can't wait to try the recipes!

  11. Addi Says:
  12. 1RM press = 98#... which matches every damn 1RM I've done for the last year and a half (except the 93# from a month or so ago). A little frustrated that I still can't break the 100# mark, but 98# felt pretty good. It has to happen eventually.

    3x12 sit-up squats

    Didn't realize I was supposed to do the DL/push ball/box jump number, too. Oops! That's okay - looked like too much work anyways. Ha.
  13. Stacie Says:
  14. Press - couldn't even get my 5RM weight at 87. Ya know, sometimes you just have those days and this was one of them. Wasn't going to let it ruin my Thursday.

    DL/Press/24"BJ WOD - 10:08 rxd
  15. Hilg Says:
  16. Did Tuesday nights competition WOD today....from the moans and groans during warmups, I'm gonna feel it in my quads the next couple days.

    3 rnds/3rds/2rds at 132# Little dissapointed I didn't push the first round harder....only got through squats. Isn't that the feeling you get from AMRAP...couldn't got one more?

  17. Kat Says:
  18. DL/push ball/24 box jumps Games wod14:37? It ended with a 7....anyways, this wod sucked. Gotta get better at box jumps
  19. Addi Says:
  20. HSPU/strict pullup/ring dip AMRAP

    5 dips short of 3 full rounds. I really liked this one - good, solid nonfrustrating practice on weaknesses. Used red bands for my HSPU setup - had to kip my 2nd to last one, and then moved to red and tan with a kip for the very last. I was really excited to hold out that long. Pullups stayed consistent throughout, and dips were mostly one at a time, but not as shitty as they are sometimes.

    Josh says I'm writing a novel, so Ima shut up and go eat some barbecue.
  21. Shelley Says:
  22. Went in at 6:30 to make up the 7:00 a.m. WOD:
    102# 1 RM press (6# below 1 RM)

    DL/push ball/24# box jump WOD: 11:19 Rx'd

    Good to have Tessa to work out with on this one!
  23. VanBeek Performance Says:
  24. Quick Strength Work + Plus Gymnastic Weaknesses in a longer metcon

    Barbell Reverse Lunges 3X5EA
    135, 165, 185#

    HSPUs, Rope Climbs and Ring Dips
    - Terrible Result... Forced myself to have to muscle up in order to get into dip position... only ended up getting 9 total muscle ups and missing somewhere around 11!!! >( Unbelievable... Ended up only getting three total times thru because I bet I wasted 2-3 mins on missed muscle ups...
  25. BigD Says:
  26. Did bench for my personal "15". Got 230# for 4. Not bad seeing as how a week ago my shouldder could barley hold 154. Didn;t squat as my knee has been killing me since Monday. Did the games prep afternoon WOD of 15 min to AMRAP 1 HSPU,1 strict PU,1 ring dip/3 of each/then 5 of each. Only got the first HSPU, from then on it was negatives, but RX'd the other movements. 4 rounds.
    Thanks Nate, Shelley and Tessa for the encouragement. Can't think of a better way to spend my b-day then at CFO!

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